steroid cycle

  1. R

    Opinions about this cycle

    Hey guys, I'm new member here, I'm 22 yo and next year I'll compete in the Classic division. I'm 5'11" tall Weight 77kg/170lb Body fat about 11% My coach just gave me this cycle to run for 4 weeks (temporary): Sustanon 250mg every monday Testovis (Testosterone Propionate) 100mg every Thursday...
  2. yzman692

    first ever test-cyp and anadrol cycle

    I need some insight on how my cycle looks. No bull****, real talk please! Goal: Gain strength, add a couple hundred pounds on my total while bulking up to heavyweight class My Background: I'm a beginner/first-timer on gear. 5'9 170lbs 21yo (I know some people recommend usage >25yo but hey...
  3. Blake111

    Help need on cycle!

    So I’m on my 4th week of 500 mg/cc test cyp I’ve got the cycle and pct down along with clean diet...the problem is that both of my elbows have moderate tendonitis in them an I can barely pick up my daughter. Does any one have any advice for upper body workouts that allow my elbow tendinitis to...
  4. DarkSide94

    First Steroid Cycle (with pictures)

    Alright, so here’s a little background on me. I’m 23, about to be 24. I’ve been bodybuilding/training seriously for over 10 years now, and due to a lot of research, some amazing trainers and experienced, older lifting partners, I’ve had my training and nutrition pretty dialed in from the start...
  5. D

    Running sustanon 250 once a week + eq 250 mg

    so they guy that im buying from told me the cycle i was planning on doing was wrong and it was too much which was: Week 1-12 Test e 500mg a week (250mg shots) Sunday morning Wednesday night (250mg each day) week 1-14 aromasin 12.5g EOD I start pct two weeks after last test shot week 14...

    Ostarine Detection time

    Does anyone know the Detection Time for Ostarine the SARM ( Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator)? I took this product on May 15 and June 15. I was running it at 50mg a day every other day. I was selected for a drug test this morning and don't know if I passed it. A lot of athletes have been...
  7. O

    need real advice on first cycle

    Hey I'm new to this whole forum thing but it seems like the only place to get real advice. I'm 25 years old been lifting for about 5 years now and my diet has been 100 percent clean with no cheat days, I get super obsessive about my food and I've been hitting the gym hard sometimes twice a day...
  8. A

    Trusted Supplier in Dubai

    Hi mates, Im new here , just moved to Dubai and kinda struggling to get legit gear. Got meditech products that not a prank but a bit weak i believe. Not sure how it works on here but thought about asking if anyone would help with contacts in Dubai. Cheers!
  9. Bigkick86

    Pharmacom Test Cyp 250 1st run Big results

    So, this is my first post hopefully im putting this in the right area. (1st test cycle) I ran 10 weeks of Pharmacom's test cyp 250 . 1cc 2 times a week . one Monday and one Thursday (500mg week). very little sides. and I have to say its definitely over dosed and I have blood work that shows it...
  10. C

    First Cycle

    Hello my name is Michael i am 21 years old. i am 71kg at 8% body fat i have been training around for 4 years started at 56kg and i want to do my first cycle. So after a whole research i am between 2 cycles: First one: Rexogin (Stanozolol) Alpha Pharma – 10 amp. x 50 mg. Monday-Thursday...
  11. G

    Cycle review

    Hey everyone. Looking for advice/review of this cycle. Tren ace 400 test cyp 200 arimidex .5 per week cabergoline .5 twice a week. Also would like to add a fat burner but I'm not really sure what to use for that
  12. Beardedlifter

    Night Shift Sucks

    Ok fuckers, I need help. Killed chest and this today now my shift is kicking my ass! 12 hour night shifts are a bitch. Anybody up? Anybody got any interesting topics!?