1. B

    Anadrol & Winstrol stack?

    Hello, I recently started my second cycle 5 weeks ago. This cycle consists of 500mg of Testosterone Enanthate, and 400mg of Masteron Enanthate. I am beginning to feel the effects of the Testosterone but recently dropped the Masteron due to hair shedding. I am looking to do somewhat of a recomp...
  2. mp46

    Training Log - MacBuilt

    Decided to start this as I'm sure some people will be wondering what some of @MacBuilt 's clients are up to and how it's going. I'll update as I go, the more interaction there is here more likely I'll keep this updated more frequently. Goals: MB asked what my long term goal was, and he probably...
  3. Maelstrom

    Massive Recomp - Thoughts

    Hey guys, Firstly, I guess this counts as my introduction here. Though, I've been a member since last year. I just never felt the need to post until now. If anyone wants the full backstory of why I jumped on gear, let me know where to post that. However, this thread is intended primarily to...
  4. StillMind

    First cycle log

    what’s going on guys! I’ve been a long time lurker for about two years now. Have been lifting for about 15 years on and off. And seriously lifting for about 7. I’m 6’2 195 dehydrated, 200 average walking weight. After getting back, I’ve recomp’d down to 12% from 185 at over 15% bf. My heaviest...