1st Anavar cycle - show prep

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    Hi guys,

    I'm doing my first ever Anavar cycle at 20mg per day (10mg AM & 10mg PM) as recommended by my coach

    • 24 years old
    • 5'4"
    • Starting weight: 8 stone 6.5lbs
    • Body fat: 18% (electronic device)
    Currently 7 weeks out from my first show (bikini) & want to keep setting PBs even during my prep. No specific weight or bodyfat goal in mind as it's my first show and we don't know what my stage weight will be!

    Current diet:
    Meal 1 - 4 egg whites and 2 eggs
    Meal 2 - 125g chicken, 100g sweet potato & green veg
    Meal 3 - Tuna & salad
    Meal 4 - 125g chicken, 100g sweet potato & green veg
    Meal 5 - 125g lean beef mince OR salmon & green veg
    Meal 6 - 4 egg whites
    PWO - 30g protein shake w/ glutamine & banana

    1 scoop of glutamine, omega 3, 1000mg vit c, multivitamin, 500mg calcium & clen (currently doing a loading cycle)

    Workout split:
    Shoulders, chest & abs
    Quads & abs
    Back & arms
    Hamstrings & glutes (X2)
    Back & shoulders
    with 1 rest day currently

    45 mins either fasted or after last meal (I work shifts so it depends what shift I'm on at the time)

    Been lifting for 2.5 years now (on/off) and looking to make some good lean gains :D Currently on day 5, no side effects as of yet. Although shakes from clen and yesterday (day 4) I experienced some unbearable hamstring pump when doing lying hamstring curls. I've heard taurine is good for this? Can anyone suggest anything to help or am I going in the right direction with taurine?

    Photos to follow...
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    I think you sat on a peach.
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    :p That was to cover my modesty on social media
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    Oh, and very nice V-Taper in your back leading into a tiny waist as well as a nice, rounded set of glutes. Looks great:)
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    Day 6:

    Lots of energy today! Started off with a 45 min fasted walk this morning! Came back ate breakfast and meal 2 then went to the gym and did a quad workout as below.

    Quad focus day (no abs today as I trained them yesterday so will stick them on the end of another session this week)

    Leg extension

    25kg x 12 reps

    35kg x 10 reps

    45kg x 8 reps

    Squats (smith machine as I find I can focus on my quads more rather than focusing on technique with the free weight bar)

    20kg each side x 12 reps

    30kg each side x 10 reps

    40kg each side x 6 reps (to failure)

    Leg press

    100kg x 12 reps

    140kg x 10 reps

    180kg x 8 reps

    200kg x 6 reps (first time without a spot)

    Walking lunges 15kg Bar

    3 x 22 lunges (up and down the gym)

    Leg extension finisher 21s (7 reps bottom range 7 reps top range 7 full reps)



    25kg - legs shaking by the end so I know I finished them off!

    Only thing I’d say I felt stronger on was the leg press but I still got scared to go above 6 reps (I got squashed under it a couple of months ago so I’ll see how the strength is next week when I go with a training partner)

    So far so good, no noticeable sides. I have a higher resting heart rate and my workouts are more in the cardio zone than the fat burning zone but I’m guessing that’s the clen.

    Have ordered some taurine! Hopefully that’s here soon.

    Only thing I’m noticing at the minute is I think my sex drive is heightened which is probably a good thing as my other half has just started his next cycle
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    Thank you!

    I’m unsure if we’re stopping a week before or not. I would have started earlier but I think I’ve only really just come around to the idea of Anavar!

    I know I’ll be cutting sodium and taking water balance tablets before show!

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    Subbed!! Good luck. Excited to follow your progress. You look amazing!!
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    Today’s check in photo - the photos I posted yesterday were from last week! I think there’s more ab lines!
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    Thank you Sadie!!

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    You really look great. One thing you should notice from being on Anavar is that your posterior viewing area should see a pretty gratifying increase. My poor wife never had much of a butt until she began peds. Now she can't keep her hands off of her own butt lol
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    Thanks for the kind words! I’ve naturally got some glutes on me anyway but that sounds exciting! I’m hoping to grow some quads!!!

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    Oh trust me, the flutes were noticed but you should be happy to know that they will get even better. It's just part of the way that sex hormones work. They enhance our parts that attract the opposite sex better. Nothing much better than the quads and glutes on a woman that lifts and uses peds.

    Another aspect my wife enjoys that you should expect to see soon are the strengthened orgasms. I think that's probly her favorite benefit lol
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    I second that!
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    In for the updates. Can't wait to see your progress as the Var starts to work its magic.
    Looking good, I'm sure you will be very pleased with the changes to come.
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    Just to whet your appetite a little, my wife said that orgasms from the 5mg tren that were added to 40mg primo, twice a week, for those two weeks were mind altering. She's never experienced anything, including rec drugs, that can match it lol. I think we've found her new front load for primo enanthate lol.
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    Omg! Are you serious!!?! I can’t imagine. I’m gonna have to give this a whirl!!!
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    @Dlklift sorry for me and @Sadie hijacking your thread for a bit. Of course I guess it does give you a little insight on what you can expect later lol

    Carry on now!:D
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