1. S

    Pharma Testosterone Undecanoate

    I’ve had a look on a few of the more recently bumped sources and couldn’t see any sites that stock Balkan Test Undecanoate whereas on google I can find a few sites (which aren’t mentioned on here obviously) that do. Does anyone know of any reputable sellers that stock that specific ester of...
  2. Z

    What generics that are comparable to pharma/GMP-quality HGH?

    Hi, so you all probably know in 2017 or 2018 TP replaced his old greys lowkey with a new different greytop. I'm trying to find a generic brand that's comparable to those "old greys" from TP. Mind if ya'll lead me to some sources with high purity and zero/almost zero dimer? It can cost 250 a...
  3. PowerfulMuscles


    Dear MesoRx members, My name is Ethan, and I represent a new online store PowerfulMuscles. You can find our store at: We offer wide range of premium quality products, and the list of our products will be updated! You can order our products directly at our website. Why...
  4. xingor

    XINGOR's Chinese Pharmacy Pharma only

    Hello, guys. I'm xingor, from China. Sorry for my poor English . I'm starting my small business here. I only provide Real Pharma Grade goods. Shipping FAQ: •Free shipping for 200USD •Shipping from China only •Price of regular Airmail 15 USD. Shipping time maybe 1 month or longer. •Price of...

    Dear Meso members, I'm BP, owner of the online pharmacy. I've come here to offer the best of pharma-grade products and finished oils/orals to members of the Meso community. We are a verified source on Eroids and have been serving the community with our sharp priced products and...
  6. J

    Burned by sources. Need help please

    What’s going on. Just made this account out of pure frustration and anger with other websites. In September I made an order with a very reputable source online for test E and Tbol. I did test E 500mg (basic cycle) for 7 weeks and came to conclusion the gear must have been bad. I had zero...
  7. asinwill

    Bad gear and/or injection site infection

    Hey guys, Long story short I plan on starting my cycle in about a month or so: 250 test E (250 mg/ml) E3D. I’m on TRT and wanted to sample the gear I before the cycle started. That’s when things started to go down hill. Here’s what will help you get a better picture of what’s going on: I...
  8. B

    Pharma HGH (Helping thread) Feeling unsure about your HGH?

    This thread is for those who got what is suppose to be pharma HGH but feel unsafe about it. Since it's highly expensive and unless you got a reckonized illness, it's pretty hard to get your hand on the real deal. I though that some of us who got a prescription or got experience with differents...
  9. Wolverineb88

    Different Types of Pharma Grade HGH?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and have very little experience with HGH and am simply trying to educate myself so please try not to grill me too hard. My lurking has shown me that Pharma is the way to go for being safe. Just wondering if there are differences between the different types of...
  10. M


    Has anyone tried the products from recently? Are they any good or just bunk? Thanks in Advance for any feedback
  11. 24hreup


    Hello everyone ! Some of you might already know us so you wont need any further introduction but for those of you that dont here is a little about us; We are an international source that specialize in Human Grade steroids, rHgh, anabolics and other related hormones and products. You will...