10lbs on anadrol in 1 day?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by 350lift, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Bodyweight always goes up 5 lbs after gym and drinking water and eating.

    Took drol today and suddenly I’m an extra 5lbs up now that’s 10 lbs above morning weight

    Or my scale is fucked up

    This will be my first time eating a ton of food for the start of the cycle so this shits exciting. Usually on a shit diet drol does me 12lbs in 3 weeks
  2. No matter what it is that caused it, it ain’t 10 pounds of muscle. Most likely water weight plus all the food you ate. After a good healthy shit you prob be back around normal. I would keep an eye on how much water weight you pack on to quick as bloat can cause a spike in BP. Or at least it has for me. Might have something to do with my age to tho.
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    Oh I’m definitely aware it’s not muscle but damn I didn’t expect 5 lbs like that even if I piss it out hours later, I took this shit 7 hours ago
  4. Well idk what to tell you. Take a few grams of pink himilayan sea salt with a bottle of water. Do you feel bloated?
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    Ya salt always Bloats me.
  6. Well pink himilayan sea salt is good for you. It will help flush water out of your system. That will help you relieve the bloat. I know it sounds backwards but it works. I have to use it esp when I run dbol.
    Have you heard of it?
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    I have but I didn’t know it did that that’s good to know, I like the bloat tho
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  8. Ya until your a little older and it raises your blood pressure into hypertension stage and you feel like you got constant anxiety. No fun.
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    I get about 4kg weight fluctuations after a heavy day of eating and drinking. Add some gear into it and boom, you are like wtf
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    Whats your Anadrol dosage? What are you taking with it?
    That is very odd you put that much weight on.
    From here on in,, I would definitely start taking natural supplements for heart health. Also,, be sure to add in a cardio training protocol with your workouts. As this will help avoid high blood pressure
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    How much are we talking on the salt and water and how many times per day?
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  12. I use about 3 grams of salt with 40 ounces of water. I’ve heard of ppl using up to 6 grams with 60 ounces of water. I myself haven’t used that much tho. And it’s spread out over the day in like 3 bottles of water. Especially when I run dbol.
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    Is it salty to the taste? Will it make you want to drink more and more water?

    I have a gallon jug of water I drink throughout my work day. How much should I put in there or should I not? How are you measuring the grams out?
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  14. It actually gives the water some taste. I kinda like it. You might get a bottle of water and add a gram. Shake it up so it dilutes and try it. Add another gram and do it again. See where you like it. Some salt tastes pretty good. Too much salt not to much. Once you figure out how much you like in a 12 ounce bottle then you can do the math and know how much uou want to add to the water jug. Regardless I wouldn’t go over 6 grams. Materfact I would try 4 grams in a jug for a week ans see what you think. Then adjust from there.
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    Awesome, thanks bro! I’ve heard the PHS doesn’t act like normal salt and doesn't contribute to bloat and HBP.
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  16. Yep that is what I was told when recommendation was made to me. Said it has all the minerals you need which keeps you from too much water washing all your minerals out at the same time. So it has a 2 fold approach.
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    I’ve also heard there is fake PHS. Not sure how you would fake it.
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    Probly over 150 I finished whatever was left over in the bag on the way to the gym. (That won’t be my dose for the cycle) cycle starts today

    I tolerate drol real well just super red skin slight headache popping veins and serious fullness.
    I pissed the ten pounds out into the toilet already anyways
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  19. Hadn’t heard that.
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