1 amp of pharma grade test for 15$, am I getting ripped off?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CJames, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. CJames

    CJames Member

    Should I go with it or find another source? It is pharma by the way.
  2. Gaynz39

    Gaynz39 Member

    Hell NO. Plenty on here in Amps for half that.
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  3. CJames

    CJames Member

    Are they pharma grade?
  4. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Question for you. If vial A is pharma grade for $150/, and vial B is Properly dosed and sterile from a UGL for $30...which would you use?
  5. ambulldog

    ambulldog Member

    Ripped off
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  6. Ironlord

    Ironlord Member

    ^^^^this. Pharma grade really only matters in AI products/pct.
    All things being equal ( sterile processing, raws, etc) 500mg of an AAS is going to be the same, pharma or ugl.

    Save your money
  7. tengtren

    tengtren Member

    I don't agree with the ugl just as good as pharm grade

    Is it a rip off? Probably, depends on what brand/is it a test blend. Aspen sustanon amps are $12-15

    I used ugl Test forever, decide to try pharm grade and I feel a huge difference. First it's going to be the smoothest pin, no pip most the time

    I think the quality of raws but anymore I use pharm grade for everything I can, so test ai Anadrol even deca, which is only 100mg/ml so I use mix of ugl deca and pharm grade

    If it's just some test e that's a rip off, but here you can find it for half the price
  8. Uttukuxul

    Uttukuxul Member

    I've seen 3rd world pharma at 8 per amp - then again, I've seen a lot of faked 3rd world pharma, and yes even amps

    L U R K
    M O A R
  9. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    I read this thread when I first woke up Thought it said $150
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  10. Rosconow

    Rosconow Member

    It's all dependent on what you choose to put in your body, and what you can bear to pay. I paid $10 per amp for some iran hormone test enanthate 250 (although lab maxed good, see drug testing section, could still be counterfeit). I thought it was a good deal for "pharma" at the time... man i miss those cheap Polish omna's from back in tha day...

    I also have $40 10ml ugl enanthate in the war chest. I'm an equal opportunist.
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  11. picholas

    picholas Member

    Well it would be equivalent. 10 × $15 per amp vs $30 vial.
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  12. Serono

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    This is it right here. Anyone balking at price, or saying UGL is as good as pharma, only says that because they can't stomach the price discrepancy, or would rather spend that money on something else they find more important. If funds are not limited, you would never choose UGL over pharma..... If you could get grass fed beef from a local farm, for the same price you could get steak from China, would you eat Chinese mystery steak? lol

    I guess my thought, for myself, being on TRT + some cycles here and there, is this. If I am on test 52 weeks a year, for conceivably the rest of my life, do I want to be injecting unknown mystery substances(heavy metals, other contaminants, low quality oils, low quality ba/bb, etc) for years on end, if I can help it? Not to mention I have to hope sterility is there, and hope the dosage is accurate vs know both of those things to be true? How much is piece of mind worth to me?

    Accurate dosing, and sterility aside, what else is in UGL products that are not as tangible? I don't know. But I rather not worry about that.

    You have to hedge your bets to some degree, because if you run other compounds where you have no pharma options, you have no choice but to take what you can get to a degree, but these are typically for shorter duration and not years of exposure.

    That said, if we are talking overseas "pharma" who knows. Maybe what you are getting is pharma, maybe it is counterfeit, you are almost taking a similar gamble as UGL at a price premium. Maybe that isn't worth it...
  13. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    A fool and his money are soon parted. It's a rip off whether you can afford it or not.
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  14. Rosconow

    Rosconow Member

    I wonder when guys who say shit like this if they have even done any real pharma products before. If they have, then they'd know it was worth a premium.
  15. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    Yes, junior, I have and do use real pharma. $15 for an amp of test is stupid.
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  16. Serono

    Serono Member

    What something is "worth" is really only up to the one spending the money. To you it is dumb, to the next guy it might be a worthy purchase.

    There are people with enough money, where if they want to make life easy, and pay $150 for a bottle of test it is nothing to them. Sometimes it is just a convenience fee, and people who have money, flat out don't care to waste time on certain shit.

    One thing I have learned in life, is people spend their money how they like. Some would say wasting any amount of money on gear, just to fuck up your health, while that money could go to paying off your house, kids, investing, living life, etc, is stupid. But fuck em!
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  17. tengtren

    tengtren Member

    If you can afford it and know it's real why use anything else
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  18. Alistair7

    Alistair7 Junior Member

    I use pharma grade Test c and UGL Test C and can tell you that ml per ml I can get away with taking a lot less exemestane with the pharma grade. Have no idea why UGL Test aromatizes more.

    I’d be willing to pay up to $80 for a 10ml 200mg/ml vial of pharma grade test because I don’t feel very comfortable not knowing the purity of the raws used in UGL. Heavy metals are a concern. I only get 100mg a week for my pharma Test through my doc.
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  19. Rosconow

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    Right on, if you're older than me, then i can call you "old fart", ok? And you can still call me junior...
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  20. Is this a trick question?.....you know, with all the math and shit? :p