1. PowerfulMuscles


    Dear MesoRx members, My name is Ethan, and I represent a new online store PowerfulMuscles. You can find our store at: www.powerfulmuscles.shop We offer wide range of premium quality products, and the list of our products will be updated! You can order our products directly at our website. Why...
  2. limitphobic

    Oral Recipes??

    Hey guys & gals, I'm looking to get into capping, solutions, & suspensions. I'd like to hear your favorite recipes, especially (but not limited to) Anavar and Anadrol. Looking forward to seeing what comes from this post...
  3. FutureMrO

    Winstrol vs winstrol

    have you guys used injectable winstrol? And how did it go? My coach put me on oral winny but my guy messed the order up and sent me the injectable one and I was just asking if anyone’s used it and what they think about it?
  4. P

    Keifei Oxybol 50

    So I decided to try some Anadrol alongside Test E for my next cycle. I have acquired Oxybol 50 by Keifei labs, I’ve found it difficult to find genuine orals so has anyone had any experience with this lab? There are 5 strips of tablets in the box with 10 tablets in each strip so 50 per box. Each...
  5. T

    Anadrol 50 cycle detailed research log

    Prologue Anadrol, also known as oxymetholone, A-Bomb, anabol or many other names is a steroidal compound used to treat osteoporosis. This illegal anabolic drug is going to be used on a healthy 19 years old male with 14 months of lifting experience. During this period, the male has used 25mg of...
  6. BigVinny

    Anavar-only cycle, myths, discussion

    Hi everyone, I wanted to open up a discussion about anavar-only cycles. It seems that most of the online steroid community recommends against anavar-only cycles, and the entire school of thought is predicated on anavar being suppressive to the HPTA axis, resulting in low-testosterone production...
  7. F

    need PCT DOSES

    hi anyone can help me to do a correct pct with doses and how many weeks.. for 6 weeks or primo oral thanks.. 23 years, 1.81cm, 185-87 pounds, 12-15 bff
  8. F

    some advice

    hi ppl ... look bros I have a question for me Advisors look i took prohormes 2 bottles of andro bomb i dont know if you've heard about it anyway this is the profilehttps://www.a1supplements.com/advanc...ro-bomb-liquid so i took 2 bootle i finish like 3 week ago..after that i have to take a...
  9. A

    first tren cycle looking for tips

    I'm in the process of researching and studying up on tren.. I've been looking into it for about a year now. any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. a little about me I started working out when I was 13 for sports I went in and played college football until I ran in trouble with the law...