1. Juttyc3

    2nd half of sust cycle looking to cut

    Hey Meso, haven’t posted in awhile. Currently running Test sust 500/wk Dhb 500/wk Var 75 mg/day Proviron 50mg/day Adex 1mg ever 3 days///as needed Hcg 250 twice a week I’m looking to cut up the next 6 weeks as I have been running right around 6 1/2 weeks at the end of this week. Willing to go...
  2. FutureMrO

    Cutting cycle

    hey guys this is going to be my 3rd cycle Iv ran cycles when bulking but when I cut I tend to lose that look you can only have when on a cycle I'll be doing a 12 week cut and thinking of running test e at 500mg a week. Tren A at 50mg eod for 5 weeks and also have var and clen on hand. Idk if I...