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  1. A

    Tren not the right steroid profile for me?

    So a little background. I am 5'6" and weigh 165. Bodyfat is around 8-10%. This is my third cycle, my first was Test E @ 500 mg / week. Second was Test E @ 600 mg / week + EQ 400 mg / week Now a year later, I decided to do a Test P and Tren A cycle. I have read multiple things about Tren...
  2. StillMind

    First cycle log

    what’s going on guys! I’ve been a long time lurker for about two years now. Have been lifting for about 15 years on and off. And seriously lifting for about 7. I’m 6’2 195 dehydrated, 200 average walking weight. After getting back, I’ve recomp’d down to 12% from 185 at over 15% bf. My heaviest...
  3. LordKraven

    Opinions and experiences on Short Cycles (4-5 weeks)

    Shorter cycles seem like a good option for someone who is on TRT or blasting and cruising and seeking to things in a safer manner. You can even run 2 of these in a row and it’s still not that bad on blood markers unless you ran orals throughout both. They are intriguing to me because a)...
  4. Jimmy Hopkins

    My First Tren Cycle, Please read title... Not My First But Would Love Advice!

    Hello everyone, My name is Jimmy Hopkins. I am 25 yo, I have been weight training for 8 years. Playing competitive sports for 12 years. When i graduated high school i weighed 130lbs, 6 feet, 7% body fat. I am 6 feet tall, 218lbs, 18% body fat. ( currently) I have done two test E cycles...
  5. I

    Multiple injection sites

    Hi guys, I'm currently doing Test P EOD and I'm looking to alternate injection sites. Up until now, I've been alternating glutes, but am looking to incorporate my delts as well. What are your suggestions? So far, I've done 1 pin in the delt and it was very painful today so I'm trying to...