1. BushLeague

    That first cycle log. Test E

    Eh, After 6 years of lurking I have finally jumped it. Figured after my first pin I should start a log and give the play by play. Test E 500mg/ weekly. Age- 31 Bf- 15%+- Height- 5'11.5" Weight 190lbs Working out for 10 years with a few minor breaks. (covid, school and injury). Steady besides...
  2. S

    Pharma Testosterone Undecanoate

    I’ve had a look on a few of the more recently bumped sources and couldn’t see any sites that stock Balkan Test Undecanoate whereas on google I can find a few sites (which aren’t mentioned on here obviously) that do. Does anyone know of any reputable sellers that stock that specific ester of...
  3. gacela

    Natural supplements to increase testosterone levels?(recommendations / opinions)

    What natural supplements (not PEDs) are there reliable results of actually increasing testosterone levels? I would like to know different opinions and experiences of supplements of this type, for example: tribulus, ashwagandha, zma .. or supplements that are combinations of these or other...
  4. PsychedBuck

    Sex performance to expect on Tst/prov/dbol/anv

    What do you guys think one can expect throughout the different stages of this cycle in regards to sexual performance? I'm curious especially towards the end, and even into PCT. I am 23 years old and considering this cycle for myself. I'll accept any input. Thanks
  5. gacela

    Any oil vendor in vials ready to mix and inject?

    I just need some oil that comes already sterilized and filtered, that comes in a vial to be used several times, to be able to mix and lower the concentration of testosterone propionate, to reduce pain after injection avoiding the crystallization of the hormone, preferably in Europe so that can...
  6. gacela

    Is it possible to regain normal testosterone levels using only tamox in PCT?

    I will do a cycle of 500mg/week of testosterone prop, 20mg/day of anavar, 30mg/day of mk-677, for like 10 weeks, I will only use tamoxifen in PCT, because clomiphene is detectable up to 5 months after use in urine while tamoxifen is only 5 days. Any idea if it is possible to improve the...
  7. gacela

    Is there any substance similar to clomid?

    I am looking for a substance with the same effects as clomid, but that is not prohibited by WADA, or that its detection time is shorter. I'm also looking for advice on legal supplements that increase endogenous testosterone production and facilitate recovery after a cycle.
  8. putazorra

    Injecting test prop with insulin needles everyday?

    Hello, all. I am about to place an order soon and in the meantime I'm trying to learn as much as possible for my next blast. It won't be the biggest cycle I've ever done. I'm thinking of doing 200mg of test and 300-400mg of tren E weekly. I wanted to know if any of you have done daily dosing...
  9. M

    Without China, where to buy?

    With this ban in China and the Coronavirus, where to buy steroid powder?
  10. iamnightowl

    Testosterone Synthesis

    Sharing my research on Testosterone Synthesis. Testosterone Cypionate: Testosterone Enanthate:
  11. Tahsin

    SIS Labs Test vials, What happened?

    What happened to my Test vials!? I've been gone for one year came back and they look like trenbolone E now! Not cloudy like some tren A I've see They used to be Crystal clear. Anyone have any idea? Can I still use this? They are from the same batch all 3 happen to be sustanon. The TRI test...
  12. Bodypharm.com


    Dear Meso members, I'm BP, owner of the BodyPharm.com online pharmacy. I've come here to offer the best of pharma-grade products and finished oils/orals to members of the Meso community. We are a verified source on Eroids and have been serving the community with our sharp priced products and...
  13. S

    I cant find sterile 32mm nylon

    Hi , i was searching on ebay for some 32mm 0.22um nylon filters but i just find non steriles , tried also for 22mm and thy are also non sterile , this means i have to keep searching for individuali sterilized? or non sterile is good to go? thank you!
  14. Black Beard

    Landmark chem testosterone propionate (Raws) 150 mg pw

    50 mg Mon/Wed/Fri , blood drawn 24 hours after injection on Saturday. (Had been on it for +6 months at this dose/same batch of powder) Total Testosterone : 1,309 ng/dL Results line up well with what is seen in studies done on the pharmacokinetics of testosterone propionate.
  15. S

    Recovering From Cruise

    Hello , im a young 20 year old guy , i started my cruise and blast when i was 19 and its going on its 7 month , in my cruise i used 250mg sust every week and masteron sometimes , what are the chances for me to recover my natural testosterone? i was planning in using 100mg clomid (pharma grade)...
  16. S

    Question about Filters

    Hello , i just bought 0.22um 13mm, nylon filters , and this filters are tiny AF , how much TEST CYP ml can be filtered trough this filters , cus i got 100ml and i just have 10 filters of these, thank you!
  17. WolfGain

    Synthesis. Making Raws. We should be focusing on this much more.

    I don't see many posts about synthesis here and I'm eager to learn this and dodge the suits knocking on my door for ordering raws. Is anybody else making their own? PM me!!!! I just want techniques. Also, you can only ever seem to find testosterone structures, I don't mean to get ahead of myself...
  18. A

    3rd Cycle Dosage Feedback Plz

    Weekly Dosage cycle length is 8 weeks -Test-E 600 mg -Proviron 50 mg ED -Turinabol 50mg ED -Masteron blend 450 mg -Primobolan 300 mg = 2050 mg of gear Every week PCT=Clomid/Nola This is 550 mg more/week than my first 2 cycles. (test was at 500 + No masteron) Is this too high of dosage...
  19. T

    Leaky Test Vial

    Hey guys, I need a little advice. When I got my vial of testosterone the other day it was leaking out the side a bit, not a lot, maybe like .5ml max, but enough to make the outside of the vial kinda oily. Obviously I’m not going to inject it out of fear of getting an abscess, but I was thinking...
  20. R

    Maik Wiedenbach on high doses of Testoterone

    Anyone ever watched this video on what the former Olympian Champ has to say about high doses of testerone. Very informative: