19 week cycle what to do next

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    age: 27
    This is my 2nd cycle, I want to know how can i go about getting off this cycle I didnt do bloodwork and i didnt run hcg. I used adex when I felt like i needed too. I think i might have testicular atrophy my balls are small, takes awhile for me to get hard and I cant orgasm. I did my last shot a week ago.
    I just ran a cycle for 19 weeks consisting of:
    1-12 Test E 500mg
    1-4 Dbol 25mg a day
    8-12 anvar 25-50 Mg a day
    13-19 Test E cruise 200mg a week
    How do I go about getting off this?
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  2. Hawkins

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    Blood work would be very handy. You can't orgasm on 500mg of test, 1 week after last injection...? Makes me think something is way off.

    The enanthate ester will hang around for 3-4 weeks.

    You'll likely have to hit them hard with hcg to restore volume, then follow that with clomid and nolvadex.

    Then, prepare and have a better plan next time...
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    Agree with @Hawkins. It looks like the key you have two cycles in one. You hit your LH hard and the whole HPTA for a long time=testicular atrophy. I'm genuinely not sure why you did 6 extra weeks of T-e, unless you were planning on another blast where I have read offers little benefit and just further suppress endogenous production. Scally's "HPGA normalization protocol" lists a ton of hcg. This could be avoided, now that you know, by running small dose HCG on-cycle. Plan your pct prior to starting a cycle.

    Sorry man, Good luck!