1. MioJuice

    hcg cruise between cycle?

    i was wondering if anybody done this? cruising on hcg 500-1000iu a week between cycle instead of test?
  2. DustMan

    Criticize my planned cruise stack

    Hey guys, I'm here for the standard Meso treatment, I've researched my desired stack based on my goals and I'm ready for you to shit on it and tell me how wrong I am :rolleyes: All jokes aside, any criticism or recommendations are welcome! Goal#1: I want to live till I'm 80 and raise some...
  3. K

    HPTA restart after TRT.

    I'm gonna make a log to monitor my progress. I'm currently trying to quit TRT because of unresolved issues with heart palpitations, chest pains and intense migraines with aura. I was on TRT for about 1,5 years, and switched to HCG on June 15 under my doctor's prescription. It started with a...
  4. DustMan

    32, going on TRT

    Hey everyone Love the forum so far, I'm purchasing a microwave soon just so I can have popcorn while reading the threads here. I'm living in Germany and I recently purchased some Fulmen's test E, I've got a bio electrical impedance scale, and I'll be doing pre and 6 week bloods using the 48...
  5. T

    Nipple lump, how long should I ommit Test?

    Hi all, Was running 175/week Test Cyp with no AI, plus 100 Nandrolone. Got a little lump in the nip, first time. Did a few days of Tamoxifen and one dose of Anastrazol, and switched to Drostanolone 200/week for a couple weeks. The lump shrank some and doesn't hurt anymore, and I've added back...
  6. O

    Prolactin Levels Doubled???

    One year ago on 175mg test E: Testosterone 33.2nmol/L (7.6-31.4nmol/l) Oestrodial 150pmol/L (0-192pmol/L SHBG 37noml/L (16-55nmol/L) Free Androgen Index 89.7 (24-104) Prolactin 390mIU/L (86-324mIU/L) Now on 150mg Test E: Testosterone 24.5...
  7. bigrobbie

    2 great reads by Mugzy posted at TID.

    HRT/TRT--The basics (by Tulane University Medical Center) Interpretation of Free Testosterone, Estrogen, and Total Testosterone Blood Tests
  8. A

    Low Libido 3+ Years After Test Cycle, On TRT, Help Please!

    Hi guys, first time poster on the Meso RX forums. I’m 26 with a past history of AAS. Superdrol when I was 19, I could buy it OTC. 2 test cycles in 2015, the first of which had 6 weeks superdrol front load along with 4 weeks of Tren from 150mg up to 350mg. I guess I did them too close...
  9. VVV

    Increase Endogenous Testosterone/Fertility

    Suppose you're not 20 any more but would like to raise your own T, for all the obvious reasons but you don't want to go TRT and shut down everything iow you'd like to maintain fertility, etc, pp. Would a reasonable dose of T plus HCG work best? I mean I see a lot of 'users' with lots of...
  10. T

    TRT: Subbing Dbol for Test?

    Hi all, I am running 100 Test C + 140 Mast E per week. I have chosen this as an alternative to the usual Test + AI. I would like to be able to swap Dbol in for a couple weeks at a time, during heavy training blocks. From what I read, Dbol has a similar aromatization profile to Test. My...
  11. D

    Natty with HIGH SHBG

    Hey guys, I'm 29 165lb about 13% bf. I've been battling this brain fog/ libido issue for the past year. It just randomly came on one day. I went to get blood work and found out my test levels were 800+ but my SHBG is like 63.6 I've tried boron and I take vitamins. I'm about to hit 30 and...
  12. A

    Why is my Test >1500?

    5'10", 28yo, male. September 2019 DEXA Scan: 143.9lbs, 17.0% body fat I lift weights for 1hour ~6x/week before work. It's always been very hard for me to gain weight of any kind, and there's obviously a ton of room for improvement here, which lead me to AAS. First, some historical lab results...
  13. T

    Aromasin timing on TRT

    I inject 90 mg of test every 4 days and take 6.25 mg of aromasin usually 12-15 hrs post injection. This keeps my estradiol at about 22-24 on my labs. However I forgot to take my aromasin last injection and didn’t realize it till 2.5 days later and took it as soon as I realized. So my question...
  14. audiognostic

    Perfect Labs - Libido , ED, GARBAGE! On Trimix! Why?

    Thank you guys, I have posted this before, but it is worth it to post it again as I desperately need some help and i do not trust any doctors at this point, what is happening is I have been on TRT for 2+ years now, my libido is up and down , my ED is terrible 90% of the time and 10% of the time...
  15. bigrobbie

    Self administration TRT

    Hey guys, been off gear for about 5 years but now I'm suffering from low testosterone. In a perfect world I would go to the endocrinologist and find out how low my levels are then start TRT. However, this isn't a perfect world and I don't have insurance therefore I'm going to need to take test...
  16. M

    Testosterone Peak

    Why in TRT do you use Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate instead of Porpionate? What does peak testosterone cause?
  17. eje1990

    Adding Test to TRT/Cruise dose discussion.

    So @Mac37601 and I were having a discussion about adding test to a TRT dose. Say the dose is 150mg of TRT and one would like to run an additional 400mg of test p/w. Would you add 250mg to achieve 400mg or add the 400mg on top of the TRT? In my opinion the TRT dose is what gets you to "normal"...
  18. C


    I am starting a new thread As promised I anonymously bough some GODT240 HGH cause i need some good HGH that isn't bunk and sick of all the BS out there that everyone has the latest and greatest. So i am looking for your guys expertise to tell me what you think of the results i got. TRT...
  19. G

    TRT and Testosterone ShutDown

    If you are on TRT/HRT for life (as in taking Testosterone C, HCG, and Estrogen Blockers routinely) do you need to worry about the side effect of shutting down testosterone production from things like deca?
  20. G

    Newbie on TRT/HRT Biggest Bang for my Buck

    Total newbie here. Background: I have been weightlifting for the past ~7-8 years. I have been following the bodybuilding style diet (watching what I eat, making nutritional choices, macros, micros, ect) for the past ~4-5 years. Currently 22 years old. At 21 I had a total test level of 218. A...