test cyp

  1. D

    Stuff in oil ?

    Ok so I noticed after I withdraw my home brew test cyp , and I look close at the syringe there are tiny white bubbles or white things sitting on the black plunger part in the syringe , there is small that I thought it was air bubbles at first ,So I refiltered the test cyp in sterile air tight...
  2. Tankyouverymuch

    Need some advice on 2nd cycle of Tren A, Mast P, Test Cyp

    Hello fellas! I wanted to get some advice here from some of you more experienced members. This is my second cycle ever. Well, third but the second one I ran was fake shit that did nothing for me. I am running the following: 500mg Test cyp/wk 400mg Tren Ace 300mg Mast Prop 12 weeks Start PCT...
  3. Juttyc3


    I’ve got a cycle ready to start .8cc - 1.0cc ED 100mg 1-test cyp (DHB) 250 mg week Test Cyp Proviron 100 mg/day Var 75-100 mg/day Hcg Arimi Pct nolva Question is, should I wait until about week 2 or 3 to begin pinning DHB or start running DHB from the first pin along w the test cyp?
  4. Huntersbd

    First Cycle, best pct for 18 y/o

    I'm gonna run my first cycle at 250/mg of Test Cyp for 10 weeks. I'm curious to know what kind of pct I should use, I've heard nolvadex and aromasin are ideal, I've also heard natural pct's are good, and I've heard i shouldn't need one since I'm 18 and it's a lighter cycle.
  5. Jamie Sutherland

    Trouble drawing/injecting new gear!

    Hi guys, Just starting in to my 2nd cycle today. I'm sticking with test only again. On my first cycle I was using 250mg amps of test cyp from alphapharma and I was going to get these again but they were all sold out from the supplier I use. So decided to go for the 250mg amps of test enanth...
  6. Blake111

    My first cycle

    so i have been working out for about 2 years all natural. I’m a medical provider and don’t want to give to much info because I know steroids are frowned upon but I think their amazing and can do awesome things to the body. A colleague gave me a vial of Test C a month ago and after doing research...
  7. Jamie Sutherland

    Disappointed with 1st cycle results

    Just finished up with my last pin of my first ever cycle today (500mg Test cyp). I got bloods done mid cycle which showed my test was at 2634 ng/dL so a pretty good level I think (based on feedback from others). Have to say pretty disappointed with the results. I ran the cycle for 10 weeks but...
  8. Jamie Sutherland

    Testosterone Cypionate

    Just over 4 weeks in to a test cyp only cycle (450mg/wk and also my first ever cycle). What I wanted to know is how long til I really feel and notice that I'm 'on'. So far I've had zero sides. I've gained 12 lbs and made slight improvements every day in the gym. Reading the above you might...
  9. Jamie Sutherland

    Test Only 500mg/wk (FIRST EVER CYCLE)

    Hey people, Thought I'd throw a little cycle log up here as I always found them interesting to read whenever I was researching in to my first cycle! A little background: 22 years old 5ft 11" 170 lbs 10% bf From UK Training naturally on and off for the last 6 years, but for the past 2-3 I've...
  10. Jamie Sutherland

    How to: Not tear my glutes to shreds (Self glute injections)

    Hey people, Was just wondering if anyone had any good advice for self glute injections. I'm completely new to the whole AAS world. I've just started my first ever cycle (test cyp only 500mg/wk). I've only pinned once so far which was in my right glute. I plan to alternate between each glute...
  11. M

    3rd cycle experiment. Test Prop. Test Cyp. Deca. Opinions please :)

    Hey fellas, I'm new to this forum, but am rather experienced with anabolics. My first cycle was with test cyp alone for 10 weeks. My second cycle was with sus for 12 weeks. Week 1-4 of oral dbol. I'm on my 3rd cycle right now. I'm 5 weeks in. The gear on hand is Test Cyp, Test Prop, and Deca...
  12. G

    Steroid acne remedies

    So throughout middle school and high school I always had moderate acne and at a couple of points during wrestling season it would turn to severe. Years later it seems to have subsided and then recently when I started my first steroid cycle I was extremely worried that it would come back. However...
  13. Z

    First Steroid Cycle - Advice

    I'm a 19-year-old (20 in August) university student (training since 14-years-old), and I feel truly ready to take the plunge in to the world of AAS. My first cycle would not only be something of an experiment, to test my body's responses and tolerances, but it would also give me permanent...
  14. S

    First cycle Test C 500mg/w

    Hey, im going to start my first cycle with Test C 500mg/w 2x250mg, Sunday and Thursday. PCT Novla 40/40/20/20. Arimidex in hand in case of gyno. But can i go for 10mg novla ED or EOD? And when i notice bloat and or some changes on nipples how much shall i take the arimidex, or should i just go...
  15. Lipid incinerate

    Cycle change higher dose of tren

    hi everyone I'm just looking at getting some advice and thoughts on my cycle and what im planning on doing next. Currently running a cutting blend eod 100ml tren ace, 100ml test prop and 75mg mast, so far this has been going for the last 6 weeks. Also running 250ml of test cyp once a week to...
  16. ATR713


    First 14 wk cycle coming to an end Age:23 Height: 5'8 Weight: 145(start) 175(finish) Wk 1-3 Test Cyp 300mg Wk 4-14 Test Cyp 600mg Wk 13-16 (Last week of cycle and 2 weeks before PCT) liquid Letro at 2.5mg a day to try and reverse some gyno I know I know. I should of got back up to my...
  17. Samsquanch

    Pharmacom Test C 250 Mid Cycle Bloods

    I just received my mid cycle results back from my first blast. I've been on a TRT dose for a little over a year. TT right before I started was 769 with bloods done 36 hours after pin. Mid cycle bloods done week 6, 48 hours after pin. I'm pinning 250mg 2x a week. I see I need to start using...
  18. M

    First Cycle - Test C and Anavar

    Hey guys, new on here but have been reading up on this forum for at least a year now. I have decided to do a cycle finally, I've hit a hard plateau finally and I think it's about time. As far as the cycle goes, I'm for sure wanting to start with some test cyp. I'm wanting to incorporate anavar...
  19. J

    2nd Cycle questions

    first off, im 23 years old, with 6% body fat and 165lbs at 5'5. ive been lifting a good four years seriously, starting at 120 and going up from there. my macros are as of right now, fats 70g, carbs 240g, and 320g of protein which consists mainly of oats, chicken, egg whites, protein powder...
  20. A

    Second cycle

    I am getting ready to start my second cycle, for the first cycle I used: anavar/50 milligrams/day test C/500 milligrams/week Anastrozole 1mg/day for duration of cycle and PCT. For about 10 weeks, followed with Clomid for PCT. I really liked it the results considering the anavar help with...