1. MWKiller

    Trenbolone Reaction?

    Has anyone heard of Them causing a reaction that feels somewhat like a tightening/burning of muscles in the center of the chest and going up through the neck and under the chin...lasting about 10 minutes, accompanied with light headedness....about 30 seconds after the shot of Pharm 3 (esthers)...
  2. G

    Trenbolone Dark Color , How?

    Hello am new on this forum this is my second year brewing and i moved my country, now i live in area where people think that dark tren is most powerfull than light color, i know it dosnt matter but that what people thinks here i mean by dark like the color of the red tea, or more dark such as...

    Andromedica Tren-AQ 50 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2018-04 - SIMEC via

    Andromedica Tren-AQ 50 was determined to have an actual content of 90.5 mg/ml trenbolone compared to a label claim of 50 mg/ml. No microbiological contamination was detected. Steroid analytics courtesy of Andromedica Tren-AQ 50 Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab Andromedica...
  4. W

    Steroid Induced histamine intolerance

    Hello all, I am new here, but I am not new to the steroids and bodybuilding. I was training for years and was preparing for the competition. I had from my birth some allergies including food allergy to some food but my allergologist told me after years that it is cured. I was juicing for several...
  5. J

    Cycle dieting and support

    Hi, This is my second cycle, i am 25yo, 13bf, 195bw. I’m looking for a good diet to get lean muscles. I used to do Crossfit, now just conventional gym. My first cycle was like a year ago, it consisted in 250EQ every 2 days aand 250sust every 2 days and winstrol 50 daily, this was for 6...
  6. RoidyNoob

    What 100/150mgs and 250Test weekly can do Transformation.

    Just wanted to show what you can do with as little as 100 mgs of tren a week, since everybody is on tren and most of us dont know the dangers of this compound. You can still look good and be safe at the same time. Note; towards the 150mgs of tren I wasnt dieting well. I was doing IIFYM.
  7. Mind-Muscle

    Pharmacom [Test-Deca-Tren-Dbol] 13 weeks

    I'm 24 years old, training since 16. I will try to keep a detailed log of this cycle, updating often and taking before and after pictures. My plan is to bulk as much as possible keeping fat at bay. I'm using Pharma Mix 3 from Pharmacom (200 Test E, 200 Deca, 100 Tren E per ml) Before cycle...
  8. colin56561

    Caber dose on Test/Tren

    Hey guys im brand new here, wanted to do a Test/Tren cycle but I have no experience with caber or prami, my prolactin levels have been as high as 20 points which is very high i know. What do you reccomend I take dosage wise for Caber? Test 500mg a week and Tren A 200mg a week
  9. Mind-Muscle

    4th cycle (Test+Deca+Tren+Dbol)

    Hi there! Is my first post here, I was looking at this forum for a long time before and now I need your opinion. I'm 24 years old, training since 16. My stats are 5' 11" (180 cm) and 196 pounds (88-89kg) at a 12% bf. I'm planning to do this cycle in the winter for a strong quality bulker: Week...
  10. T

    Dostinex while on tren

    do i have to run Dostinex while using Tren? why?? .. is there any other solution???, that shiet is so expensive. Thanks, yeah im a newbie.
  11. Thesauceboss

    Tren and test ratio

    Just womdering what your guys's thoughts are on a dosing tren enanthate at 600mg ew and test enanthate at 400mg ew? Considering switching it up this time.
  12. Football

    New to everything!

    I'll be starting my first cycle once I find a decent source, Thinking of 40mg Dbol 40mg Tren A 0.5mg of Arimidex I'm an athlete, so I'm lot trying to look any bigger, just need the strength and athletic gains! Any input would be very appreciated guys, :D
  13. Eatclenand69

    Tren E + Test E

    Hello guys, So last year I ran; Test E - 500mg/week Dbol - 60mg/Daily (4 weeks) PCT - Clomid & Nova Enjoyed it when I was on but lost a lot of gains. Thinking for my next cycle to run Test E with Tren E, is this a good idea? I want to use HCG as well, and also wondering if I should use it...
  14. RoidyNoob

    Only 100 mg of tren a week?

    What up everybody!! So I ran Test-E and 100mg of AlphaPharma´s Tren,Androxine last summer and I had good results. And now I have the same stack. My first question is that I dont know what kind of tren it is, since it doesnt specify on the box. Im guessing its Hex or Ace. If I knew for sure it...
  15. Thesauceboss

    Mild sides from tren

    Hey guys, I just started running tren ace (first time using this compound) at 400mg every week, along side t400 at 500mg every week. So far 400 mg's is working some magic and haven't yet experienced the main sides besides a couple sleepless nights. From what I have heard of people's sides on...
  16. kingduckdong

    Looser list of bad members to avoid on meso. please post to clean it up!

  17. lucabratzi

    Deca vs tren gyno

    This is my observation and if someone smarter than me can explain why this is the way it is, it may help another member. Hopefully this helps other members too My "studies" have found that the gyno from deca vs tren are different. When I say different I mean what will help treat it. It was my...
  18. Michael Scally MD

    Trenbolone & Testosterone

    Trenbolone & Testosterone - Are they equally anabolic? If not, which is more anabolic? And, if possible, support with links, cites, etc. During these past years, I have consulted with many individuals cycling these AAS. Also, I am having a conversation with a current researcher actively...
  19. R

    High dose testosterone versus trenbolone anxiety/insomnia

    For those of you that have run both a higher dose test cycle like 1000mg/wk test e and a solid tren cycle, how does the intensity of the anxiety/insomnia differ at all?
  20. jacktheladjorge

    Feeling unwell on oral trenbolone

    I'm not quite sure if it's just me but I seem to be feelings generally queasy and am getting aches especially on the back of my neck. Are these normal or common happenings with trenbolone? I realize there's a maximum recommended dose for a reason but I actually wonder why and I don't want to...