1 gram DHB?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by master.on, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. master.on

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    I've tried 1g Mast E/w myself
    and it's truly amazing

    How would 1g DHB be like?
    Only found one 500 mg/w and tons of 300 mg reviews.
  2. Thaistick

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    I went as high as 800. Didn't get much more than on 600. Maybe if I ran it longer but the fact that I was sweating bullets like a junkie needing a fix slowed me down. Sitting in a business meeting in air conditioning with drops of sweat falling off the tip of my nose if I didn't constantly wipe. I know one guy who ran a gram for a while, he didn't mind the sweating since he was welding all day sweating anyway. He really liked it, I only got a description of his results though, I didn't actually see him. Don't get me wrong, I like the compound but primo made me look better at comparable doses.
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  3. ironwill1951

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    why would you want to take a gram of anything?
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  4. JohnnyD

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    Haven’t used it personally, but heard the pip can be quite rough and the sweating as mentioned above.
  5. master.on

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    Did you stack it or ran it solo?

  6. i highly doubt you're training to be a professional bodybuilder. If you can't reach your goals as a recreational bodybuilder without a gram of this and a gram of that, then maybe you're doing something wrong?
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  7. Curious at what you got from the mast at 1g size,strenght and definition wise? What you ran with it?
  8. Robfromga

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    Because he's the village idiot . I mean Piana did and so do all the pros. That's what it takes to be a pro, a gram . C'mon man!
  9. master.on

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    It was amazing.
    Feels like EQ on steroids. Dry vascular gains but much more powerful.
    May not be as powerful as 1g Test, but got few sides from it.

    While great for a newbie,beyond a certain point even 1g EQ won't get you too far.
    Perhaps not even 1g Mast.
    I'm not aiming at becoming pro, but I avoid T cycles as well, reason why multi-gram cycles of lesser steroids are needed.
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  10. Robfromga

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    Here we go... The village idiot . Recommending a gram of gear for a newbie. This is why everyone mocks you . You're renegade at best . Bad dangerous advice. You and ecpert, the village fools .
  11. master.on

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    Memory problems again?
    I never said 1g anything is good for newbies
    that's for intermediates.
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  12. Robfromga

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  13. What sides?
    I probably won't run it that high but curious
  14. master.on

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    A bit high BP but nowhere near 1g Test
    high RBC
    sweating, but nowhere close to tren.
    Not bad.
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  15. TheUglyTruth

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    Dan Duchaine recommended a gram of gear for a first cycle. Yep, and i trust his theories and experiments he did on Female bodybuilders. that advice not happening to pertain to them. he was talking about test in particular actually.

    also to stay on topic DHB have a friend who did 1100mg yet again sweated like crazy, being that primo is DHB derived it makes sense to compare those two so treat it like you would primo but with more vascularity and thermogenic effects that are similar to tren thus the sweating and comparisons with it, but think of it as primo because unlike anyother steroid primo/DHB can recycle nitrogen so staying anabolic and preventing overtraining is easier on primo theoretically than any other compound. everyone says the only real sides to worry about are pip so i dont see why anyone isnt doing 2g of it if pip is the only issue which can easily be mitigated. i'd say if rbc is your issue or bloodpressure try higher DHB lower test and 2-3g of hawthorn berry for blood pressure and some lipid support much higher than whats in most all in one cycle support complexes. but i'd say 1.5g no one will be disappointing with real dhb. i'd just run it like most would run primo(DHB derived anyway) length and dose wise i'd treat it the same but the effects will be superior. oh and can use it to mitigate cardio issues when on tren so that could potentially be something ideal if that combo crossed your mind....see that asked alot
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  16. Morefyah

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    Here’s a thought since you have never used DHB, please stop talking! o_O
  17. TheUglyTruth

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    Firstly ever? yes i have. i didnt share MY thoughts on it thats all. How do you know? you didnt even ask. More on its way actually but good to know you have a horrific personality and love to attack rather than ask like a civilized normal human being. i refrain from speaking about my experience as it wont relate to somebody doing considerably less perhaps... not that its any of your business. i answered the question what 1g would be like since i know somebody who did 1.1g exactly. i didnt see anything asking for personal experience.
  18. Morefyah

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    Geez are you taking clomid right now?
    So sensitive!! Lol, why so much copy and paste and talk about your friends DHB run when your already a expert from personal experience? I have used it as well and I would love to know :D you mitigate pip?

    I love your suggestion on dosing the DHB high to off set high blood pressure and to lower hCT, brilliant!! Like you said Its so mild and only and it only has a lil pip, so I agree and don’t see lwhy everyone isn’t running 1.5 mg a week either. Lmfao, :D
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  19. Jrock83

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    Lol I was just about to tag you and have them ask you about DHB. I read your log and figured with what you went through with it, that you would have some good input. I myself, know nothing about it.
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  20. Jankauskas

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    Let’s be fair here, mast isn’t that potent......
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