1. Shadow Project

    Introduction in the shadow

    Goodmorning, Shadow Project here, I would like to say hi and thanks for accepting me at Meso. Some background: 26 years old, 1.91 m tall, 106 kg @ 8-10% bodyfat (6ft3in, 233 lbs), Netherlands based, been lifting for well over 8 years, hopped on the juicetrain about 4 years ago. I always had...
  2. A

    Test e+diol+deca cycle beginner need help!!

    Age:34 Weight: 145 Height: 5 feet 6 inches Shoe size 8 1/2 Body fat: I'm guessing 7% I digest food pretty damn fast This is my first cycle I also have everything I need for my 1st cycle I've clomid+arimidex+nolvadex do I need Petro? I need a cycle plan I've no idea what too start with. I dunno...
  3. F

    Firsts cycle

    hey ! I’m 6’0 190 pounds 34 years old been lifting consecutively for 4 years . Variations of splits but usually lift 6 days a week , I’m currently doing ppl crazy reps, lots of pyramids . My diet is 4000 calories a day this should give me about a 800 calorie surplus Macros are p240 c430 f122...
  4. T


    I won't give you advice because I don't know what I'm doing. I won't give you a source because I'm a scamming liar. Really, ignore my posts. "About me". I am using gear because I'm mentally ill. My days are spent reading(1-4hours), lifting(.5-2hours) and playing league of legends(0-11hours)...
  5. Bundothabum

    New;help needed

    I’m new to the steroid world and in need of advice in dosing and which would be best for my needs and want, I’m 23,5’10’’,250, I’m overweight, I understand a lot of people would suggest going natural to get my body in a better/healthier state before juicing, but with my stubbornness I decided I...
  6. krismet

    I'm new here

    Hello all! Former lurker/new member. 39 yr old man 5'10" 180 lbs I've been training off and on since junior high. Mostly off, as I have had a lot of competing interests, but the past couple of years I've been more consistent. Still on the skinnier side. Currently studying for NASM CPT exam...
  7. beast117

    New canadian guy

    Hey guys, been lurking on your forums for a little while now and finally got approved. Im a 5ft11, 20 year old male who's been liftinf consistently for around 3 years. Ive trained on and off prior to that but have only been really dedicated for the better part of the last 3 years. I weight...
  8. Unknown22514

    New to Bitcoin.

    Hey guys and gals, I know this question has likely been asked a million times, but here it goes anyhow. I am brand new to Bitcoin. Tired of paying all the WU fees so I am finally deciding to start using Bitcoin. Would like to be steered in the right direction if possible. Is Coinbase still the...
  9. wazzauem

    Forum-AAS-Pharmacom virgin

    22 yr old brit embarking on my first AAS cycle, spent over a 2 months just creeping on all these forums and taking in all the info. that lead me to recently buy my first cycle via basicstero (500$ with $200 discount). will produce a detailed cycle log w bloods and pics etc once the gear arrives.
  10. mchef168

    Hello All

    New member from chicago any help or advice navigating the site appreciated
  11. T

    testosterone replacement in 19 year old questions

    hello all, I am newly 19 and started trt 3 days ago. I have a couple of questions. where is the easiest and safest way to inject? will doing this make anything bigger/smaller? say if my level was at 300ng/ml and I took 100 would that put my levels up at 400ng/ml? is taking it once every 2 weeks...
  12. Bigbren

    bigginer trying to get bigger!!

    Here's a little introduction about my self.... I'm a 22 year old male from the greater Toronto area Iv been a gym rat since I first touched iron at the age of 18, it was love at first sight I'm very adventurous and enjoy the outdoors! 5'11" and weigh 195 lbs (unfortunately, I don't know my...
  13. Gbaby12

    Tren dick

    Hi all, I'd like to introduce myself. I started in training highschool as a swimmer, glory days I swam a 23sec 50yd free, weighed 160lbs lean like an Ethiopian. Now I Work as Roofer and weight train. I am 22 weigh 225lbs 6'2" height and my bench is. 225lbs 3 sets of 10. I'm finishing up a 4week...
  14. Antoine87

    Cycle advice

    Starting my cycle soon, got hold of test enanthate at 500mg/week, was wondering if nolva will do in terms of during the cycle anti oestrogen, as in taking it when need be, also would nolva suffice for PCT or should I invest in anything else.
  15. 213

    new to the board, glad to be here:

    what's up folks- newbie here. 25, 6'0', 230lbs @ 28% bf, working on it. currently 1 hour of fasted cardio 5x/week. PPL 2x/week. 2400 kcal- 220p 200c and 70f (bmr ~2000kcal, tdee 2800kcal) considering a PSMF because I respond well to low-carb dieting/have had success with it in the past...
  16. Football

    New to everything!

    I'll be starting my first cycle once I find a decent source, Thinking of 40mg Dbol 40mg Tren A 0.5mg of Arimidex I'm an athlete, so I'm lot trying to look any bigger, just need the strength and athletic gains! Any input would be very appreciated guys, :D
  17. Krillex91

    Yet another new guy, South UK.

    Hi everyone, Spent some time reading on here and I really like the forum, guys here seem straight up and no bullshit. Im not going to bore you with my background with gym and nutrition so here are my stats in brief: Age - 25 Height - 6ft Weight - 80.5kg aka 182.5lbs Training period is on /off...
  18. RomanEmpire25

    New to Meso

    Hey im new to Meso. Seemed like a good place with reliable people willing to help however they can. I'm 5'8 and weigh 174, more on the lean side lol. Been training for 5 years. I have ulcerative colitis (autoimmune disease that affects large intestine), so I often use AAS to help me gain weight...
  19. PMAN6815

    Cycle Advice

    I'm going to start a stack for the first time. Usually I've just used Test E or Sustanon but I'm thinking about doing Sust and Deca. But I'm not sure what the best way is to stack with dosages and such.. Do I take half of each compound and once, Or 1 CC of both on different days? .... Should I...
  20. DocBarron

    Go Tigers! Here to educate myself.

    Hey Everyone! My name is Nate, I am a military Veteran, and here to educate myself. So as to not take these sups with out a knowledge base. If anyone one is in the South Carolina Area and a tigers fan hit me up! I do compete, and after 2 years of work, to take my body to the next level i have...