1NapsGear.org Offering Promo Code to MesoRx Community

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Naps-Support, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. Naps-Support

    Naps-Support Member

    Hello Everyone hope all is well, Naps and I have decided to extend our courtesy by offering Promo Code to our Community for MesoRX
    Please Read the rules carefully, I will offer these Promo Code for 2 weeks Max counting starting Tomorrow you could start this evening if need to get ahead.

    There will be 3 Tiers you could choose from.

    Order $150 will earn $100 credit
    Order $300 will earn $150 credit
    Order $500 will earn $250 credit

    Please note the order has to equal exact of the amount or Over to earn this credit, Shipping Fee is not included in the Total.
    Please note the Promo code cannot be applied toward Weekly Special / Bulk Special / HGH
    Please when submitting order please make sure in the comment you enter your Board Name/Board user name
    and the total of the order $$$$ before the shipping fee, Once you have wired the funds and the payment has been submitted into your account please inform me VIA PM or TKT system with your order number so i could
    process the information ASAP.


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  2. Naps-Support

    Naps-Support Member

    please if you need to reach me via TKT please make sure you ENTER ATT Customer Support Meso Promo those tkt will be assigned to me, I will personally will make sure will be handle me Thank you
  3. jayb

    jayb Member

    I put sent my money on a order last night can I still get in? Money hasnt been picked up yet.
  4. jayb

    jayb Member

    I did put meso forum name in the comments as you instructed before
  5. Naps-Support

    Naps-Support Member

    Jayb I am afraid you need to put stop to the order as I have stated the Promo begins Tomorrow
  6. jayb

    jayb Member

    Do you mean stop the payment? I would feel like a dick is that ok to do? If not how do I cancel the order?
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  7. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    So you want people to give you their board name which will then be tied to their personal info? Hopefully people are smart enough to make a different name and not use their main board name.
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  8. pabstblue

    pabstblue Member

    Soo purchase lets just say 250worth of product and send you 150 plus shipping etc just making sure I got that right or is the credit for a future purchase
  9. Naps-Support

    Naps-Support Member

    All the names we will remain secured and how could i issue the code without the Board name.
    i dont see an issue.
  10. Naps-Support

    Naps-Support Member

    Example your order is $250 shipping fee $25 total is $275 you will receive $150 credit there for you have $400 to spend
  11. Naps-Support

    Naps-Support Member

    it will be hassle to do, You have two weeks to add a new order if thats a better option i just hate to see you paying another MG or WU payment fee
  12. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    Well you wouldn't see the issue considering you are not the customer or the one with their information tied to their board name. What or how you decide to do promos i don't care. I am simply pointing out to members here that it's wise to use another name to order and not the main board name they use.
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  13. Mr.Bravo

    Mr.Bravo Member

    So if I spend 250 before shipping I get 150 credit on same order?
  14. WMSuperSport

    WMSuperSport Member

    Can the "review discount" still be used with this?
    If so, I assume itll be applied before this promotion?
  15. WMSuperSport

    WMSuperSport Member

    And can it work with the current Dragon P sale? :)
    prolly not :(
  16. thanks naps! i wonder who offered this advice cough cough! ;)
  17. hmm are the bulk specials the high quantity packs ie. the 100amp deals on vermodje etc?
  18. northwestkid

    northwestkid Junior Member

    Whats tkt?
  19. noah_k

    noah_k Member

    Support Ticket
  20. inkandmuscle

    inkandmuscle Member


    looks like it's time to stock up on a few items.. ive heard good things about their clen??