1st cycle-how much weight can i realistically keep?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Daran, Dec 27, 2009.

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    Daran Junior Member

    Hi there guys and gals,

    Wonder if I could have some advise. I'm thinking about doing my first cycle and hopefully only cycle. The cyle I would use is Phreezers recommendation: 500 mg Sustanon for 9 weeks and 300 mg Deca weekly for 7 weeks. How much weight can I realistically add, and more importantly how much of it will I realistically keep?. I only want to use steroids as a one off due to the side effects etc.

    I'm worried about a British national newspaper article I read recently on the net where a journalist gained 35ibs in 12 weeks (went from 205 to 240ibs) but then lost all of it apart from 3 lousy pounds! He seemed to do everything right, (steroids, diet, workouts) and he had quite a few side effects. If thats the case then it's simply not worth it. I don't want to be on steroids forever, Just a one off cycle and keep hold of 10-20 ibs of muscular weight gain from that one off cycle, is this possible?

    Here is the link to the article:

    From Mr Average ... to superman: Craig Davidson's account of using steroids | Life and style | The Observer

    Here are my stats:

    Age: 38
    Height: 5ft 9 inc
    weight: 144 ibs (Typical ectomorph)
    bodyfat: 12%
    Time training: 21 years on and off. (last 3 years continously)

    Thanks in advance for your feedback

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    Ironhorse Member

    You could expect to gain approx 25lbs., but keep approx 15lbs.
    I suspect the journalist you were referring to didnt do a proper pct which is "extremely" important if you wish to keep any of your gains.
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    Daran Junior Member

    Thanks for that, 15 ibs justifies it. And how much % do you think I should let my body fat go up by in the 9 week cycle? (I know it has to go up in order for me to put on muscle)

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    Ironhorse Member

    You should try to eat as lean as possible. Multiply your bodyweight by 20 and that will give you the minimum amount of calories you need to be taking in each day. Also, as for protein, multiply your bodyweight by 1.5 and that will be what you need daily. Keep in mind that as your weight increases your intake needs will need to be adjusted again to accommodate the new gains made .

    Youll be bulking, so dont freak out if it gets up to 12%-15%.
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    mtyson Junior Member

    you can easy gain with good cycle 30lbs and and lost 20lbs..if you still save 20lbs its good
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    Reinheart Member

    First learn English and they try replying Peanut Buter.

    You can keep most of it if you eat lean, do proper pct and keep eating and training very hard post cycle. Proper supplementation is very important as well!
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    A whole lot of dreaming going on here! If what these posts say are true, there would be thousands of Mr. Olympias. The truth is you will follow what you say the article reports: almost all of the gains will be LOST. This is even more true if the HPTA is not restored. The cycle you state is a recipe for HPTA disaster. [See my post on the time course of testosterone suppression after nandrolone decanoate administration.]
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    Meathead27 Member

    If you're an ecto you would be VERY lucky to put on 15 pounds overall in a 9 week cycle. Like others have stated, how much you keep is largely dependant on your pct. If you do it properly wth hcg, nolva/clomid(or both) you should be able to realistically keep 80% of your gains. Also, I'd personally scrap the sust and deca and go with 9 weeks of test E or C at 400-500mg/week, and run 30mg Dbol (ED) for the first 4 weeks.
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    Daran Junior Member

    Thanks for all the advice and feedback everyone. .

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