var only

  1. Jennerater

    Female here! T minus 4 days out.

    Hi everyone! Error wtf? I just spent an hour filling this and pressed save. Rwar! I start my I start my AAS in four days var. I will re-write everything here in this form all over again soon. I am pissed, I logged all my supplements, medications, diet, stats, everything and clicked save and...
  2. B

    Female First Var Cycle

    Hi guys, finally got approved so now I can share my first anavar cycle experience with you. F30 169cm 66kg BF roughly 20% Goal - drop bodyfat without sacrificing strength gains. Plan - 5 days taper up, 6 weeks at 10mg, 5 days taper down. Then an 8 week break before repeating. Still deciding...
  3. J

    Var only cycle

    4 days into my var only cycle ( I know its mild for gains and expensive and will shit you down and should run a test base and ect...but it's my first one so I thought I'd give it a go) 25 mg capsules Lab purepharma 50mg Ed for at 4 weeks to start, might taper up depending how I feel, probly...