1. Mr.Dinosaur

    injected into my leg and got weird sensation and crazy calf pump??

    So I've been on test e 500mg ew 2x250mg ew. Been injecting my ass for the first 2 and a half weeks so far and decided to do my quad today. After injected I had a weird sensation all through my leg feeling tense and tingling for about 2 hours and had a crazy calf pump because I got them 20...
  2. Jamie Sutherland

    Trouble drawing/injecting new gear!

    Hi guys, Just starting in to my 2nd cycle today. I'm sticking with test only again. On my first cycle I was using 250mg amps of test cyp from alphapharma and I was going to get these again but they were all sold out from the supplier I use. So decided to go for the 250mg amps of test enanth...
  3. Jamie Sutherland

    How to: Not tear my glutes to shreds (Self glute injections)

    Hey people, Was just wondering if anyone had any good advice for self glute injections. I'm completely new to the whole AAS world. I've just started my first ever cycle (test cyp only 500mg/wk). I've only pinned once so far which was in my right glute. I plan to alternate between each glute...
  4. primus

    Increasing drug dosage and or freaquency.

    Hi all, Was wondering if some of you more experienced users of aas could shed some light on how you guys go about increasing your total weekly dosages excluding orals? whats your preference pinning more often or pinning larger quantities or are there any other tips?
  5. Gbaby12

    Buying pins on Amazon?

    Legit or naw? it would be nice to order new struts for my car and get a package of needles with it. What are some other site that are legit for pins?
  6. primus


    Hey guys. Not sure if there something like this already. I honestly didn't check but I thought it would be interesting and helpful to have a thread on needles. For you experienced guys I hope you share your wisdom and for the noobs... take notes! What size pin preferred for withdrawing from...
  7. JaggaJatt

    Short vs Long Syringes

    Hey everybody, I've been wondering why people don't make use of shorter needles like a 21, or 23 gauge (TB needles)? On my last cycle With test-e I used short needles and injected in my quads with quite satisfying results and PIP was nearly non existent. I don't really like needles all that...