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    Guys, I came into a million dollars over the weekend. I am presently scared to death, so to speak. I need to receive some valid worthwhile advice. I need to know what I need to do first, second, and thirdly. It's a really big day for my family and I'm truly happy, just a little uneasy on the choices/decisions I may make. Thanks for assisting. I will not secure a financial advisor. Actually I'm keeping this under wraps, forever. Lol!
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    too late, lol!
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    Not going to secure a financial advisor, so asks a bunch of randoms on the internet... Good idea.
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    Put it into long term savings of some sort. An advisor can help w what to do w it. Use the interest only if you use any of it, leaving the principal alone. Continue to work your day to day and live life without as much stress. 7 digits is big but goes fast if you don't plan correctly.
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    Buy ripple with it
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    fixed :p:p
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    How close are you to a Lamborghini dealership?

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    You guys are too funny!
    I'm just not paying for a financial advisor.
    I know I will have to give he government about 350k, right?
    So can I put the 1 mil in a savings and pay these taxes in 2019?
    Or do I not have to pay taxes on an inheritance?
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    Just take the money and move to a nice quiet town on the gulf in southern mexico. You'll be fine:cool:
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    One of my sons awhile back said if he had a million dollars, he would buy all the Legos in the world. So if i were you, id consider that option.

    Good luck
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    Hookers and blow
  13. i would say, bank it, or most of it. Should be able to get a decent interest rate on it, i would think.

    If it's public knowledge, you may want to change your phone number. You'll have more "family" then you ever knew of, if they find out you hit it big.
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    Buy a truck.
    A really BIG truck.
    Lift it. Supercharge it. Put some diamond plated wheels on it and some sweet mud terrains. Cuz everyone knows 24" low pros are DEFINITELY going offroad.
    Go down to your hometown audio shop
    Buy a stupid sound system and bump some TERRIBLE rap music out of it. And make sure everyone hears it. So they KNOW how truly awesome you are.
    Buy some clothes that come with holes in them already and wear what all the kids are wearing. A hat with a flat bill. Because common sense says a hat is supposed to have a flat fucking bill and clothes are SUPPOSED to look worn. Even when their brand new.
    Lastly go upgrade your phone on your verizon tab. That oughta finish ya off and clear you out good. Nothing like a verizon bill in the mail for a "basic" plan:mad:
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    Nice to see you around Trukk.
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    You my friend need Dave Ramsey!
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    Call Allianz. Get a 1million dollar life insurance policy. And in 10 years you can draw at least 100000 dollars a year for life. But you can't touch the money for 10 years. And if you die before you start to draw the person you leave it to should get atleat 5million. That death benefit is payable as soon as you invest the money. The # I gave are not exact but are probably close.
  18. Let me guess, you don’t want to talk to an accountant either?
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  19. Buy an HPLC testing doohickey and make your money back by testing samples here from Meso. ;):D
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    Invest on what you do the best