1. PsychedBuck

    Stacked First Cycle

    Could use some opinions on my first cycle. Been building this idea for about a year and the moons lined up leading me to build this cycle- 5'9". 24yo. 165lbs. ~9%bf. Training ~3yrs Looking to put on 10-15lbs of lean muscle that I can keep before my honeymoon in January. Base: Test cyp...
  2. G

    Test E, Tren E, Var

    Hey everyone, I am a new member to Meso Rx and I’ll be posting about my upcoming cycle to see what you guys and ladies think about it. This is my third cycle over the last several years but I used to take the advice of old friends so unfortunately, I don’t have any baseline blood tests to use...
  3. AnabolicLab.com

    Balkan Pharma Oxandrolon - HPLC - 2018-03 - SIMEC via AnabolicLab.com

    Balkan Pharmaceuticals Oxandrolon was determined to have actual content of 9.67 mg/tablet of oxandrolone compared to a label claim of 10 mg/ml. Steroid analytics courtesy of AnabolicLab.com...
  4. AnabolicLab.com

    Alpha Pharma Oxanabol - HPLC - 2018-03 - SIMEC via AnabolicLab.com

    Alpha Pharma Oxanabol was determined to have actual content of 10.3 mg/tablet oxandrolone compared to a label claim of 10 mg/ml. Steroid analytics courtesy of AnabolicLab.com: Alpha Pharma Oxanabol Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab Alpha Pharma Oxanabol lab report by AnabolicLab.com posted Mar...
  5. AnabolicLab.com

    Dragon Pharma Anavar - HPLC-UV - 2017-09 - SIMEC via AnabolicLab.com

    Dragon Pharma Anavar was determined to have actual content of 12.1 mg oxandrolone per tablet compared to a label claim of 10 mg/tablet. Steroid analytics courtesy of AnabolicLab.com: Dragon Pharma Anavar Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab Dragon Pharma Anavar lab report by AnabolicLab.com posted...
  6. AnabolicLab.com

    SIS Laboratories Anavar - HPLC-UV - 2017-09 - SIMEC via AnabolicLab.com

    SIS Laboratories Anavar was determined to have actual content of 14.3 mg/tablet oxandrolone compared to a label claim of 10 mg/tablet. Steroid analytics courtesy of AnabolicLab.com: SIS Laboratories Anavar Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab SIS Laboratories Anavar lab report by AnabolicLab.com...
  7. aftodekia


    Hi Everybody age 33 158 lbs 5' 7" endomorph Thats my 2nd cycle i had started my cycle 3 weeks ago.Now i'm in 4th week and increase my dosage On monday Testo 250 + Tren 300 same syringe On thursday Testo 250 + Boldenon 300 same syringe HGH (humatrope) using 4 iu for everyday with 50mcg T4...
  8. Veganesthie

    Female anavar cycle overview

    So I fully intended to do a whole log when I began this cycle but time got away from me and I'm in school, so now I'm on the last day. However, I still thought my cycle could be beneficial for some women and also could use some advice for the next time I decide to do a cycle. Thus, I am doing an...
  9. DAii

    How to spot a scammer

    Hello, I have been wanting for a while to buy Oxandrolone in raw powder formed to make my own stuff as I think I can save lots of money and I can test it out for purity and authenticity by melting points As of today in 2016, when I am looking for a raw powder supplier, what should I be...
  10. BigVinny

    RM Pharmaceuticals legit/fake anavar / oxandrolone

    So I finally got my hands on some anavar, but I am wondering if it is legit. I ran into an old acquaintance at the gym whom I went to college with and he's now part of local powerlifting group. I had been hesitant to get goods from online sources, so I was excited for the opportunity to ask him...
  11. A

    Cutting Cycle

    Hello everyone, I would like to make a cutting cycle with aas and simultaneously put on a few kg of muscle. And I thought to follow the following schedule: Week 1: 20 mg of oxandrolone Week 2: 20 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol Week 3: 30 mg of oxandrolone and 10 of dianabol Week 4: 40 mg...
  12. B

    Anavar Clen first cycle

    Im currently running my first cycle of Anavar 50mg ed for 6 weeks in total. Stacked with 80mg clen ed and lately i changed it with GW cardarine. I was not in complete out of shape, i worked out for the last past 3 -4 years (crossfit, gym, running half marathon) but with high BF 28% (btw im...
  13. BigVinny

    Anavar-only cycle, myths, discussion

    Hi everyone, I wanted to open up a discussion about anavar-only cycles. It seems that most of the online steroid community recommends against anavar-only cycles, and the entire school of thought is predicated on anavar being suppressive to the HPTA axis, resulting in low-testosterone production...
  14. BigVinny

    Hello from San Diego

    Hello everyone! I am new to this board though I am not new to lifting or AAS use. My first and only cycle a few years ago I did test prop 350mg/week and hit PRs on all my lifts, though the size did not stay on after cycling off. I actually think it may have been under-dosed. Some stuff about...
  15. RoidyNoob

    Oxandrolone and Digestion with Fatty Acids...Question¿?

    Hello there. So a few months back I read that oxandrolone is best assimilated when taken on an empty stomach and specially when no fats are eaten around (before and after) the time when taking the cap. But I cant remember where I read it.o_O Is there any science/bro-science behind this? Any...
  16. RoidyNoob

    Oxaver (Vermodje's Oxandrolone) experience?

    Hey there. Has anybody recently (2014-2016) tried Vermodje´s Oxandrolone; "Oxaver" ? Any feedback on this product will be much appreciated. Thanks
  17. Anavarnarian

    Tren A/Test P/Masteron with MCT -- What EO %?

    Looking for advice on the % of EO that should be used for brewing this particular blend. Oil will be MCT: 50mg Tren Ace 50mg Masteron 50mg Test Prop Just looking for BA/BB/EO % recommendations for this formulation. I've seen extremely high EO ratios in the recipes floating around out there...
  18. N

    Noob needs advice Anavar

    I have recently been learning about Anavar oxandrolone and it looks like it would help me dramatically with my fitness and sport (Soccer) the only other one friends have told me about is winstrol, I have a trusted doctor and just need some advice on what would the best thing to ask for. my main...
  19. I

    Anavar (Oxandrolone) questions.

    Hello I have a couple quick questions. I know if you use Anavar it will help you shred you body fat but will it also grow muscle? If it helps you grow muscle on your cut, will you lose those gains once you have cycled off Anavar?
  20. A

    Getting anavar and back into the scene is driving me insane

    Ok so I'm new here, not exactly sure what the hell I'm doing so I guess I'll start from the top. If it's long i'm sorry, i tend to babble. I'm sure i'm coming off as some noob but either way... 4 years ago my brother's friend in the military brought home some gifts for me and my bro, 2 stacks...