1. PsychedBuck

    Latest on mxsrcchm

    Has anyone ordered from mx srce chm? Dude out of China.. red flag for me - been messaging me and sending me screenshots and nagging me a bit. Last I've heard of them was years and years ago. Anyone ordered Raws from them recently?
  2. C

    Suspending Oral Raws

    I have no access to OraPlus/OraBlend, Humco Flavor Blend or even Everclear 190/Proof Grain Alcohol to make solutions. I'm EU based. If I'd have access to OraPlus I'd just use it, but that's not my case. I think that a possible alternative would be to make simple syrup, which is basically water...
  3. Tom

    Help, please! Homebrew of Test Cyp, 322mg/mL, cloudy when it cooled!

    Hi guys, Need help from you guys! One friend try to to cook Test Cyp, 267g to produce 800ml of solution. Trying for 322mg/cc dose. He used this recipes at the first stage: 2% BA 18% BB/EO Rest of volume was MCT oil. Pharmaceutical grade. Brought to 108 C, held at 108-110 for 15 minutes. Slow...
  4. Tom

    Partner enrollment in UK/Portugal

    Any awesome member(Joined MESO for more than 1 year), who wants to be our partner, please contact me by smile@ok-biotech.com or my whatsapp by +8618924660950 To earn it or not, it always is here, no matter you care it or not. SZOB
  5. Tom

    SZOB--Chinese Spring Festival Holidays arrangement:

    SZOB--Chinese Spring Festival Holidays arrangement: Happy Spring Festival Holidays, everyone!! May the best to you and your family! We will take a 10 days off from 20170123--20170203. All the delivery will be stopped by 20170122 till 20170204. Thanks again for all your support during the last...
  6. Tom

    Serious talk: How to guarantee your bucks from various source?--READ THE THREAD 1 AND GIVE COMMENTS.

    Rule 1: This post is for the purpose of protecting the buyers. No argue! Rule 2: This post is to list the ways or methods or any other helpful suggestions. No bullshit! Rule 3: Be serious and organised. Hope it will be helpful for newbies and the others. No mindless words. For argue, bullshit...
  7. Tom

    Beat it! Beat it!

    They Told Him Don't You Ever Come Around Here Don't Wanna See Your Face You Better Disappear ”The Fire's In Their Eyes And Their Words Are Really Clear So Beat It, Just Beat It [2nd Verse] You Better Run You Better Do What You Can Don't Wanna See No Blood Don't Be A Macho Man You Wanna Be...
  8. Tom

    The difference of T3 and T3 Na

    Hi guys, I know most of you are professional in lots of field. But, to prevent some fresh meat from the wrong idea of T3. This thread comes out. T3, by the names of triiodothyronine/liothyronine/cytomel(CAS 6893-02-3, C15H12I3NO4), is a popular and famous goods for fat loss. Reference...
  9. Tom

    SZOB---Tbol to Europe

    Hi guys, may I know why so many people prefer Tbol than the others? Especially for the ones from North Europe, like Finland, Norway, Swiss, etc.
  10. Tom

    Test Base price from Toronto

    Anyone who has purchased Test Base from the company, called "Toronto"? Their email is torresch@interlog.com It happens to know their price of Test Base is USD110/5g and USD880/50g.
  11. M

    New guy comin in hot looking for raws

    I started to think about what to say for my first post and then I seen what this guy wrote. So thanks to him for saving me the time because this pretty much would sum up my intro for the most part at least.. But anyways so I am looking to skip past finding a source from a ugl and instead I...
  12. Tom

    How to test the purity and quality of DECA raw material?

    Nandrolone Decanoate contains not less than 97.0 percent and not more than 103.0 percent of C28H44O3 , calculated on the dried basis. Packaging and storage— Preserve in tight, light-resistant containers, and store in a refrigerator. USP Reference standards 11 — USP Nandrolone RS .USP...
  13. Tom

    Raws source from China--www.ok-biotech.com

    My last thread was gone and this one is to share you the comments from the sample order or any other suggestions. Hope this one will be without onslaught and bring the ones something good who really want the raws.
  14. Tom

    Shenzhen Ok Biotech Technology www.ok-biotech.com welcome your comments

    Hi guys, it's our honor to have the chance to co-operate with the MESO here and meet you. We are manufacturer from the Cheaper resource country--China. But to the quality, it's not poor as you might think. 1. As a factory in this industry for years, we have mature technology to product the...
  15. Said Sakas

    Powerlifting meet and weight loss.

    Hello, Im an 19 years old guy , 208lbs 5'7 powerlifter ( been training for 3 years and started powerlifting 6 months ago ) i have reached 5 plates on deadlift and squat , 3 plates on bench and im starting a clen cycle in 2 weeks. my cycle would be 2 weeks on 2 weeks off as the meet will be in...
  16. p8n

    This is absolutely rediculous.

    I hate for my first post on this forum to be a rant - one you're probably tired of reading over and over - but it is just that. I've been trying my best to avoid making an account on any forum for a couple days now, but I've reached a point where my sanity is more important than making a fool...