1. A

    PCT clomid Nolvadex Length

    I finished a 10 week cycle of 900 mg test-e, Masteron 600 mg, HCG 300 iu x2/week. I started 40 mg Nolvadex/day 14 days after last inject + 50mg Clomid. Pharmacy grade in mexico. I'm 20 days into PCT. My Balls are big (they never shrunk much b/c of HCG). My LH/FSH are within range on the...
  2. VVV

    HCG, Nolva for 'Natty' Testo Boosting

    I know this sort of thing has been asked a 100 times. And trust me, I looked, I searched, and yet: nothing conclusive. This is NOT for PCT. Much rather to fix... decreasing libido. Some say HCG will do nothing for you, Nolva can KILL libido, etc, etc. So my libido is existing, but it's...
  3. D

    My first cycle

    Test e 500mg/ml Sunday nite/Wednesday morning Aromasin 12.5 g This is my first cycle and I will be taking: Week 1-12 Test e 500mg a week (250mg shots) Sunday morning Wednesday night (250mg each day) week 1-14 aromasin 12.5g EOD I start pct two weeks after last test shot week 14 Clomid...
  4. T

    Test levels too high after PCT

    Hey guys, bit of an unusual problem, but still dangerous in my doctors opinion. I did a Test P - Tren A Cycle for 9 weeks. Cycle with Test P 33mg ed Tren A 50mg ed After that followed a PCT with -100mg ed Week 1 -50mg ed Week 2,3,4 -nothing Week 5 -3 days 40mg Nolva ed -7 days 20mg Nolva ed...
  5. B

    Finasteride induced hypogonadism

    Hi , I am 22 years old , 170 lbs 6'1 always fit and healthy . Testosterone was 816 ng/dl (dermatologist tested prior to prescribing Propecia) before this nightmare happened , unfortunately don't have E2 or DHT . I am suffering from hypogonadism induced by finasteride , I only took 5 pills and...
  6. I

    Any Advice Appreciated - Recovery

    Before i begin i realise how stupid and irresponsible this will read and ask you not to judge me. I never intend to cycle again and just want to get back to my normal self asap. Its a long thread but i cant put into words how much i value your time/response. At age 22 in Around April/May 2015 i...
  7. YouKnowIRUN

    Nolva and clomid depression

    can nolva and clomid cause depression? it was fine the first 4 weeks but week 5 and week 6 which ended yesterday have been really weird, i just feel fatigue all the time no matter how much sleep I get, COMPLETE loss of motivation which is a problem because i need motivation to make beats which...
  8. Americanada

    Thoughts on Aromasin throughout pct?

    Anyone have any experience or studies to suggest it is beneficial? Planning on running it at 12.5mg e/d on cycle after week 3 and tapering down after my last pin to eod till pct begins and then 3x a week (m/w/f) for the remainder Would be running it with nolva @ 40/20/20/20 and clomid at...
  9. Nighthawk8118

    PCT for 1st test cycle w HCG

    I am going to run test E/ 500mg a week for 12 weeks... I plan on pinning 250iu hcg weeks 3 thru 12 every 4 days AND 10mg aromasin EOD weeks 1 thru 12 then 25 mg ED for 2 weeks following last test pin. AND finallyclomid 50mg ED weeks 15 16 17 Is this a good formula of pct? Is this enough without...
  10. Nighthawk8118

    PCT for 1st cycle/ test E 500/wk

    I am going to run test E/ 500mg a week for 12 weeks... I plan on pinning 250iu HCG weeks 3 thru 12 every 4 days AND 10mg Aromasin EOD weeks 1 thru 12 then 25 mg ED for 2 weeks following last test pin. AND finally Clomid 50mg ED weeks 15 16 17 Is this a good formula of PCT? Is this enough...
  11. A

    Confused Adding HCG at the end of the cycle or on PCT

    i am in the middle of cycle now tomorrow will be my week 5 my recent plan test e 500mg 1-8 weeks deca 350mg 1-8 weeks hcg 750iu/ed after 10 days from last injection after hcg immediately start nolva and colmid for 4 weeks but i read many articles that really confused my about starting hcg on...
  12. A

    Nolvadex and Gyno

    Hello All , I suffer from gyno since 15 years lately i've heard that Nolvadex can help to get ride of it . I also heard that i need to take : 80 mg daily for 4 weeks 40 mg for 4 weeks I started taking 80 mg of Nolva since 10 Ago , i don't see any result so far . Should i continue or stop ...
  13. M

    What to expect during PCT after Test E cycle

    Hey guys I am on week 10/10 of my first Test E 500mg/week cycle. I had strength increase, intensity increase, muscle gain, aggression increase, libido increase, confidence increase, appetite increase.. Basically it was a successful first cycle, and was very cool to learn how steroids effect a...
  14. AKNYC1

    anyone in the new york area have nolva chlomid please contact me?

    anyone in new york area have nolva chlmoid i can purchase please let me know
  15. AKNYC1

    Redoing pct after sarms suppression

    Around December 1st I started to use sarms lgd 4033 for 30 days and felt very suppressed. I stopped using it and started using chlomid and nolva pct for around 3 weeks or so 50 50 25 chlomid 40 40 20 nolva I felt like I got back to normal. But then 10 days after i stopped using it I started to...
  16. K

    Could you give your opinion on my beginner cycle

    So to start this will be my 2nd cycle, its been over a year now and I think I'm ready to go again. I want put on some mass so the cycle will go as follows: 1-12 test e 500mg/week 1-4 dbol 30 mg ed 1-12 adex 0.5mg eod 3-12 hcg 500iu / week 14-19 nolva:clomid 40:50 20:50 20:25 20:25 20:25 is the...