1. Brutus19

    New to gear

    Hello: 36 yr old male, first “cycle” if you will. 150mg test enanthate twice a week for 300mg weekly. I started test because I was feeling weak, tired etc for some time now, got tested and came in at 335. Mg/dL. I’m on my third week and feel good. A few questions: how many weeks should I...
  2. FrenchNakmuay

    Should I give a try to Gyno protocol before surgery ?

    Hello meso community :) Ok so I’ll explain a bit about myself , first I am french and I think it’s still important to mention it as the way I am writing can sound different for you haha so I’ve got a gyno like 5 years ago from Diana et proprio start and tried to deal with it directly but I...
  3. A

    PCT clomid Nolvadex Length

    I finished a 10 week cycle of 900 mg test-e, Masteron 600 mg, HCG 300 iu x2/week. I started 40 mg Nolvadex/day 14 days after last inject + 50mg Clomid. Pharmacy grade in mexico. I'm 20 days into PCT. My Balls are big (they never shrunk much b/c of HCG). My LH/FSH are within range on the...
  4. M

    15 days into the Sustanon only cycle so far experience

    02.02.2019 - first injection sustanon 250 mg (morning) 02.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 04.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 06.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 06.02.2019 - sustanon 250mg (evening) 08.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 10.02.2019 - 0.25mg arimidex 10.02.2019 - sustanon 250mg (morning) 12.02.2019 - 0.25mg...
  5. Lobo99

    Please 18 y/o PCT

    I ran a cycle of 8 weeks only DHT, after I stopped I did blood tests because I felt a little suppressed and the balls were shrinked and these are the results. LH 3.5 FSH 2.0 Testosterone 480 ng/dl I have at hand Nolvadex, Rebirth PCT and Sup3r PCT This will be my last experience with drugs. I...
  6. Zyzż_

    4 year cruise and pct log

    I been cruising on 4 years of test e and I really need to come off because of life situations and I will be posting bloods and using @pharmacist for pct products and I will trying this pct from @ApeShitFuckJacked on the comprehensive guide to pct thread Which looks like: HCG 2000iu E3D for 14...
  7. K

    Erection issues on 300mg test

    I am on 300 mg a week pretty much year round come off for 3-4 weeks once or twice a year. i have read about every thread here on ed problems and I keep readin to use arimidex cause estro is to high. But I’m puzzled as this seems not to help me ( I may have gone straight to crashing) prior to...
  8. Meow Gruber

    Critique my First Cycle research

    I have put a lot of research into my first cycle. I am hoping to start February and I have created an outline for a 16 week cycle, with a 5 week PCT starting 10 days after last pin. I will explain my PCT in detail. A few things about myself: -Age- 25 years old -Height- 6 foot 4 inches -Weight-...
  9. G

    Advice on PCT?

    Hi lads, Just finished my first cycle of test cyp 250 for 12 weeks at 1&1/4ml pins twice a week along with taking arimidex from 2nd week 1/4 tablet eod. My first cycle hence the reason why i didn't stack with anything else. Seen great results however no matter how much research I done it was a...
  10. B

    Finasteride induced hypogonadism

    Hi , I am 22 years old , 170 lbs 6'1 always fit and healthy . Testosterone was 816 ng/dl (dermatologist tested prior to prescribing Propecia) before this nightmare happened , unfortunately don't have E2 or DHT . I am suffering from hypogonadism induced by finasteride , I only took 5 pills and...
  11. Zyzż_

    drug interaction thread

    can run nolvadex an caber simultaneously? an I thought I'd make this topic not just for me but for anyone wanting to know from expierence from others what is ok an not ok to mix
  12. TuTriX31

    Recover Protocol

    Shut down quite hard after my first cycle, going to run a course of HCG to try and recover. Thoughts on this Week 1 - 1660 IU HCG (415 EOD) 20mg Aromasin EOD Week 2 - 1660 IU HCG (415 EOD) 20mg Aromasin EOD Week 3 - 1660 IU HCG (415 EOD) 20mg Aromasin EOD Week 4 day 1 - 150mg Clomid, 60mg...
  13. FutureMrO

    TestE, tren ace and Tbol cycle

    Hey guys just thinking about doing a 12 week cycle that goes like this and want to see if someone's done something alike or if it'll be a good cycle. Test E-500mg wk- 12weeks Tbol-40mg everyday- week 1 to 5 Tren ace- 75mg- mon/wend/Friday- week 5-10 Arimidex 0.5 EOD PCT Nolvadex...
  14. Bg954

    Winstrol 20mg and Anavar 10mg oral need help

    Im new to this site and have a few questions. Im 35 years old, 5-10 and weight 240lbs with 25% body fat. I'm taking Test cypionate 200mg a week injection that is dr regulated for low T for about 6months now. The stuff I'm taking is cvs stuff . I am working out 5 times a week, eating clean, and...
  15. WillyNilly402

    Is the Active Life of the drug how long to wait to start PCT?

    I see varying posts and answers to this, so I wanted to see if I can get a better understanding of when to start PCT. For example, Test PH has an Active Life of 4-6 days if I understand it correctly. Would you then wait 6 days after the last pin to start PCT with Clomid and/or Nolva? The...
  16. FutureMrO


    So i had my last shot of test e everything went good some back acne but that should go soon when the hormones balance out, I'll be doing Nolvadex 40/40/20/20, some ppl have told me after a 12 week test only cycle 3 weeks pct would be fine! What do you think? But my question is when taking 40mg...
  17. J

    Thyroid function and AAS

    Fellas, I am looking at running a standard 10 week cycle and have some concerns regarding my thyroid. I have Hypothyroidism (low T4 count) and currently take 112 mcg of Levothyroxine. My question is what will the effect, if any be on my thyrooid function and should I refrain from running...
  18. Nicolaus


    Hello, I am a 25 year old male, have never taken steroids, and have been suffering from low testosterone symptoms during and after my second course of Accutane (both courses lasting a year each, forgot the dosage, and my second course was taken at the age of 20). I never knew what ED was until...
  19. Antoine87

    Cycle advice

    Starting my cycle soon, got hold of test enanthate at 500mg/week, was wondering if nolva will do in terms of during the cycle anti oestrogen, as in taking it when need be, also would nolva suffice for PCT or should I invest in anything else.
  20. B


    Hi guys I'm 24 years old and i would really appreciate some advice here, i just need double assurance that this is the 'right way' to do a PCT. i have been running a 6 week cycle of anavar 50mg (two tablets a day). My last dose was 5 days ago (16th). I done a blood test whilst on cycle and my...