1. MisterSuperGod

    1RM calculation.

    While Meso was going through database pains last night, i started searching the web and came across a pretty cool site. According to the info i provided, i'm stronger than 70% of people in my age range for some of my lifts. Surprising, 'cause i'm not very big, nor very strong, IMO, but 'yay me'...
  2. MisterSuperGod

    Best roid for strength?

    What is your opinion on the best steroid for strength? i'm not interested in Halo or any of the PWO style injects like Tne and so forth, please keep that in mind. i'm looking for something i can cycle along with my cruise dose that will give a noticeable boost in strength.
  3. P

    How long for anadrol effects?

    So I’ve been taking Keifei Oxybol (Anadrol 50’s) for 6 days now 25mg AM and 25mg PM, I’m also on Test E 500mg per week but that hasn’t kicked in yet (only been on 3/4 weeks) I’ve noticed a slight increase in weight but in terms of strength minimal like maybe a few kilos on over head press etc. I...
  4. Bodysmasher

    Strength Cycle Opinions

    I am finishing up my 3rd cycle, I am currently running 525mg Test P/week and 60mg Var ED for 6 weeks. Since my goals are mostly strength related and I may get an itch to compete soon, I will avoid Tren as it has a really long detection time. Although I am a huge fan of 6 week cycles I was...
  5. Eman

    Where Does Real Strength Come From?

  6. Luffy

    My new log

    Hi guys it's been a while since i posted something I had some personal problems and was sick a lot.Also i wanted to make an apology to you all,first I'm 18,and my lifts are not that big as I wrote down,I'm really sorry I lied about this I was afraid that you would mock me and so My goals stay...
  7. sibirianheat

    New here (blood works 0,5 points above TRT range so i need to educate myself)

    Hello all, first of all a great forum! My reason why i am here is that i start soon TRT by myself after i went to doctor for weakness, depressive, lack of libido, anxiety. Blood test showed very low T but not enough for TRT. I gonna start it mostly because i need strength and confidence for my...
  8. Thesauceboss

    Anadrol and anavar stack

    Hey guys, nearing the end of my cycle of test/ nandrolone. Would it be a wise idea to throw in some anadrol at about 25 Mgs a day, on top of my anavar at 60 mg per day. Definitely want to keep the anadrol at a lower dose. Would the anavar lessen the puffiness I'd get from anadrol in anyway ?
  9. Said Sakas

    19 Years old powerlifting Anavar

    Hello , im an 19 years old guy 5'8, powerlifter in junior class 82kg. My lifts are 220kg Squat , 215kg Deadlift , 120kg Benchpress. Im participating in Israel's official powerlifting competition, which means i have a shot for a national place in powerlifting for israel 82kg class juniors. The...