1st cycle (3rd attempt)

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    Hi guys,

    I’ve heard many times that the 1st cycle is often accompanied by spectacular gains. Well, I dont think I've experienced that yet, thus the title of this thread. The first time, I had to stop 2 weeks Into the cycle because the pip was horrible and I ended up having an infection on my left thigh. The second time, I did gain some weight and strength but my gains were similar to a natty. After doing a blood test, I discovered that my testosterone enanthate was very underdosed. My testosterone level pre-cycle was around 490 ng/dl. After 5 weeks into the cycle, my level increased to 620 ng/dl. That is very modest for someone taking 500 mg of test per week.

    Well this time, my gear comes from PHARMACOMSTORE. They’ve been rated the #1 source by many for quite some time. Their products must be legit.

    Here’s my plan for this cycle:

    -Starting date: 2018-02-26;

    -Testosterone Cypionate: 250 mg x 2 per week for 12 weeks;

    -Trenbolone Enanthate: 200 mg x 2 per week for 10 weeks;

    -Anastrazole: 0.5 mg EOD for 12 weeks;

    -pct to be determined.

    Current stats:
    -31 years old;
    -6f tall;
    -Starting weight is 218 lbs;
    -Probably around 14-15% body fat. (my abs are still a little visible).

    Goals: 225 lbs at around 11-12% body fat.

    Now I know a lot of you might say that using ''Trenbolone'' on a 1st cycle is not a good idea. My answer to you: I don't care.

    Let's do this!!!
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    Well if u dnt care about the tren in a first time run, i would atleast suggest you use Tren A instead of E jus incase you cant handle the sides.
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    what is your point of your post?
    you said its your first cycle and that you don't care what members with experience will tell you.
    your wasting space.
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    Sorry I didn't be mean to be arrogant. I just meant that I was going to do Trenbolone regardless of when members would say. That didn't mean I wasn't willing to receive any advices and suggestions...

    However, I did change my mind. I decided to make a few modifications after receiving some feedbacks and doing some research. Here is my new plan:

    testosterone Cypionate: 250 mg x 2 per week for 12 weeks

    Dianabol: 30mg every day for 4 weeks

    arimidex: 0.5 mg ED for 12 weeks

    hcg: 500 IU per week to keep the testicles running.

    All the products are from PHARMACOMSTORE except for HCG which I was able to get from my local pharmacy.

    I will begin this cycle Monday, February 26th.
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  6. You don't have to CAP their name...Trying to get that $100 discount from PC. I see:rolleyes:
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    My only thoughts here would be that a "cutgain" cycle is generally a very efficient method of not getting much done.

    If you want the abs back either cut now, then bulk, or vice versa.

    A 7 pound difference from a very average (not bad mind you, but average) starting point is a waste of hormone for a first cycle.
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    I want to bulk first. Probably get to 235 lbs and then cut back down to 225 lbs.
  9. Straight_Jack

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    So I am currently in my 4th week. This morning on the scale, I was 225 lbs. It means that I gained 10 lbs in a little more than 3 weeks. A lot of it is probably water but I am stronger in the gym so I had to gain a little bit of muscle too. That rapid weight gain probably comes from the D-bol.

    To avoid any estrogen crash, I had decided to wait before taking an AI. On the 3rd week, my nipples started to get sore so I started taking 0.5 mg of Anstrazole everyday. My nipples are still sore as I'm writing this so I decided to bump it up to 1mg everyday for a few days to make sure my soreness goes away. I'm pretty sure the D-bol is what's causing me this. I am supposed to stop the D-Bol at the end of the week so we'll see if it helps with my gyno issue. Hopefully, the 500 mg of testosterone I'm taking weekly will kick in shortly after I stop the D-bol.
  10. I’ve never personally ran dbol but my close friend does in most of his cycles and every single time has the same exact issue. Once he stops running the dbol the issue doesn’t go on any further. Also have seen a few other guys on here talking about the same issue as well and seem to think dbol is the culprit. Just make sure you combat it correctly and dont wait too long to figure out another route if what your doing isn’t resolving the issue.
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    FourOneDeuxFitt, I seem to be just like your friend! I stopped taking d-bol about 1 week ago. The sensitivity to my nipples is almost gone. Taking 1mg of arimidex everyday might sound a lot but it did the job. I only did it four 4 days though. I will now only take Arimidex if my nipples get sore again. I don't think I'll do d-bol again. It was definitely the culprit for my gyno issue.

    On another note, I noticed a little bit of ball shrinkage lately. I decided to take 1000mg of hcg. This week though, instead of taking 1000mg all at once, I'll get 500mg 2 times during the week. Hopefully it will prevent any more shrinkage.

    My weight is still going up despite the fact that I stopped taking d-bol. I am now at 227 lbs and I am still getting stronger in the gym. The libido is still there.
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  12. He did something along the same lines. Pretty sure he used letrozole though bc it got a bit out of hand before he did something about it. Luckily he was able to get it in check for the most part. Still some small signs sadly exist of it still from waiting too long and he crashed his e2 levels running the letro too high for a few consecutive days as well.
  13. Straight_Jack

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    I'd rather feel like crap for a few days than to have bitch tits. Luckily, I didn't have to feel like crap to fix my gyno.
  14. Yeah we definitely need to stay mindful of those things while running compounds. Well he let it go too long before doing anything about it so arimidex wasn’t helping at that point so he had to sort of blast the letro to try and stop it, which he did, but st that point there was already enough damage to his gland on the one side that you can notice it now. (If you know it’s there) a normal eye wouldn’t see shit.
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    I am currently 231 lbs and still getting stronger.

    However, I couldn't resist and I decided to throw some Trenbolone Enanthate in the mix. I already had the bottles at hand and they come from a very reputable source (Pharmacomstore.ws). Now I know it is really not recommended for a beginner but keep in my mind that I don't plan to do many cycles. After this one, I might do 2-3 more cycles that's it. I might as well make the most of it. I also need to get big asap for personal reason.

    I was planning to do 200mg of tren Enanthate for the remaining of my cycle which is about 6 weeks.

    I had my first injection 1 week ago. I did not experience any ''Tren cough'' but I believe it usually happens more with Tren Acethate. However, I couldn't fall asleep that same night because of a tightness I felt on my chest. The next night I still felt that same tightness but not as bad and I was able to fall asleep because I was so tired. The 3rd night I was ok. Yesterday, I had my 2nd injection. I thought maybe my body would react better this time but that same chest tightness came back and it kept me awake all night. I assume the chest tightness comes from inflamed lungs...

    I am seriously considering dropping the Tren because it is very uncomfortable. I was ready to cope with the emotional rollercoaster typical from using Tren and the lost of cardiovascular capacity. However, I can't stand that chest tightness.

    Anybody had a similar experience ?
  16. SuperSwede

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    The real tren E sides comes a little bit later. Wait til week 4 and you will feel it more. Tren e is sneaky coz you dont know how you will take the sides until after a few week. Thats why you should always start with tren a. We dont care about your source so you dont have to put out sources name.
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  17. Straight_Jack

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    Have you tried Tren Acethate or Enanthate? If so, what side effects did you experience?
  18. SuperSwede

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    Yes both,
    Insomnia, night sweats, mental problems, overall shit/sick feeling.
    I never use it anymore coz i can’t handle the sides.
    But some peolpe can use it and handle the sides.
    Maybe you are a lucky one that can handle it. Try and you will find out.

    I hope you the best
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    I found where the lung pain was coming from. I was taking cialis every once in a while whenever I knew I would have a lot of sex and wanted to perform at the highest level. The first 3 shots of tren I had, i noticed that I had taken Cialis shortly before or after. On my 4th shot, I had not taking Cialis for several days and didn't take any after. This time not pain at all on my lungs. That's when I suspected Cialis was the culprit. So I decided to stop taking Cialis to see if it would make a difference and since then, no pain at all.

    The ingredient of Cialis is ''tadalafil'' which is also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. We know Trenbolone is also known to affect the lungs. Bro science conclusion: both substances have an impact on the lungs but don't mix well together. Lesson learned.

    I'm currently on my 4th week taking Tren. I did get the infamous ''Tren cough'' once. It wasn't that bad. I coughed for about 3 minutes and it was gone. Nothing to alarming. I do sweat a little more and my cardio went down a little. However, mentally I still feel very good and I don't have any problem sleeping... For now at least. The Tren has definitely kicked in because I made some crazy gains on all my lifts during the last few days. I'm excited for the upcoming weeks.
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    I am now at 235 lbs and still getting stronger. I'm doing new PRs every week. Definitely noticed a difference with tren.

    The only negative side effect I'm having from Tren right now is my decreased cardiovascular capacity and the fact that I sweat a little more. I didn't experience any anger issues like so many people said I would have. I actually feel very good mentally.

    I'm scheduled to have a blood work tomorrow. I'll share the results as soon as I get them.
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