1. RoidForSale

    RoidForSale - Sales to U.S. Customers Only - USA Domestic

    Dear Meso-Rx Members, I represent a new store called RoidForSale and I am happy to announce this to you You can find our store at About US We are the company that provides bodybuilders the best products on the market. We also work with reliable manufacturers to...
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    Dear MesoRx members, My name is Ethan, and I represent a new online store PowerfulMuscles. You can find our store at: We offer wide range of premium quality products, and the list of our products will be updated! You can order our products directly at our website. Why...
  3. J

    Long cycle gains

    I know the recommended cycle duration is 12-16 weeks but im going for 30 weeks i recovered perfectly from my last 25 week cycle and actually gained strength during pct, I was wondering before I order a new batch should I switch the compounds up or just keep running test E, I started with test e...
  4. iamnightowl

    Do you guys stock up on gear in case of stricter laws?

    Or any other reason why it might be hard to get gear, like a war. Another question, did you guys also read this study? It says: "With a large and expensive stockpile of drugs, the military faced tossing out and replacing its drugs every few years. What they found from the study is 90% of more...
  5. Knight of the Clouds

    Maximum storage temperature of steroids

    Good evening. I wish to know what is the maximum storage temperature of steroids such as Drostanolone or Methenolone, before the drug loses some or all of its effectiveness: 40 °C? 50 °C (Celsius)? Please also specify if the answer you give me is a personal opinion, a hypothesis, or is...
  6. LionheadLabs

    Lionheadlabs: Raw Source + Domestic shipping

    Hi, Meso. I felt like you needed another animal-themed source, so here I am. Services Alright, let's get straight to the point. I'm here to offer international raws and peptides with Unmatched(™) benefits. Mainly, dramatically reduced pricing for new clients for 3 months (this amounts...
  7. vyktor

    Reduce gear for a cutting period

    Hello, i been on cycle for 6 weeks , 500mg test & 300 npp week (+ hcg and ai) trying to bulking as clean as possible. I put 10 kilos and a lot of this weight is free mass, I feel happy with the sizes that i have right now, so now i will cut until the end of this cycle, 6 weeks more. Do you...
  8. Kudosores

    Domestic European Source

    Hello take a look on our website for supply gear, around all europe. Thank you guys
  9. M

    About supplier

    Has anyone ever bought from this supplier? It has its own website and alibaba as well. I to know about the quality. "wuhan senwayer century chemical co. ltd" Wuhan Senwayer Century Chemical Co., Ltd. - API, Peptides
  10. A

    Tren not the right steroid profile for me?

    So a little background. I am 5'6" and weigh 165. Bodyfat is around 8-10%. This is my third cycle, my first was Test E @ 500 mg / week. Second was Test E @ 600 mg / week + EQ 400 mg / week Now a year later, I decided to do a Test P and Tren A cycle. I have read multiple things about Tren...
  11. K

    Opinions On This Cycle

    I am currently cutting at 200lbs 13% BF. 2 months after my Gyno surgery. If my Gyno flares up I am thinking about adding .5mg Prami ed. Proviron 50mg (ed) 400mg Test E (week) 350mg Tren E (week) 350mg Tren A (week) Arimidex (1mg) (eod) Week 1 - ^ Week 2 - ^ Week 3 - ^ + 350mg...
  12. L

    Special offer from Landmarkchem

    Dear all , How are you ? This is lily , sales manager from Landmarkchem source of raw steroid powders . :) Special offer in August: Freebie with the same value of 15% of the order can be sent together with your package . You choose the raw as preference. Any interest please contact your sales...
  13. B

    Crazy Sex Drive on a Cruise

    Does anyone else have a better sex drive and sexual performance when cruising 200-300mg test/a week? There must be some science behind this.
  14. M

    WWE's Undertaker Was Juiced To The Gills Back In 2004

    hey guys its my first time here i was looking at some of the old wwe videos on wwe network cuz i'm a huge taker fan and probably most of you who found this thread are as well and i found this one match he had against booker t at judgement 2004 but i'm not here to talk about the match, what i...
  15. A


    hey guys i need some advice here. Im a 29 year old with past hx of aas use, ran about 6-7 cycles all relatively light just test usually under 400 mg and no longer than 12 weeks. no issues with gyno or anything of that sort. every cycle i have recovered well with hcg blast 1000-1500 coupled with...
  16. M

    Which Brand is Best at

    Hey guys, I’ve bought several cycles from naps and used Geneza Pharmesuticals each time. I’m most likely going to go with them again unless someone recommends a better brand. Only other brand I’m considering is Pharmacom right now. Any suggestions or anecdotes? I’m buying a Test E, Mast, and...
  17. M

    Which Steroids to use now?

    Hey guys, my short term goal(achieved by end of cycle) is to be about 10-15 pounds of muscle heavier yet more shredded and dry. The only roids I’ve used are TestE, Deca and Tbol. First did a Test E cycle (which felt amazing and was extremely successful). Then ran Test E + Tbol Kickstarter...
  18. N

    Travelling to fort mac with gear

    hey folks, I’m running my test e and tren cycle and my original way of getting my stuff into kearl backfired last minute (just my luck). A lot of people I know on site just walked their gear in apparently. Putting their needles in their checked bags and then walking the gear through the...
  19. Powerlift12

    Birth Control

    I've seen a few posts on this but I'm still confused so I apologize if these queries have been answered. I've never used any form of birth control other than a condom and emergency contraception. I've come to a point where I need to be on some sort of birth control however I don't want to be...
  20. FlatlandLifter

    Base compound blends. (No ester)

    Recently I’ve been wondering the following about them: Dosing? Injection frequency? Can or should they be cycled with the same hormones but with an ester? (Test e or p) From what I’ve read they’re mainly taken for a “preworkout boost” but I was interested to read about anyone else’s...