125ml Test Cypionate for 15 weeks(125ml) + 60 ml Avatar a day. Do i need Aromasin????

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    Hi guys,

    I am 41 years old and just started 12 weeks cycle Test Cypionate(125ml every 5 days) + Anavar 60mg a day for 8 weeks. My question is : do I need aromasin and what dosage per week or per day? Thank you in advance !!!!
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    I would say no you don’t need.
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    Thanks a lot superswede.
  4. You could most likely double your dose of Test with out needing and AI, everyone is different but for 12 weeks only using 125 may not be considered "worth the shutdown".
  5. zhit7612

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    Thanks for you reply. I will do 15 weeks 125mg test cypionate and I am starting Anavar 4-12 week 80 mg a day.
  6. Depends on how well/badly you aromatize.

    For me, no. For you, wait and see. If estrogen side effects get on the ugly side, then at least you're prepared.
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    Thanks for your reply! How can I feel or know estrogen side effects? This is my first testosterone cycle. Sorry for the stupid question. Thanks in advance
  8. Itchy nipples, uncomfortable bloating, (i.e. moon face) emotional changes, (i.e. cryin' like a bitch :D) etc.
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    Hahaha ok....thanks a lot :)
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