18 year old with LOW Testosterone

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    Hey everyone,

    So long story short I had an irresponsible adult allow me to purchase oral winstrol tablets at (10mg) ea when I was 16-17. I took them for two weeks before losing them.. which is a good thing I guess. Over time I began to experience symptoms of low testosterone, PRIMARILY hot flashes (lots), and eventually got a blood test. I do not have the full results but I can assure that the doc said everything else tested came back normal. My first test was around 4pm and came back with a test level 138... yes, 138 on a scale of 300-1000 or whatever the reading is ( it doesn't matter, it's very low). I had another follow up blood test a few months later and it was drawn at 8-9am. I the test was measured in a different way and came back at 13.8 nmol/dl. So I mean, it's not high but it's not tooooo low. The scale for that measurement was around 8.4-27.4 or something along that.

    I have more tests and appointments but honestly.. the doctors are so useless and unhelpful. How can they say I am normal when I experience all symptoms and I'm a teen. It's ridiculous. One endo, a very nice one, prescribed me TRT shots at 100mg. I stop after one week because I am NOT willing to shut off my natural production, have nut testicles shrink to raisins, and eliminate any possiblity of having children in the future. So that is done and not happening for another decade which is VERY unfortunate.

    NOW, my main question is! is there any possible way to kickstart or jumpstart my natural production? Is there anything I can do or is it even possible? or am I stuck like this for life?? I think that's just unfair if I am. I already eat quite healthy and work out regularly. I just can't stop thinking about it and having it bother/stress me. I have heard things such as clomid/nolvadex/hcg or even a steroid cycle with pct may jumpstart it again, is this true??

    PS. I can't cycle steroids for 10 years because I want children and I am about to begin a career in college football... Yeah Life is crap.
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    You need to see an endocrinologist. I'd be forthcoming about the winstrol but there may be other factors causing low T that only bloodwork and various other tests can rule out.

    No offense to anyone here, many of whom know their shit, but there's just too many variables that can only be answered by your doc.

    Good luck, bud.
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    Yeah for sure man, I've had two doctors and some other adult lifters who use say that doing winstrol for 2-3 weeks would not do this to me or shut me down, but again who knows. I'll see what the doctor says again, Thanks!
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    No problem, man. I've been around my fair share of useless doctors, so I know how much of a pain in the ass it can be to feel like you're running in circles with them. There's good ones out there that will treat YOU and not just your symptoms... just gotta find 'em.