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  1. origamiwizard8

    First Cycle Experience

    Newer member here. I'm about 10 days into my first steroid cycle of 300 mgs Test (after cleaving off the Enanthate ester) per week and around 30 mgs of Dbol per day. I'll just outline my experiences so far and maybe you could give me some input and whatnot, whatever. Starting point: 165 lbs...
  2. C


    Anyone ever kickstarted a cycle with dbol and finished the same cycle with var? Bad idea? Am I being Too impatient? Obviously I am using test as my base
  3. A

    PCT clomid Nolvadex Length

    I finished a 10 week cycle of 900 mg test-e, Masteron 600 mg, HCG 300 iu x2/week. I started 40 mg Nolvadex/day 14 days after last inject + 50mg Clomid. Pharmacy grade in mexico. I'm 20 days into PCT. My Balls are big (they never shrunk much b/c of HCG). My LH/FSH are within range on the...
  4. asinwill

    Bad gear and/or injection site infection

    Hey guys, Long story short I plan on starting my cycle in about a month or so: 250 test E (250 mg/ml) E3D. I’m on TRT and wanted to sample the gear I before the cycle started. That’s when things started to go down hill. Here’s what will help you get a better picture of what’s going on: I...
  5. M

    Testosterone Peak

    Why in TRT do you use Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate instead of Porpionate? What does peak testosterone cause?
  6. L

    High tren low test. Dosage help?

    Stats Age:29 Height: 6'1" Weight: 200 BF: 18% Cycle Tren E- 600mg's weekly. 2 doses/300mg's each. Test E- 125mg's weekly. 1 dose/125mg's Mast E- 800mg's weekly. 2 doses/400mg's each Dbol- 50mg's daily. 2 doses/ 25mg's each Winstrol- 50mg's daily. 2 doses/ 25mg's each Caber- .5 mg's weekly. 2...
  7. FutureMrO

    Blast and cruise or pct!!!!!

    hey guys iv done a 13 week cycle of test e and tren e and clen iv gotten decently lean and haven’t lost much if any muscle, it actually looks like iv put some on. The test was run at 250 twice a week and tren was 75 twice a week. This was my 3rd cycle. Now the time has come should I pct or...
  8. M

    Need Anadrol 50 and test e source last source was bunked.

    About last year i had ordered some anadrol and test e. I ran the anadrol for 3 weeks and it was terible no weight gain no strength gain it was terible and i spent about 80 bucks on it. The brand was Radjay pharmaceuticals. I had someone that my friend worked out with order it for me so im not...
  9. yzman692

    first ever test-cyp and anadrol cycle

    I need some insight on how my cycle looks. No bull****, real talk please! Goal: Gain strength, add a couple hundred pounds on my total while bulking up to heavyweight class My Background: I'm a beginner/first-timer on gear. 5'9 170lbs 21yo (I know some people recommend usage >25yo but hey...
  10. L


    With all the different AAS out there that athletes are using to bulk, cut or whatever they fancy, which ones in everyone’s opinion are the hands down must for a cycle? Wouldn’t one say Tren and Test are the game changers and really all one needs?
  11. Blake111

    My first cycle

    so i have been working out for about 2 years all natural. I’m a medical provider and don’t want to give to much info because I know steroids are frowned upon but I think their amazing and can do awesome things to the body. A colleague gave me a vial of Test C a month ago and after doing research...
  12. O

    Test/Tren/EQ 'tis the season for bulking!

    It's the holidays soon and what better time for some "dirty" bulking? It's 1.30 in the morning and this last tub of Mesomorph won't let me sleep, so I figured I'll make the best of it. Mostly a lurker, here at Meso, but I'm a fan of constructive criticism so here's my up coming cycle, along...
  13. L

    Any around Southeast Missouri

    looking to run a good cycle but can't seem to find a local source and don't want to chance ordering it and lossing my money from it getting seized. Any help please. I live in southeast Missouri. Thanks In advance.
  14. primus

    Increasing drug dosage and or freaquency.

    Hi all, Was wondering if some of you more experienced users of aas could shed some light on how you guys go about increasing your total weekly dosages excluding orals? whats your preference pinning more often or pinning larger quantities or are there any other tips?
  15. colin56561

    Caber dose on Test/Tren

    Hey guys im brand new here, wanted to do a Test/Tren cycle but I have no experience with caber or prami, my prolactin levels have been as high as 20 points which is very high i know. What do you reccomend I take dosage wise for Caber? Test 500mg a week and Tren A 200mg a week
  16. Cratos

    Cycle One: Test E

    Goals: Looking to bulk and PR on all major exercises. I'd prefer gaining the least amount of fat possible. Pre Cycle Stats: Age: 27 Height: 5’7 Weight: 182lb BF%: 13-17%? Abs slightly faded Diet: Calories: 4300 Carbs: 500g minimum Protein: 181g minimum Fiber: 40g minimum Fish Oil: 2grams...
  17. Bigkick86

    Pharmacom Test Cyp 250 1st run Big results

    So, this is my first post hopefully im putting this in the right area. (1st test cycle) I ran 10 weeks of Pharmacom's test cyp 250 . 1cc 2 times a week . one Monday and one Thursday (500mg week). very little sides. and I have to say its definitely over dosed and I have blood work that shows it...
  18. Thahippie801

    First post my story

    Ok so I've been hitting the gym for a few years now my job is very physical so last year a co worker told me about a health and wellness clinic that he was getting test from so I went and got bloodwork done and my test was like 385 so my doctor told me to start taking vitamins and prescribed me...