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    I've got 13 weeks to be the biggest leanest (not stage shape but fairly diced maybe 8 or 10%)

    I'm 5'8 , 230 or so and I'd say about 10%

    History: been on for almost 2 years now blast and cruise, highest doses - 1g test, 1.2g EQ , 500nandrolone , 500 mast, 500 tren, 75 dbol , 50 Anavar (not all at once and I handle sides very well)

    Never used: slin, gh, or any fat loss aids like clen t3 etc ( am willing to learn and use)

    My plan: 1-5 400 test p 400 mast p 400 tren a
    (100c 300p days 1 2 3, day 4, 300c 100p and repeat) I've had great success getting lean with this

    6-13: 1g test e and p (800e + 20prop Ed )
    1g nandrolone (same with esters as Test)
    500 tren e
    150-200 Anadrol ( only ever used dbol at 50ed)
    I think I'll start the long esters on week5 just to make sure shits really going by the end

    For diet during the "blow back up phase" I'm thinking, just making sure I get at least 350p and 4-600c and fats here and there maybe add butter to my grits and rice when I want it

    I'm debating if I should work from 400 to 700 tren on the blowup phase(I've always stuck with one dose for the whole go)

    also should I start the drol now with my test mast tren? I've been on 50 inj dbol on training days for the past 2-3 weeks just stopped few days ago( only reason I want to is impulse as I've just gotten it from a new source and am eager to try it)

    I don't know much about gh and slin so idk what doses if I were to use (ideas please)

    I stated the first phase yesterday

    There you go. Let me have it. This will be a "cycle log" I guess. I MIGHT post pics if I figure out how
    But will definitely update this until the end
  2. That's a lot of gear you're running! I was never a big fan of more = gains. IMO, training and diet is the key component. Good luck tho!
  3. How’s your blast coming along so far??
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    IMO wait until you have plateaued on steroids, before using GH.
    You may wish to peak at 2g Test cycles + 100 g Adrol/Dbol.

    Anavar is worthless and adds more liver strain (even though var is quite liver friendly by itself, you're already straining it with Adrol/Dbol), so drop it.

    Insulin is only worth it if you're a hardgainer.

    Use orals in the last 4-6 weeks of the cycle, to break trough plateau when gains from the injectables begin to stall.
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    I fucking can’t with this guy.


    You’ve never used Anadrol before? Don’t start with 150-200. There’s several ways to get the most from it, but that heavy a dose immediately, duno. I’d say you’re probably better served doing a 4wk 50mg and 4 week 100mg+ later. See you how react to new compounds then elevate. Don’t see any reason you couldn’t do it with weeks 1-5. Might be nice to see your reaction at lower doses without upped food too.

    Also, why not start loading the long esters earlier.

    Make the tren E jump earlier than later; still a long ester.
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    The goal date was canceled so this plan has been scratched.

    I did use the Anadrol at 50ed for about 2 weeks just because I couldn't wait to see how it worked on me and I love it. I've made some adjustments to my 2019 plan as far as lesser dosages thanks to Mac and the old fuckers. Just slightly lower though. I'm still TenGrams.

    I will not post in this thread anymore as it's useless. Let's let it die. Please take your criticisms comments and concerns to my TenGrams How To #3
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    My post assumes you're an advanced juicer, this is like your 6th cycle, and you have done high dose cycles before.

    Otherwise read the @master.on 's how to safely get onstage ASAP:

    1st cycle:
    500 mg Test E or Cyp EW
    25 mg Adrol ED
    AI as needed by estradiol bloodwork
    hcg 150 IU/w

    750 mg Test
    50 mg Adrol
    AI as needed by estradiol bloodwork
    HCG 200 IU/w

    1 g Test
    75 mg Adrol
    AI as needed by estradiol bloodwork
    HCG 250 IU/w

    1.25 g Test
    100 mg Adrol
    AI as needed by estradiol bloodwork
    HCG 250 IU/w

    1.5 g Test
    125 mg Adrol
    AI as needed by estradiol bloodwork
    HCG 250 IU/w

    1.75 g Test
    150 mg Adrol
    AI as needed by estradiol bloodwork
    HCG 250 IU/w

    2 g Test
    175 mg Adrol
    AI as needed by estradiol bloodwork
    HCG 250 IU/w
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    Yea those are cool except add another anabolic and throw the hcg in the trash
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    Oh and also
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