1. R

    Anadrol and Winny Stack... Experience?

    I had seen a injection mix of 50 Adrol and 50 Winny. If I run a stack, I'm going oral, but I'd like to see if there are any experiences here. I've run Adrol up to 100mg a day and responded well, I'm wondering what Winny can bring to the table!
  2. P

    Weight loss after pregnancy

    My wife is currently trying to loose weight after she finished breast feeding. Ive been doing some research into a simple cycle for her. I was looking at var, Winny or drol for her options. I don't think she will pin anything and want to stay away from t3 and clen. How does drol work for women...
  3. L

    High tren low test. Dosage help?

    Stats Age:29 Height: 6'1" Weight: 200 BF: 18% Cycle Tren E- 600mg's weekly. 2 doses/300mg's each. Test E- 125mg's weekly. 1 dose/125mg's Mast E- 800mg's weekly. 2 doses/400mg's each Dbol- 50mg's daily. 2 doses/ 25mg's each Winstrol- 50mg's daily. 2 doses/ 25mg's each Caber- .5 mg's weekly. 2...
  4. G

    Winstrol After Blast?

    When I drop back down to my cruising dosage I plan to start cutting. Can I immediatly jump back in with a 6-8 week cycle of winstrol or should I wait and let my body recover? Reason I am asking is, from my understanding the reasoning behind the cruise is to let your androgren receptors cool...
  5. H

    16 week contest prep. Tren, masteron, winny and ana

    i just recovered from a torn pectoral and was out of action for a while. I’m prepping for my contest, 18 weeks out. 6’0 225lbs 25 yr old. Week 1-4 Test e 500mg a week Week 1-4 anadrol 50mg a day Week 5-16 test drops to 350 a week. Week 1-16 tren ace and E for consistency 500mg a week...
  6. T-Diddy

    Upcoming Cycle Thoughts/Input

    My coach has me on the following plan for the next 8 weeks. Wondering all your opinions/input and/or potential tweaking of it of what you have learned with the compounds (notably all new compounds for myself minus the Winny): sust 250 250mg m/w/f winny 50 50 mg daily anadrol 50 50 mg...
  7. Bg954

    Winstrol 20mg and Anavar 10mg oral need help

    Im new to this site and have a few questions. Im 35 years old, 5-10 and weight 240lbs with 25% body fat. I'm taking Test cypionate 200mg a week injection that is dr regulated for low T for about 6months now. The stuff I'm taking is cvs stuff . I am working out 5 times a week, eating clean, and...
  8. Hulksdaddy

    2nd Cycle with 2 orals?!?

    basically from the titled i got ripped off and injected abuncha low dosed gear. But I finally found a reliable source and purchased some Test Enthate and some winny. I have some clen and alittle bit of var left from my little cutting cycle I did months ago. Im going to be pinning once a wk at...
  9. FutureMrO

    Pre cycle blood work

    Hey guys I'll be starting my seconde cycle test p and winny, And I didn't get any blood work for my first cycle (I know stupid) but I was wondering what to ask the doctor. What blood work should I get done? Iv been told lipid liver and kidney function? I also have been getting acne so I'll have...
  10. S

    Short 6 week Test Prop + Winny Cycle for Comp. PCT HELP.

    Hey guys. So im getting ready to compete this year, ive already began my dieting (Jan 2nd) for my upcoming shows. Ive been competing for 5 years now. 3 natural, 2 unnatural. I have 2 national shows i am planning on competing in. 1st show : July 29 2017 2nd show : Oct 21 2017 I am planning on...
  11. M

    Ordering third cycle. TREN, DECA or something else?

    Hey guys, I've done two cycles so far and I'm in my early twenties. If you're going to talk shit about my age, don't bother because I've heard enough, learned enough and I've already made my decision. Recovered perfectly fine both times and retained 3/4 of my gains each time with bacne being the...
  12. Bodysmasher

    Strength Cycle Opinions

    I am finishing up my 3rd cycle, I am currently running 525mg Test P/week and 60mg Var ED for 6 weeks. Since my goals are mostly strength related and I may get an itch to compete soon, I will avoid Tren as it has a really long detection time. Although I am a huge fan of 6 week cycles I was...
  13. C

    High dose Test + Proviron + Winstrol

    Hey lads long time lurker first timer poster, ive done a lot of research through meso plus a bunch of other forums and couldn't find any commodious concrete details about results and sides while on a high dose test cycle. I don't intend on this becoming a log but i have just started a high dose...
  14. J

    Winstrol/test cycle pct?

    hey guys I'm brand new to this stuff. Im looking for some advice on a proper winstrol cycle. I'm 24, been training for about 6 years 6foot 180 pounds 13% bf. I've watched a few of my friends do a winstrol cycle with some good Gains and minimal sides. I started yesterday morning taking 50mg...
  15. Tom

    Test Base price from Toronto

    Anyone who has purchased Test Base from the company, called "Toronto"? Their email is It happens to know their price of Test Base is USD110/5g and USD880/50g.
  16. C

    Primo, Test, Dbol, Winny, Anavar Cycle

    I'll start by saying this is my first time joining a forum as such or posting any type of blog that involves anabolics. That said, I am about to run this cycle in 2 months and would like some feedback for those who are advanced and know. Stats: Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Weight: 225 LB BF:6% Past...
  17. C

    Complex Cycle Advice

    I'll start by saying this is my first time joining a forum as such or posting any type of blog that involves anabolics. That said, I am about to run this cycle in 2 months and would like some feedback for those who are advanced and know. Stats: Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Weight: 225 LB BF:6%...
  18. guyzcool

    T-bol for strength gains...

    With your experience how does T bol compare to var/winny for strength gains? I want a low aromatizing oral, but how does it compare to var and winny? I'll be running test with it and that's all.
  19. T

    First cycle, adding a compound

    Hello guys, doing my first steroid cycle next week. Stats: 75kg 1.72cm tall ~12% bf Lift: Bench 120kg x3 Deadlift 180x1 Squat 140x5 Diet on point, 200g protein a day, on a cut id eat 200g carbs, or i would adjust accordingly to how im feeling. Ill be doing 100mg test p EOD. Got nolvadex just...
  20. Said Sakas

    19 Years old powerlifter.

    Hello, I'm an 19 years old powerlifter, who finished 2nd in Israel in my first meet, 198lbs weight class, i was about 20-22% bodyfat, which isn't the best thing for a weighted class, so i decided to run a slow cut to reduce my fat levels to the 182lbs class, and could go back to the 198lbs class...