1. MFAAS

    Thinking of trying Tren...

    So, as we all know, it is just so damn tempting when you see all these people talking about how amazing a compound is for body comp, strength, etc. Obviously Tren is the "golden nectar" that is fabled to be the most potent and all-around best anabolic substance known to man at this time. I have...
  2. Z

    Test and Tren in urine

    How long can Test E and Tren E be detected in urine and are there any good detox methods? I have time, I just need to know a range so I can be ready.
  3. MyCruisIsYourBlast

    Best ways to avoid Tren tanking my cardio?

    Hey guys, Dylan Gemelli here, as you guys may know, I'm a HUUUGE cardio guy. All jokes aside, I'm adding in Tren A to my cycle here soon. And i'd like to know what I can do to make tren not tank my cardio? Also, how big of an impact does it have on cardio overall? Is it a huge difference? Or...
  4. T

    Sweating out of control (Tren Cycle)

    I’m 28 and I live in a desert, however even during this time of year, if I even throw a “low dose of tren” in a cycle, it’s insane how much I sweat. I’ve ran several AAS cycles, this is only my second one with Tren and while i know for a fact I’m never going anywhere near Tren as soon as the...
  5. M

    Without China, where to buy?

    With this ban in China and the Coronavirus, where to buy steroid powder?
  6. putazorra

    Personal experience with tren A versus tren E.

    Hello, all. I was wondering if anyone here could provide their own experience between the two different esters. I know that tren A is faster acting and requires more injecting. But when you see that tren A is 100mg per mL versus tren E at 200mg per mL and are basically the same price it seems...
  7. putazorra

    Would you advise against using tren A for a guy pushing fifty?

    Hello, all. Still getting familiar with this board and am learning a lot. To keep it as short as possible, I'll be forty-nine in a few months. Back in my late twenties when if I first started using gear I was using the finaplix tablets I homebrewed myself into an injectable form. This was how...
  8. M

    Trouble determine dose for 3rd cycle

    Hello all I’m a lurker and decided to step out of the shadows because I need some insight on dosing my third cycle. My first cycle was test prop 500mg a week for 12 weeks with minor sides and good recovery. I ended up bumping it to 700mg for the last two weeks. On cycle I only used an ai at...
  9. Blake Fountain


    Hey I’m a new member to this forum, but I’ve been a browser for a while and decided to finally make an account. I used to get all my gear from the dark web but dream got shut down and was my go to. Then my guy worked with me through email then ghosted me. I’ve recently have ordered from ashop...
  10. A

    Tren Water base Sub-Q injection for PWO

    tren base. The water based one at 50mg/ml. Can 5-10mg be injected SubQ into each quad? (SubQ ok for water based AAS less than 0.2 ml? for PWO). Don't want tren in my system too long. Just want something super potent PWO non-liver toxic
  11. FutureMrO

    Currently in prep mode!!!!

    Hey guys I’m doing a 12 week prep for a little location show before I take it into the bigger stage. It’s just a local few gyms getting together and doing it to raise money ect. But yes I’m doing it with my coach (who i won’t name yet) and so far iv dropped a considerable amount of bf and...
  12. Juttyc3

    2nd half of sust cycle looking to cut

    Hey Meso, haven’t posted in awhile. Currently running Test sust 500/wk Dhb 500/wk Var 75 mg/day Proviron 50mg/day Adex 1mg ever 3 days///as needed Hcg 250 twice a week I’m looking to cut up the next 6 weeks as I have been running right around 6 1/2 weeks at the end of this week. Willing to go...
  13. G

    Trenbolone Dark Color , How?

    Hello am new on this forum this is my second year brewing and i moved my country, now i live in area where people think that dark tren is most powerfull than light color, i know it dosnt matter but that what people thinks here i mean by dark like the color of the red tea, or more dark such as...
  14. FutureMrO

    Low sex drive on cycle

    hey guys what’s up, long time no see haha!!! So I’m currently on cycle sus tren a and eq with anadrol. I’m only 2 weeks in and already can see a differences. Diet is very clean with 1 cheat meal a week and no cardio atm as I want to see how much I can grow on the anadrol. Dosage isn’t crazy...
  15. KingPin42

    Contest Prep

    Yo guys I've been MIA for awhile (thank Uncle Sam for that) and I'm ready for my next cycle. I will be competing in a show this April and here is my cycle. I have never ran Tren before so I am looking for help with dosage. I thought about adding in Anavar but thought that would be too many...
  16. A

    Need advice for new cycle

    Hey Guys.. The time has come for me to try tren: Im thinking about going for tren E, cause i don't have time to pin every Day on tren a.. Om going to stack it with test E aswell... And take aromasin while on, cause im pro for gyno.. Im Havning trouble funding someone who can give me some...
  17. A

    Tren not the right steroid profile for me?

    So a little background. I am 5'6" and weigh 165. Bodyfat is around 8-10%. This is my third cycle, my first was Test E @ 500 mg / week. Second was Test E @ 600 mg / week + EQ 400 mg / week Now a year later, I decided to do a Test P and Tren A cycle. I have read multiple things about Tren...
  18. primus

    The tren cough! my first time.

    so I’ve heard about tren cough for a while now and from reading other people’s comments and descriptions of how it affects them. I’ve noticed there’s never much more info than...... I stuck myself, hit a blood vessel, coughed my lungs out for what felt like 10 minutes. Some people go as far as...
  19. Maelstrom

    Massive Recomp - Thoughts

    Hey guys, Firstly, I guess this counts as my introduction here. Though, I've been a member since last year. I just never felt the need to post until now. If anyone wants the full backstory of why I jumped on gear, let me know where to post that. However, this thread is intended primarily to...
  20. FutureMrO

    Boston loyd coaching

    has anyone worked with the boss man? How’s he diet ppl high carbs low carbs more on the cardio side? How does he do he’s drugs? Any reviews? Let me know pretty keen to work with him. Been a big fan for over 3 years lol.