1. tai

    Accutane Domestic US ???

    Currently off cycle due to Covid and acne is flaring up like crazy in need of some help finding a Accutane Source !
  2. J

    ordered and tested.

    the post 2 weeks i made 2 different orders from this site, at first i was ordered it would be a scam so i ordered a small order (ordering BM products) within a week i received the package and the guy of the site was really helpful and updated when he sent the package all my...
  3. kakashi477

    DHB experience

    Hey guys...did anyone here run DHB? how was your experience with it? Is it similar to tren or more like stronger primo or EQ?
  4. kakashi477

    Primobolan worth the extra money?

    Thinking to order some primo from it really worth the extra cost? And to get goos results from it you need to run at least 600? Cause when i run mast e at 400mg I get Great results
  5. kakashi477

    Ultima pharmaceuticals

    Any feedback on this new lab? Prices are very cheap and many src are giving them away in promos
  6. F

    Firsts cycle

    hey ! I’m 6’0 190 pounds 34 years old been lifting consecutively for 4 years . Variations of splits but usually lift 6 days a week , I’m currently doing ppl crazy reps, lots of pyramids . My diet is 4000 calories a day this should give me about a 800 calorie surplus Macros are p240 c430 f122...
  7. silv10

    Using Anadrol Ocasionally

    Hello guys , i have a quick question , since Androl is fact acting and short half life steroid , can it be used like test suspension? i mean like , some guys use test suspension for pre workout or for libido enhancement and well being , will a high anadrol dose taken ocasinally give similar...
  8. FutureMrO

    Winstrol vs winstrol

    have you guys used injectable winstrol? And how did it go? My coach put me on oral winny but my guy messed the order up and sent me the injectable one and I was just asking if anyone’s used it and what they think about it?
  9. Roco Bama

    No connection between LDL levels and heart disease

    A new review of published research from an international group of physicians and researchers is challenging the half-century long belief that LDL, the so-called 'bad kind' of cholesterol, causes heart disease. @Dr JIM what’s your opinion on this ? Study says there's no link between...
  10. R

    Best steroid to cut with?

    Hi, Coming to the end of my Test only cycle, very happy with results! My question is, how long after PCT would I need to wait til start a cutting cycle? And which steroid from your own experiences works best for cutting whilst maintaining muscle and strength? Cheers
  11. M

    Musclebond Source Intro to Meso

    Hey Meso! Musclebond here. We've lurked on these forums for a while and decided to join to see what we can provide to the Meso community. This includes answering your questions and even promo codes! (We are currently running a promo which gives you 5% off your total order when spending £50 or...
  12. D-kin

    positive on steroid test involving custody.

    Is any one familiar with steroid testing. I failed for masteron. I have a script for testosterone cypionate. Due to the dosage of 200mgs every other week. I supplement 250mg from my domestic source. I was also running test propionate. I got my test back from family court which approved the...
  13. Powerlift12

    Common side effect or allergy?

    Hey guys. About a year ago I tried npp for the first time. Almost immediately I began to get an insane heat rash. Imagine the worst beta-alanine tingles you've ever had intensified by 100. This lasted my entire course and a fair while after I'd stopped taking it. It did however become less...
  14. godt240

    [Source] GODTROPIN--HGH promo: satisfaction guaranteed or refund

    we are the owner of HGH brand 'GODTROPIN',we have own lab to produce our own brand,that's why we can control very well the quality. we run this brand for 8 years, it's one of most popular generic gh brands in the market, we have a lot of loyal clients and new clients, we produce with big...
  15. Blake111

    Second cycle(test e, deca, dbol) advice?

    After researching options I decided to add only 1 compound since I have tolerated dbol and test in the past. I will add deca this cycle. Hope to see good results in size/strength. Placed my order yesterday. What are your thoughts and additions for this cycle? Test E 300mg twice weekly 1-13...
  16. Blake111

    2nd cycle advice?

    last year in October I ran my first steroid cycle and had great results and recovery. 1st cycle was this: Dbol 30 ed week 1-6 Test cyp 500mg weekly for 12 weeks Went from 225 benchpress to 365 Currently can bench 335 Post cycle was great only residual effects are my acne....any advice...
  17. M

    Best Steroid for Vascularity

    Hey guys, just curious what you think the best steroid for vascularity is. I know being low bf% before taking gear is the key to having increased vascularity but regardless of all the details. Say I’m 10% body fat right now, what steroid will increase my vascularity the most?
  18. yzman692

    first ever test-cyp and anadrol cycle

    I need some insight on how my cycle looks. No bull****, real talk please! Goal: Gain strength, add a couple hundred pounds on my total while bulking up to heavyweight class My Background: I'm a beginner/first-timer on gear. 5'9 170lbs 21yo (I know some people recommend usage >25yo but hey...
  19. Blake111

    Help need on cycle!

    So I’m on my 4th week of 500 mg/cc test cyp I’ve got the cycle and pct down along with clean diet...the problem is that both of my elbows have moderate tendonitis in them an I can barely pick up my daughter. Does any one have any advice for upper body workouts that allow my elbow tendinitis to...
  20. Sasquatch Labs

    [Source] Sasquatch Labs - Intro/Sale (US Domestic)

    SASQUATCH LABS (US Domestic) ABOUT US I am Jay from Sasquatch Labs. Dino and Becca will be helping me in the lab and with customer service. I have been creating protein supplements for 4+ years. We are here to offer the highest quality product at competitive pricing and with exceptional...