1. beast117

    Strenght gains have ceased, what now?

    Basically, I've been floating around the same spot for a year with barely any progression. I'm a 21year old who weight around 185lbs, and have been lifting for 4+ years. Id say around 3 years seriously dedicated. Best lifts Squat: 295lbs Bench: 245lbs Deadlift: 405lbs I try to hit around...
  2. Jaypharma

    Powerlifter or anyone that wants more strength

    I'm posting this thread to help powerlifter or anyone than wants more strength. I've been powerlifting for quite sometime now and I've ran different programs. This one that I'm posting had helped a lot. I may also post this pic on other threads when it's relevant for more people to see it. The...
  3. CTipp22

    Livewell HGH

    Has anyone tested or know the legitimacy of Livewell Pharmacy products particularly HGH vials? Some big names are supporting this company and its talked about in some Rhino rants.
  4. CTipp22

    Phase potentiation

    Hey I am wondering if any other powerlifters are training with JTS strength and how they felt moving from months of hypertrophy into strength. Did the heavy weights feel good with the new muscle size or heavy cause its been a minute?
  5. Cratos

    Cycle One: Test E

    Goals: Looking to bulk and PR on all major exercises. I'd prefer gaining the least amount of fat possible. Pre Cycle Stats: Age: 27 Height: 5’7 Weight: 182lb BF%: 13-17%? Abs slightly faded Diet: Calories: 4300 Carbs: 500g minimum Protein: 181g minimum Fiber: 40g minimum Fish Oil: 2grams...
  6. M

    Supplements for disc injury

    Suffered a disc injury about 3 years ago and have been on and off dealing with the repercussions. Had a solid year of training under my belt and then everything went to hell last May. Haven't been able to get back anywhere to where my numbers were. I've cycled on/off var during training and...
  7. Phatboy91

    2017 log/ road to 2100 raw

    Alright I'm starting a log to help keep myself accountable/ track my progress. I recently totaled 2000 raw W wraps in oct meet. I then found a new girlfriend and fucking stopped lifting... she left me and here i am, starting all over. Lol. Please feel free to critique as you see fit. I'm always...
  8. I

    Missed doses, need oppinions.

    Hey guys, just want some oppinions please. No cycle advice etc, just simply want the questions I'm asking answered. I'm currently on- NPP- 1mL p/w Anavar- 20mg ED Now my predicament is, I've run out of var and won't be able to get some for another week. (There was a communication error on the...
  9. S

    FIRST CYCLE 20 Years old powerlifter.

    As im new here I would like to introduce myself. I'm a 20 years old powerlifter 181lbs class. 500/280/515 squats with wraps only. I'm training at a powerlifting gym here in Germany. As im studying german right now and im starting to study in the University in October. Till now everything is...
  10. Perrin Aybara

    Race to a 700lb Deadlift

    It's been a goal of mine already, got the idea for this last night from discussing it in the powerlifting thread. Here's the rules: Bodyweight doesn't matter You can't already have pulled 700lbs Clothing and shoes can be whatever No straps No deadlift suit Belt is allowed Sumo or conventional...
  11. Eman

    The Deconstruction of a SHW Powerlifter

    The Deconstruction of a SHW Powerlifter When I went to military school in the 1970’s, the school motto was, “The making of a cadet is the making of a man!” Now, in those days all I cared about is what I had to do to not get swats (getting your ass beat with a swat board) and the amount of...
  12. ATR713

    Bodybuilding vs. powerlifting

    Was just looking for some input on what you guys prefer. I've been lifting off and on for about 7 years. (Mostly off....) but I have always lifted trying to get bigger instead of focusing on strength. During a deployment last year I decided to give powerlifting a go since a buddy of mine was all...
  13. jaymaximus

    JayMax - From Hernia Surgery to Greatness

    Hello All, I said I would do a hernia surgery log. Im going to incorporate that into this log and also my after surgery training to get back to where I was, and beyond. If you want to, read these: Jay Max Log (Switching from BB to PL and a place to BS) JayMaximus's First Meet Log A little...
  14. Will160175

    First Cycle, New to Forum, Seeking Advice

    I am just going to state that I am a new member here at MESO except I have been following this forum, reading and researching for over a year now. I will state a little bit of background. I started lifting at 19 years old and have never had more than a few months off. My first year I went from...
  15. Said Sakas

    19 Years old powerlifter.

    Hello, I'm an 19 years old powerlifter, who finished 2nd in Israel in my first meet, 198lbs weight class, i was about 20-22% bodyfat, which isn't the best thing for a weighted class, so i decided to run a slow cut to reduce my fat levels to the 182lbs class, and could go back to the 198lbs class...
  16. Said Sakas

    Competitive powerlifter 19 years old.

    Hey, Im an 19 years old guy 191 lbs 5'8 Bench 285lbs Squat 485lbs. Deadlift 530 Im rated 2nd in Israel, i still have no idea how my last lift got 2 red and 1 white, but that was okay as the meet was Push&Pull only and it was my first meet. Im thinking of participating in Europe open...
  17. jaymaximus

    JayMaximus's First Meet Log

    Here it is:
  18. Said Sakas

    Clenbuterol 19 years old.

    Hello i'm an 19 years old guy 207 lbs 5'8 powerlifter. I have a powerlifting competition on 2nd of april and i have to drop about 25 lbs. In about 2 months , i managed to cut 2 times before and i managed to get around 10% bodyfat which was awesome naturally for me. Now i have a meet and i have...
  19. Said Sakas

    Powerlifting meet and weight loss.

    Hello, Im an 19 years old guy , 208lbs 5'7 powerlifter ( been training for 3 years and started powerlifting 6 months ago ) i have reached 5 plates on deadlift and squat , 3 plates on bench and im starting a clen cycle in 2 weeks. my cycle would be 2 weeks on 2 weeks off as the meet will be in...
  20. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara's Journey to an Elite Powerlifting Total

    Lack of foresight on the naming of my first log has led me to the creation of this one that should cover things for awhile. Anyway, here's the link to my first log. First cycle log and meet prep | MESO-Rx Forum Age: early 30's Height: 5'10" Weight: mid 230's Best lifts: can't exactly post my...