1. E

    2nd cycle thoughts

    Hey all would like some feedback back to this and input on how you would set it up.. 25 y/o 215lbs workout 6 days a week with Olympic lifting 3 days a week. Eat around 195g P, 285g C, and 85g F. With one refeed day I currently have : 200 anavar tabs 10mg 100 stanozolol 10mg 500 mg/ml 10ml vial...
  2. shangkhang Xmas Promotion

    Dear All, thank you for your trust so far. The first packages are on the way! As it's Xmas time and postal services/customs are over-worked and in festive mood., this is usually the best time for parcels to pass through, unnoticed and unopened. I have a little promotion for prospective...