10 yr old Daughter received a video msg

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  1. from some random number. It was a home porn 30 minutes long. She didnt see it as i checked her ohone while she was sleeping and deleted it. I saved the number. Do you guys know any good reverse look up websites. Ive tried one that was $1 and it didnt give me a name or address. I am hoping it was an accident and he meant to send it to a girlfriend or soemthing....Please advise I AM FUCKING HOT RIGHT NOW!:mad:
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    I would be fucking livid. As far as reverse lookup you might try zabba search. Not sure though never used one.
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    Text him back Chris Hansen style.
    You'll know if it was an accident or intentional and be able to decide what's next.
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  4. I did it seems it was a young kid (highschool age) trying to text his friend a video. I told him i was gonna beat him bloody then call the cops and that was his explanation. He was legit terrified and apologized profusely. I told him to lose the number. this wouldve been the worst beating of his life considering the amount of tren i am on at this point.
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    Which hellhole do you live in where you can assault (yeah more like kill - highschooler vs mong on tren) willy-nilly?
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    Why does a 10 yr old need a phone? Oh how times have changed :rolleyes:
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  7. Thats what i said. Apparently my ex-wife agreed with society. All kids have phones now. they get them around this age. Most peoples excuses are well if there was an emergency they could call someone. Or be used as a GPS to always know where theyre at. When I grew up we had land lines and if I wanted to hang out I rode my bike across town and knocked on the door! Now its all facetime and Insatgram all kinds of BULSHIT!
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    Get rid of the smartphone. Give her a simple phone that can talk and text, no internet/media. 10 is WAY to young for that type of freedom on the internet.
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    ^^^^^ Absolutely this. My kids aren't getting smart phones until they're adults. Too many sickos out there, they dumb down kids as well. Same goes for tablets, some of the kids in my neighborhood have them and you can tell it is negatively impacting their development
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  10. Yeah they live with their mother unfortunately if it were me it would be different. Kids now a days barely even go outside. Both mine are always on their damn phones/tablets or PS4-Xbox one. When I get them on the weekends we go out and actually do shit. They say kids are growing up faster today and I say bullshit....they're just losing their innocence earlier..
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    @Stinkfinger1112 brother, I would also find a way to ask your loved one if she recognise the number. If she does, then she should be aware of the dangers of associating with him and in addition to what you have already done...
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    Smart phones are an extremely useful tool, even for 10 year olds, most of whom know better how to use them than their parents. For example, most of the kids these days who get abducted and are subsequently rescued managed to use their cell phones to get a message out or at least hid them so they could be tracked. I wouldn't take away useful tools based on the perceived risk of seeing porn. To stop that you would have to take away their friend's phones too.
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    You can have tracking on a non smart phone as well as text messages
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    My kids don’t have smartphones yet, but I have friends that their kids do. There are ways to limit a lot of what they can do. I know you can restrict things like internet, certain apps, etc. I haven’t needed to look into it yet but I know it’s possible. So I would definitely research it if I were any of you with kids. Handing them a smart phone with no restrictions is a big risk/leap of faith. One other rule I plan to follow - no smartphones in their bedrooms.

    And that is pretty damn crazy. I’m glad you caught it before she did.
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  15. Just a couple months back, I received a number of pictures from a woman displaying her vagina with various objects. I was flustered because my wife and had just separated and I was thinking is this a set up..well, after a few minutes of no reply back from me she asks, “Eric, tell me how much you like my pussy”. I then responded that I am not Eric and I’m married and my wife wouldn’t appreciate suck picture of you lovely pussy. Thank you but please delet my number...her realist was “OMG, I’m so sorry, you number is almost exactly like my boyfriends’s...please, please delete the pictures.”..that was the end of that..

    Point being, one right off and it’s someone else’s number..in addition, shit happens..

    I believe there apps for parental control where you can see on your phone ALL data exchange activity on her phone.
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    Did you like her pussy? Did you keep the pictures?!
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    Call the cops or the FBI
    sexually harassing a minor is a serious felony
    Show no mercy for them.

    Take the phone away from your daughter as the video ain't really deleted. It's always there and the cops can recover it.

    If you're too weak as to call the cops/FBI or take out the phone from your daughter then please GTFO as you're just a beta-male scared chump.
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    True, if you can get the kid to carry the thing. Her friends will make fun of her, so she might leave it at home most days. And of course, you can't learn how useful a smart phone can be without actually having one. But hey, it beats taking the chance she might see a dirty video. Too bad her friends all have smart phones, though.
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    Not sure where you guys live, but over here and the place we were before the huge majority of kids have a mobile before 10 (in our scene at least), and their schools give/loan them an ipad from grade 3. New school has a no phone policy for primary students within school premises but nothing alike in their former school.
    They will probably discover porn way before the legal age (one of the kids actually sent a pic of his dick in the 7th grade group chat last year) but wouldn´t say they look negatively affected
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    In my mind there is a difference between having access to an iPad at school and giving your young kid one to be glued to all the time.
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