19 Years old powerlifter.

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    Hello, I'm an 19 years old powerlifter, who finished 2nd in Israel in my first meet, 198lbs weight class, i was about 20-22% bodyfat, which isn't the best thing for a weighted class, so i decided to run a slow cut to reduce my fat levels to the 182lbs class, and could go back to the 198lbs class later, but with a much lower bodyfat, now the thing is i started to cut on a 500 calorie defict, and started to lose strength after a month, deicded to up my calories by 200 so im on a 300 calorie defict right now but still, still losing strength, used to deadlift 510lbs now i maxed at 470 which is pretty bad, Im on EC stack, lots of BCAA, multi , creatine , omega 3 , curcumin, glucosamine, protein thats everything i use.
    For diet, i weigh my food, as i count macros and calories by gram, i eat the same food everyday, on off days i up my fat and protein and lower my carbs for sure, i only eat a banana pre workout and a dextrose post workout, the rest of my carbs are complex ( Brown rice + Old fashioned oats )
    I'm planning in participating in europe in May 2017, in the 182lbs class.
    I have 4 years of training under my belt, yeah i eat the same food everyday, i change my diet every 2 weeks, i have no problem with that as long thats what my body need, now im thinking of adding an AAS for 4 weeks only to drop the last few pounds to reach my wanted weight im about 190lbs right now and already lost strength, I was thinking of 4 weeks of oral winny with pct of course, I know its harsh on the joint but I think i can survive the 4 weeks, Anavar is another option, I can't deicde between them.
    Now I know that my first cycle should be of test only 10-12 weeks Test e or Test c 500mg a week, For now i'm really looking forward to reach 182lbs and to regain some of my strength back, then in March of 2017 if i wanted to run a REAL MEN Cycle of Test, i would post here again.
    Guys believe me for what i say, im not the usual dumb teen who want to look good for girls, If i wasn't competing i would have waited for age of 25 ATLEAST. but competing natural at national level is quite impossible, worse than that most of the competitors are russian and they eat dbol for breakfast lol.
    I really want to hear opinions about running Winny oral cycle for 4 weeks only, with ful PCT.
    I can post my training routine and full diet too if wanted, Thanks in advance, may the gains be with you
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    Don't worry I require no stats nor your diet/training program. DO NOT USE AAS, 4 weeks of winny isn't going to do shit for you. Losing weight means losing strength too but once your at the weight you want to be you'll gain that strength back very quickly. Just like I posted the first time you came around here, continue to train natty and diet hard you need nothing else right now.
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    ^^^^This will be the best answer you will ever get for someone at your age. @RodgerThat is dead on!!!! Man use that natty test to your advantage bro. Your shit is at the highest it will ever be in this very moment. Cherish an use that shit for all its worth. You dont need anything but the right diet an dedication.
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    Yeah man dont do it. Im in the same shoes right now bro, ive dropped 30lbs in the last 5 months and i feel like king pussy of pussyville cuz my bench press has gone to shit, but once we get down to the weight we want we can start making them strength gains and shit and in the end we will probably be better off for it, even if it sucks right now...or so everyone keeps telling me hahaha.
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    Thanks man, i really appreciate your help, may i ask how can i improve my strength when i get to the 182lbs class without adding mass? Like to do a 300 cap sup or maintenance calorie state?
    Got it man, I'll do what you and Rodgerthat said!
    So im not the only one, "good" news, whats your plan to gain strength back when you reach your weight goal?
    Thats right mate, but now im really considering to compete in europe thats why i asked again, thanks.
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    I am going to eat an insane amount of food, kindly of like how i ended up being 300 pounds before, only this time im going to not eat a bunch of junk so i can pack on muscle instead of fat. For me its not the weight, its the body composition im looking to change. For you though, you should be able to eat at maintenance or in a small surplus and continue to gain strength.
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    Your on point with diet and training. You DO NOT NEED AAS! IT WILL FUCK YOU IN THE LONG RUN. Keep doing what you're doing and keep changing your programs and diet to for your needs. Check out Sheiko which I'm sure you already have or another eastern European program.

    This is bad advice but, but rather than doing a cycle you can get an edge right before a meet.
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    Strength gains come in two was OP, one way which is the easiest is with muscle growth the other way why is advantageous to powerlifters is through nural adaptation. This is were good programming comes along and strict diet. Even eating in a 100 calorie surplus is still a surplus and that means our body has more then it needs so therfor you'll get the recovery you want with next no 0 weight gain. You may also take a zig zag approach eating in a surplus during lifting days and a deficit on off days. Either way do more research upon nural adaptation and you'll understand how it's going to benifit you even n a lighter class
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    Do the zig zag like rodger said. Works for me. I'm a hybrid lol I do one cycle a year and while I'm off I get strict shit my diet and that's what I do. In cycle I eat as much as I can till I'm too full. In your case, drop calories on your off days and do cardio. I don't think albuterol will do any harm to you in the long run, or ephedrine. If you spend the next several months working your ass off and can't seem to get down to that weight and get your strength back up before the meet, I'd find some albut to help you drop the weight faster so you can get your shit together before that meet. DO NOT USE STEROIDS. (yet)
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    Try to understand now how important technique with an emphasis on leverage and body mechanics are for power lifting.

    Finally, if your trainer is not using modern day technology such as the many forms of video with real time "spot-dots" locate another.

    AAS are out of the question at your age (and for a variety of other reasons) IMO

    @Docd187123 can you add to the sound advice already posted mate
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