1. V

    Not gaining shit from 700mg per week pharmacom test e

    Hey guys, long time lurker, new poster. ALL ORDERS WERE FROM DOMESTIC, NOT A RE SELLER! My very first cycle I ordered pharmacom test C and had amazing gains at 500mg per week pinning every 3 days. Went from 139 to 167 (im 5’6 and at the end of the cycle after water and fat was shed i ended up at...
  2. Alexroid - EU HGH - Roids

    Big Hello to the community of Meso Rx. I would like to introduce our operations here. My will call myself Alex, I will represent our company Our main business is wholesale and semi-wholesale distribution of some of the most well-known steroid brands, for EU based...
  3. Simobbuilder

    Simo’s Log. Pharmastar GH and Pharmacom Gear review

    I am cruising on pharma Test E and Proviron until February, then i will start my next bulking cycle. Startropin GH from @pharmasource Injectables and Orals from @Pharmacom Labs ( Basic Stero Website ) Igf Lr3 Peptide of Bio-Peptides ( MuscleAnabolics website ) The entire cycle costs me...
  4. G

    Dosage recommendations, thanks for the help!

    what's up yall I was wondering if some of you could share some knowledge to help me sort out some dosage questions I may have for a current study i'm running on a test subject. Let's begin. So a current cycle a test subject is running is as follows: Monday: 300mg pharmacom test E300, 40mg...
  5. S

    Parmacom Extreme Underdosing...Looking for a rep!

    Hey all, First time posting here, I've been on other forums and they mention to come over here and search for a pharmacom rep to get in touch with me. I'm on week 8 of pharmacom Test E at 600mg a week and blood work shows my total test at 1044 ng/dl. That is extremely under-dosed for that...
  6. Adam Zain



    Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Sust 250 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2018-03 - SIMEC via

    Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Sust 250 was determined to have an actual content of 31.0 mg/ml testosterone propionate, 61.0 mg/ml testosterone phenylpropionate, 61.7 mg/ml testosterone isocaproate and 99.9 mg/ml testosterone decanoate compared to a label claim of 30 mg/ml, 60 mg/ml, 60 mg/ml and 100...

    Pharmacom Labs Pharma Mix 3 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2018-01 - SIMEC via

    Pharmacom Labs Pharma Mix 3 was determined to have an actual content of 206.9 mg/ml testosterone enanthate, 250.0 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate and 99.6 mg/ml trenbolone enanthate. The product label claimed 200 mg/ml testosterone enanthate, 200 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate and 100 mg/ml trenbolone...

    Pharmacom Labs Stanos - HPLC-UV - 2017-09 - SIMEC via

    Pharmacom Labs Stanos was determined to have actual content of 8.02 mg/tablet stanozolol compared to a label claim of 10 mg/tablet. Steroid analytics courtesy of Pharmacom Labs Stanos Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab Pharmacom Labs Stanos lab report by posted...
  10. krismet

    [PHARMACOM] Test-C/1st cycle [06Nov17]

    I haven't actually received my order yet. Like a dumbass I ordered from the INTL site, instead of domestic. Ordered on Nov 6th, still no tracking number. At least they're responsive to my questions on the website. MAYBE I'll get to start by December. Still nursing a rib injury anyway, so another...

    Pharmacom PHARMA Stan 50 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2017-09 - SIMEC via

    Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Stan 50 was determined to have an actual content of 56.5 mg/ml stanozolol compared to a label claim of 50 mg/ml. No microbiological contamination was detected. Steroid analytics courtesy of Pharmacom PHARMA Stan 50 Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab...

    Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Test P100 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2017-09 - SIMEC via

    Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Test P100 was determined to have an actual content of 102 mg/ml testosterone propionate compared to a label claim of 100 mg/ml. No microbiological contamination was detected. Steroid analytics courtesy of Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Test P100 Lab Test Results -...
  13. Mind-Muscle

    Pharmacom [Test-Deca-Tren-Dbol] 13 weeks

    I'm 24 years old, training since 16. I will try to keep a detailed log of this cycle, updating often and taking before and after pictures. My plan is to bulk as much as possible keeping fat at bay. I'm using Pharma Mix 3 from Pharmacom (200 Test E, 200 Deca, 100 Tren E per ml) Before cycle...
  14. wazzauem

    Forum-AAS-Pharmacom virgin

    22 yr old brit embarking on my first AAS cycle, spent over a 2 months just creeping on all these forums and taking in all the info. that lead me to recently buy my first cycle via basicstero (500$ with $200 discount). will produce a detailed cycle log w bloods and pics etc once the gear arrives.
  15. Jay.lee

    Pharmacom primo i got is clear white?

    Hello people wondering if i can get some opinions please i ordered alot of different bits from vlad pharmacom, the primo 100 has arrived and its a very clear coulour with no yellow at all, is this normal from what i know i thought it should be clear but yellow ? And when iv seen other peoples...
  16. weatherman26

    On Our Way: First Cycle Log

    Well, I ordered my first cycle today. Got a decent price and can’t wait to get my gear soon! I Will be keeping y'all up to date with pics and stats. Currently: Age: 21 Height: 5'8" Weight: 168 Body Fat: 11% Time In Gym: 5 years total, 3.5 serious I have been following a strict “higher carb”...
  17. A

    Another Pharmacom Delivery

    Successfully got another Pharmacom order yesterday, shipping took less than a week. A little upset because I thought I ordered Dbol & NPP to kickstart, and Winny to finish my cycle but I guess somehow I switched the browser from safari to chrome and the first 3 items I selected stayed on the...
  18. AlphaLife

    Pharmacom Test C250 Labs

    I know lab work is controversial here at Meso (everything is). So take these for what they are, ONE MEMBER'S blood work. Everyone reacts differently. I usually look for 10x last pin as a good result for my body. Running 500mg e3d with NPP 100mg e3d. Blood drawn 3 days after last pin (pin...
  19. N

    Pharmacom test E 300

    5,8 22 years old , 196 lbs now 210 lbs about 3 years in training before cycle 196 This is my second cycle . My first cycle was Test e 500 with dbol 30 mg however that cycle didn't count to me because it was bunk gear . The gear was from a "big" steroid instagram user . The pct wasn't good...
  20. WillyNilly402

    First Cycle Upcoming - Pharmacom Anavar, Test PH, and Exemestane

    First of all, I'm a new poster. I've been lurking for a while though. I'm going to first list my stats, and the cycle that I am going to do. I have the gear in hand, and had my first blood labs done today so that I have a base to go off of. I requested tests of Total Testosterone and Estradiol...