1. O

    Advice Needed: Complete shutdown from SARMs

    Hi all, been lurking here for a bit but now I need to ask some advice. I'm a 30 year old male, I've been running various SARMs off and on for 3 cycles total now, first was S4 only, 8 years ago, then at the beginning of this year I took RAD, LGD, and Ostarine in high doses all together (I know...
  2. PCTmart

    PCTMart - Pharma Grade Test & PCT - EU domestic & International

    Hello! My name is Tom and I'd like to introduce PCTMart to you guys. We are a source of pharma grade goods - PCT & anabolic steroids. PCTMart(dot)com Currently working with three warehouses: 1) international warehouse, located in India - with Express EMS shipping - Shipping is 40$ (will be...
  3. West31

    HCG during cycle, or after?

    Iv historically used HCG by blasting it for 2 weeks once test clears my system prior to beginning clomid/nolva pct. Im finding so many mixed opinions throughout the internet and YouTube so I’d like some opinions from the experienced guys on meso before planning my next cycle.
  4. K

    HPTA restart after TRT.

    I'm gonna make a log to monitor my progress. I'm currently trying to quit TRT because of unresolved issues with heart palpitations, chest pains and intense migraines with aura. I was on TRT for about 1,5 years, and switched to HCG on June 15 under my doctor's prescription. It started with a...
  5. gacela

    Natural supplements to increase testosterone levels?(recommendations / opinions)

    What natural supplements (not PEDs) are there reliable results of actually increasing testosterone levels? I would like to know different opinions and experiences of supplements of this type, for example: tribulus, ashwagandha, zma .. or supplements that are combinations of these or other...
  6. R

    Pct and fertility after years of blast/cruise

    I'm 34 and have been blast/cruising for about 5 years now. The way my life was going and the partner I was with, I was fairly certain I wasn't ever going to want to have kids, and lets be honest, just didn't care back then. Now I am married, with a different partner, and we have decided that...
  7. PsychedBuck

    Sex performance to expect on Tst/prov/dbol/anv

    What do you guys think one can expect throughout the different stages of this cycle in regards to sexual performance? I'm curious especially towards the end, and even into PCT. I am 23 years old and considering this cycle for myself. I'll accept any input. Thanks
  8. gacela

    Is it possible to regain normal testosterone levels using only tamox in PCT?

    I will do a cycle of 500mg/week of testosterone prop, 20mg/day of anavar, 30mg/day of mk-677, for like 10 weeks, I will only use tamoxifen in PCT, because clomiphene is detectable up to 5 months after use in urine while tamoxifen is only 5 days. Any idea if it is possible to improve the...
  9. gacela

    Is there any substance similar to clomid?

    I am looking for a substance with the same effects as clomid, but that is not prohibited by WADA, or that its detection time is shorter. I'm also looking for advice on legal supplements that increase endogenous testosterone production and facilitate recovery after a cycle.
  10. S

    What sort of PCT protocol to follow after long cycle with deca

    Currently on the tail end of a 24 week cycle Running test 400 (200 e/200 d) , deca 300 and masteron e 200 Currently titrated upto 800 test, 600 deca, 400 mast at Week 16 of 24 Thinking of running the deca til week 19 drop it, and run 800 test and 600 mast from weeks 20 to 24 to give the...
  11. G


    Does anyone know what the hell happened. I was getting liquid cialis, arimidex and PT-141 from there and It was beyond legit. I know there are alot of mixed reviews online about them. But I had great luck with those products. Then all of a sudden Ameen Alai stopped pushing them their website...
  12. HGHGEAR.ws

    Pharmacy Gears Guaranteed delivery up to your doorstep by HghGear.ws

    Hello Meso Members, Who we are ! HGHGear.ws is an online pharmacy specialized in selling fitness related pharmaceuticals. A trustworthy source for Steroids, HGHs and EPO that will help you to build an impressive body, extremely fast. We made it easy for anabolic and HGH users all over the...
  13. Frunk

    Post PCT blood results

    Ok so here's my story: I did my first cycle last year which was Test E for 12 weeks @ 500. everything went fine. Did pct after that, got blood, everything was back to normal. Happy life. Now I just ended my 2nd cycle which consisted of 16week Test E @ 500/w and 6week of Tren Ace @ 150/week +...
  14. silv10

    Recovering From Cruise

    Hello , im a young 20 year old guy , i started my cruise and blast when i was 19 and its going on its 7 month , in my cruise i used 250mg sust every week and masteron sometimes , what are the chances for me to recover my natural testosterone? i was planning in using 100mg clomid (pharma grade)...
  15. L

    PCT log - Short Test P cycle

    This is going to be my PCT log, feel free to comment and post advice if you want. @Michael Scally MD please could you read and comment? I’m 32 (87 kgs, 181cm) and this was my first cycle. Was supposed to be a 10 weeks cycle but I cut it at the 7th week because of side effects (sleep...
  16. H

    Anabolic Doctors?

    Anybody know any decent Steroid Doctors for Anabolic recovery ? There's Doctor O'Connor online with Testosteronology but hes charging 1,750 and a 400 consultation fee. I'm assuming most HRT doctors know about the HPTA axis - but with steroids/anabolics its a bit trickier with how it messes with...
  17. Go-G

    HCG Desensitized my Leydig Cells

    Hey, Guys: Looking for suggestions: After last cycle one year and a half ago, my LH and FSH levels never recovered to normal range. They are at 13 and 18 respectively still - a year later. Testosterone is in my normal range - approx 700 Last cycle was Test E 10 weeks with Dbol kicker and...
  18. R

    Resting after cycle

    Hi guys, Just finished a 10 week Test only cycle. Happy with results. My question is, would a week rest before I start my pct have a negative effect? Or shouldn’t it really matter too much as long as I smash it during my PCT? Just feeling as if my body could do with maybe a 5-7 day rest Cheers
  19. R

    Nolva Dosage

    What dosage do you guys use for your Nolva PCT cycle? I’ve seen people say: 40/40/20/20 30/20/20/10 And others saying 20mg ED all the way through?
  20. DavidW23

    How does this cycle look?

    1-12 Test E 600 mg 1-4 Anadrol 25mg ED 6-12 Anavar 70mg ED 1-15 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD Have HCG which is where my question is. After doing a search it seems 250iu EOD through entire cycle is most recommended. If so... when do I stop the HCG and run my PCT? Pct will consist of Clomid 50mg ED for 3...