1-ad ?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by JonnySak, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. JonnySak

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    Is this still made anywhere? I know some prohormones are still legal outside of the states. Any sources still have this?
  2. ergomaniac

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    dont know. but 1ad is an actual prohormone to 1 test. and i think 1 test, dihydroboldenone, is unscheduled elsewhere. as is methyl 1 test. i wonder if a ugl would put something like this in a product and label it differently. and how would that affect the legality. when the feds bust do they test product for whats actually in it. if im going to be charged i should have in my possession that which im being charged with. in other worlds if half your product is shit, you still get charged. buy an ounce of coke and half of its cut :eek:, and your in possession of an ounce of coke. steroids i think are measured in "units". what if the pill or oil is underdosed?
  3. ergomaniac

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    and iad was an effective prohormone when i used it and from what ive read. so what about methyl 1ad. there are methylated prohormones out. and some work well. ive never seen methyl 1ad and as far as i know it is unscheduled anywhere. analog drug laws are a joke just because something is similar. and what if a ugl was to sell these online like other steroids instead of as sports supplements. some suppliers seem to have been around awhile and operate undergroud. i imagine this would cause a lot of headache for those trying to fight against it.