12 week test/deca

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  1. Murho

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    Decided to do one of these to help track progress.

    50 year old, 5'8”, 170lbs
    Not sure bf %, only have access to skinfold measurements.

    Goal is to add 5 pounds, keeping body fat about the same.

    Currently cruising at 200mg/wk Test
    Plan is 12 weeks of Test E 400mg, Deca 300mg
    Then back to cruising on 200mg/week Test

    arimidex as needed, starting at .5mg/wk and adjusting.

    Eating 3500+ calories, 250g protein.

    Gym 4 days / week, BJJ 1-2 days / week.

    Doses ok?
    Maybe add Anavar for a few weeks at the beginning & end?
  2. J DUGIN

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    I have run this same cycle twice with decent results. Although I went 16 weeks and added var the last 8 weeks at 50mg ed on the first run. The second run I used 50mg ed of Var from the start for 6 weeks.
    I liked starting out with Var in beginning because of the strength gains and muscle fullness. I get very noticeable changes from Var pretty quick so for me i like to have that at the beginning of the cycle.
    Currently running this again but added Primo to the mix.
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  3. Murho

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    Starting today.
    Today’s weight 169 pounds.
    Starting point photos:

    86872E38-B87A-4D8F-B533-B9D7F6AF4FA8.jpeg 5EE8FBD0-CE61-4C8E-8C0B-4A609D583AE8.jpeg
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    So you really 50 or you bsing. Lol. If you are your in good shape for an old man. About your stack it’s one of my favorites. I enjoy deca a lot. Never had issues with bloat or ed. I usually add dbol for size. But alone can be used great for both cut or bulk. Diet is key. I would run it at min of 500 test 400 deca 12-14 weeks my go to dose is 750 test 600 deca.
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  5. wedorecover

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    Test 500 deca 400 at least 16 weeks and 5 lb should be no problem I’d say you gain more
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  6. Murho

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    Yes, really turned 50. And thanks!