1. Black Beard

    Landmark chem testosterone propionate (Raws) 150 mg pw

    50 mg Mon/Wed/Fri , blood drawn 24 hours after injection on Saturday. (Had been on it for +6 months at this dose/same batch of powder) Total Testosterone : 1,309 ng/dL Results line up well with what is seen in studies done on the pharmacokinetics of testosterone propionate.
  2. M

    Testosterone Peak

    Why in TRT do you use Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate instead of Porpionate? What does peak testosterone cause?
  3. M

    Steroid Concentration

    Friends, what concentration of test enanthate, propionate and trenbolone acetate do you do? I have heard that to do higher concentrations the body does NOT absorb everything. Does it proceed? Truth or myth?
  4. J

    Tren dosage

    hi, I’m doing tren ace 100 mg and test prop 100, twice a week, mondays and Thursdays. It’s that good or it’s better pinning EOD?
  5. J

    Cycle dieting and support

    Hi, This is my second cycle, i am 25yo, 13bf, 195bw. I’m looking for a good diet to get lean muscles. I used to do Crossfit, now just conventional gym. My first cycle was like a year ago, it consisted in 250EQ every 2 days aand 250sust every 2 days and winstrol 50 daily, this was for 6...
  6. T

    Ester Transition - Even from Acetate and Proprionate to Enthanate

    Hi guys, i am planning a Test E/ Tren E cycle. From my last cycle i have still some Test P and Tren A laying around which i want to use up. Obviously i can not just use all short esters up and switch to long esters same dosage. Longer esters have longer half lifes which would result in a serum...
  7. P

    Gen Pharma legit?

    Got a few vials of Test P recently from a lab called Gen Pharma, did my 3rd shot today of 130mg, running 130mg eod. Haven't noticed much yet but to be fair normally takes 1-2 weeks , maybe slight increase in libido. Has anyone ever used this lab before, is it legit/any good??
  8. M

    Test prop anavar cycle

    Just want your opinions guys if i'm missing anything in this cycle. Week 1-10 Test propionate 100mg eod Week 1-10 arimidex 1mg eod Week 1-10 proviron 50mg ed Week 4-10 anavar 40-60 mg ed HCG last 4 weeks 2x500iu ew Pct : week 1-2 clomid 50mg / nolva 40mg Week 3-4 clomid 25 /nolva 20 Now when...
  9. T

    First cycle, adding a compound

    Hello guys, doing my first steroid cycle next week. Stats: 75kg 1.72cm tall ~12% bf Lift: Bench 120kg x3 Deadlift 180x1 Squat 140x5 Diet on point, 200g protein a day, on a cut id eat 200g carbs, or i would adjust accordingly to how im feeling. Ill be doing 100mg test p EOD. Got nolvadex just...
  10. X-BODY

    First Cycle After Break What Do You Think?

    Hello First off all sorry for my bad English Im planning 12 weeks cutting+lean mass (with carb cycling) cycle with test propionate +salbutamol. But mostly for cutting. CURRENT STATS Training experience 13 years. 31 years old 168 cm/5.5 feet 77 kg/169,4 lbs bf:%17 (Jackson/Pollock 4 site caliper...