1. Cognativedissonant

    My NPP in GSO smells weird

    Recently I got some NPP in GSO from a source with a seemingly positive reputation on other boards. I injected .5 ml (50mg) into my felt and noticed it had a bit of an unpleasant odor. I’ve only ever inject gso and never noticed any of it having a smell. It doesn’t look as if it’s gone bad. It...
  2. gunsrus

    NPP/Deca cycle experience/results?

    Anyone here have any experience with deca/npp(obviously there are a lot of you)? I'm curious how others felt/looked while on it. At start, middle, and end. Specifically NPP since that's what I'm on now. I'm on the tail end of a 12 week cycle of npp and a couple orals that I used to kickstart and...
  3. Mathg44

    Lactating Gyno

    Hey guys, I've been of cycle for over a year (500mg NPP + 500mg TP) and have developed mild gyno. It never bothered me that much, but recently I squeezed the swollen gland under my nipples and liquid is coming out of both sides. Is it possible that my prolactin is still high? Thanks
  4. K

    First NPP Cycle

    26 yo, 5'11, 205lbs ~9% bf. Last cycle was deca/test for 16 weeks 6 months ago. I went up to 225lbs and was incline bb benching 275 for sets of 8-10 and bent bb rowing 315 for sets of 10-12. I noticed with deca I had quite a bit of water retention. Proposed Cycle: 1-12: Test Prop @150mg M,W,F...

    BIGMURPH some know me and I hope to get to know the rest

    Im BIGMURPH ive been around the forums for a couple of years now. I go by a couple of different names depending on what forum im at. I have never been apart of Meso-RX. I hear that this is survival of the fittest here and if you don't have it the door is that way. Im all for that but I do enjoy...
  6. VasodiL8

    NPP vs TREN

    In the middle of planning my next cycle. My goal is still to bulk and get mass on my frame. Im also wanting to up my test dose now as i havnt yet exceeded 500mg per week. Here are the two plans i have so far: CYCLE 1 Test Cyp 1-10 @ 750mg pw NPP 1-8 @ 450mg pw Dbol 1-5 @ 30,30,30,40,40 ed Or...
  7. MisterSuperGod

    Test/NPP advice.

    Picked up some NPP in my last order and was thinking of running a 10 weeker of 300 mgs/week of both. Then i read about Test needing to be higher because of Deca dick, and that 300 mgs/week of NPP isn't sufficient enough to reap the full benefits of the compound. Color me clueless at this...
  8. G

    Grow Time Cycle

    For those of you who follow me, know I recently sustained a pretty nasty partial pectoral tear. No worries! This cycle will not be attempted until I am well enough to make actual use of the supra-physiological hormonal levels. This is merely just fun for me to consider the idea of growing and...

    SIS Laboratories NPP 100 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2018-01 - SIMEC via

    SIS Laboratories NPP 100 was determined to have an actual content of 93.8 mg/ml nandrolone phenylpropionate compared to a label claim of 100 mg/ml. No microbiological contamination was detected. Steroid analytics courtesy of SIS Laboratories NPP 100 Lab Test Results - Anabolic...
  10. Morefyah

    High NPP, High Mast E, Low Test, at end of cycle?

    I am going to go against 2:1 Test to Nandrolone rule I’ve always stuck by in the past. I kinda want to see what a high dose of NPP and High dose of Mast will do with say 250mg of Test. I will also be eating at maintenance cals or slightly below. This is a short blast 11 weeks and this is the...
  11. D

    Poll: In your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE does Deca/NPP heal OR masks injuries?

    Hey guys, There seems to be a wide range of opinions in the body building, steroid community about wether Nandrolone (be it Deca or NPP) heals joints or only masks pain. Many ppl say it only covers up the pain of injuries only to reveal after you stop the nandrolone that the injury is still...
  12. LordKraven

    Opinions and experiences on Short Cycles (4-5 weeks)

    Shorter cycles seem like a good option for someone who is on TRT or blasting and cruising and seeking to things in a safer manner. You can even run 2 of these in a row and it’s still not that bad on blood markers unless you ran orals throughout both. They are intriguing to me because a)...
  13. P

    Here's my cycle, how long for hcg to work

    Ok guys so this is my shortest cycle ever to date, only 12 weeks; Weeks 1-5 Test prop 150mg eod + NPP 90mg eod Weeks 6-8 Test prop 120mg eod (dropped test as experienced some unilateral nipple sensitivity, corrected with tamoxifen for 2 weeks) + NPP 100mg eod Weeks 9-12: Test prop 120mg eod...
  14. T

    Pharmacom NPP. Real or Fake?

    Okay so my order finally came in the mail today after 8 days even though I ordered through domestic.. if I knew it was going to take that long I just would've went international and saved a few bucks. Anyways, I ordered some pharmacom test e for a buddy and some Test p & npp for myself. The...
  15. Arnold Strong

    Ganekyl: Veterinarian NPP from Argentina

    NPP 50 mg/ml Manufactured by OVER (Organizacion Veterinaria Regional) in Argentina.
  16. Koko071600

    Hcg on cycle vs post cycle

    So my next cycle is going to be some prop and npp. I have been seeing a lot of other cycle post where people have been running hcg twice a week on cycle and others who say wait till your pct to run hcg and some who say you don't need hcg. I'm guessing it's all user based but looking for some...
  17. Tootaboo


    Hi everybody I hope somebody can help me with this question. I have a lady friend who is taking low dosage NPP and is starting to show sides (voice cracking and some acne). She stated with 15mg twice a week and went up to 20mg a week ago and sides started to show. We know NPP has a short ester...
  18. O

    1 Week into NPP+Test-prop blast Blood Results

    This is my second blast. My first blast just just Test-E @ 500/mg week for 14 weeks, then I cruised at 200mg/week for 5 weeks. Made great gains. Started my second blast of: 150 mg NPP EOD 100 mg Test-Prop EOD 0.5 Arimidex ED 250iu hcg 2x/week 0.5 Caber, 2x/week (Comes out to about 450mg...
  19. AlphaLife

    Pharmacom Test C250 Labs

    I know lab work is controversial here at Meso (everything is). So take these for what they are, ONE MEMBER'S blood work. Everyone reacts differently. I usually look for 10x last pin as a good result for my body. Running 500mg e3d with NPP 100mg e3d. Blood drawn 3 days after last pin (pin...
  20. Cramps88

    POTG Sust/Npp log

    Here is my next run with my cycle log. I will be running a Sust/Npp cycle for a 16 week period. The gear that I'm running is from POTG and the batch date is from August 2016. Week 1-16 I will run 900mg Sust/600mg Npp. My pins will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday split evenly. I will be...