1. VVV

    SARMS in the US

    Howdy all if I'd like to buy some SARMS in the US, which website/business could you recommend? Reliable, good quality, good price. Thanks so much, VVV
  2. K

    Opinions On This Cycle

    I am currently cutting at 200lbs 13% BF. 2 months after my Gyno surgery. If my Gyno flares up I am thinking about adding .5mg Prami ed. Proviron 50mg (ed) 400mg Test E (week) 350mg Tren E (week) 350mg Tren A (week) Arimidex (1mg) (eod) Week 1 - ^ Week 2 - ^ Week 3 - ^ + 350mg...
  3. RoidyNoob

    Raloxifene & Gyno. My experience. Log

    Good day everyone. Today concludes 2 months subsequent to my 6 month raloxifene cycle to help me get rid of my gyno, or at least most of it. And yes, it was a diagnosed gynecomastia, quite noticeable (mastodonia and a chick pea size lump) and painful. Background- I developed gyno right after a...
  4. Nicolaus

    HCG and SERMS Simultaneously

    Hello meso brothers, Going to make this short so I don't lose your attention Would you advise against or in favor of taking Nolvadex/Clomid and HCG at the same time in hopes of bringing the HPTA back to life? I have had low LH, FSH, and low test for a very long time now (about 5 years) and...
  5. RoidyNoob

    Potential muscle building Drugs/Meds at the pharmacy?

    Hey everyone, So im doing a little study for myself, of all the pharmaceutical drugs that hinder muscle growth or could potentially do so or even be considered doping. Aside from all the serms, anabolic steroids and amphetamines, what is there more...? I'm about to finish a 5-6 month Raloxifene...
  6. Nicolaus


    Hello, I am a 25 year old male, have never taken steroids, and have been suffering from low testosterone symptoms during and after my second course of Accutane (both courses lasting a year each, forgot the dosage, and my second course was taken at the age of 20). I never knew what ED was until...
  7. RoidyNoob

    Gyno partial reversal_Raloxifene

    Yo! So I fucked up my last cycle by adding too many andros and too little AIs and SERMs...Long story short I got a lump under my nipple and so I decided to start a SERM cycle. I chose raloxifene due to the benefits it has in comparison to tamoxifene (doesnt lower igf-1). Ill be doing it for 2...
  8. B

    Recovering from propecia and gyno with SERMS. Need help.

    Basically I took propecia and crashed, I tried thousand of things to recover and nothing gave me results besides tribulus, clomid and tamoxifen. My recent levels without doing serms and tribulus was T: 280 E2: 36 Lh: 2 Fsh: 1.8 TSH: 2.0 Prolactin: 4 I was doing well until I started gym and...
  9. Nicolaus


    Hello fellow members, Anyone know of a reliable and legit source for SERMS/PCT? I've heard of one called pharmacist but not sure if it's good Thank you!