1. Juttyc3

    2nd half of sust cycle looking to cut

    Hey Meso, haven’t posted in awhile. Currently running Test sust 500/wk Dhb 500/wk Var 75 mg/day Proviron 50mg/day Adex 1mg ever 3 days///as needed Hcg 250 twice a week I’m looking to cut up the next 6 weeks as I have been running right around 6 1/2 weeks at the end of this week. Willing to go...
  2. musclemedicine

    Test Prop Injection Pain and Prolactin Support (4tren)

    So three days ago I started my first cycle since 2014. I am running test prop and tren ace (First time with either compound EOD: 100mg tren ace (0.5ml) and 100mg Test prop (1.0ml). I load one syringe with both and inject 1.5ml total. I have been loading with a 19 gauge filter tip needle, and...
  3. VasodiL8

    Test, Deca, Dbol cycle

    Alright fellas, looking forward to start my next cycle i believe i hve everything i need and just need the thumbs up from the boys before i start. Looking for a good bulk from this cycle and will be eating 4-5k cals a day. Test E weeks 1-12 @ 500 mg pw Deca weeks 1-10 @ 300 mg pw Dbol weeks 1-4...
  4. P

    Here's my cycle, how long for hcg to work

    Ok guys so this is my shortest cycle ever to date, only 12 weeks; Weeks 1-5 Test prop 150mg eod + NPP 90mg eod Weeks 6-8 Test prop 120mg eod (dropped test as experienced some unilateral nipple sensitivity, corrected with tamoxifen for 2 weeks) + NPP 100mg eod Weeks 9-12: Test prop 120mg eod...
  5. P

    Alliance Healthcare Pakistan

    As far as I am aware this is an UGL based in Pakistan it is not the true Alliance Healthcare pharma company based in U.K. Got some prop amps, anyone had any experience with their gear, is it g2g?
  6. Koko071600

    Hcg on cycle vs post cycle

    So my next cycle is going to be some prop and npp. I have been seeing a lot of other cycle post where people have been running hcg twice a week on cycle and others who say wait till your pct to run hcg and some who say you don't need hcg. I'm guessing it's all user based but looking for some...
  7. O

    1 Week into NPP+Test-prop blast Blood Results

    This is my second blast. My first blast just just Test-E @ 500/mg week for 14 weeks, then I cruised at 200mg/week for 5 weeks. Made great gains. Started my second blast of: 150 mg NPP EOD 100 mg Test-Prop EOD 0.5 Arimidex ED 250iu hcg 2x/week 0.5 Caber, 2x/week (Comes out to about 450mg...
  8. Scottyhash74

    NPP 150 PROP TREN ACE DBOL MYOSTATIN 8wk Lean Bulk 8wk. Recomp Extension

    Hello Im new to this particular forum but always reference it periodically. Stats: 203lbs Age 42 BF% 15 roughly according to 3pt. Calipers 4-5 cycles over the yrs. All compounds have been used b4. Products on hand- All Geneza except NPP 150 x 2 from Dragon Pharma. Dbol 20mgs@ 100 tabs Tren Ace...
  9. drippie

    Thoughts on this cycle

    I'm 37yo training for 20years. 6'0 205lbs - 9-10%bf Just looking to keep slowly adding the lbs and fine tune the physique Here's what I was thinking. Cyp 250mg (once per week trt) Prop 100 eod Tren ace 100mg eod Primo 200mg eod Anavar 60mg Ed Proviron 50mg Ed Arimidex .25 Ed Caber .5 e3d...
  10. BuckEighty

    HCG & Test Prop last 2 weeks of cycle?

    Hey guys, currently running Test E, 500 mg/week (12 week cycle). I've also got some prop that I wasn't planning on using but after a little research, it seems like I could run it weeks 13-14 and jump right into pct 3 days after my last prop injection. Since I was planning on doing an HCG blast...
  11. R

    An interesting predicament - need your help!

    So here's the deal. I've been preparing for an event which is taking place early March. It was going to be drug tested, but I just found it that it is not going to be anymore, which changes everything. I've been purposely going with short-ester stuff with the intention of cutting them off with...
  12. A

    2.5 weeks in and no results or my test prop is fake? When does it kick in?

    I'd like to start out by saying thank you to this forum to the help it has provided so far. In my research on starting this cycle I always browsed threads here and everyone seems knowledgeable. Glad to be a part of the community now! This is my very first cycle. I am currently coming up on my...
  13. Anavarnarian

    Lab Results for first Homebrew

    Just got my bloods taken last week. I'm on week 10 of a 16 weeker: 500mg Test E & 666mg EQ 2x week with 75mg Test Prop EOD and 75mg Anavar ED. Got these results in today, first time making sense of bloods so if you guys can let me know if my gear doses seem to coincide with the levels that...