1st cycle ... Test Cyp Only + PCT Nolva

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  1. deadliftsngummybears

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    Aight, Been working out for a while now and the Newbie gains all but stopped.
    Weight = 201lbs. +/-
    BF = 15% +/-
    Current intake of Macs = 200-250p, 200c, 60-80f
    Projected intake of Macs = 350p,300c,100f

    I plan on starting a cycle of : (To be started in January)
    500 mg Test Cyp weekly for 8 weeks (250 Monday & Thursday)
    2 weeks off
    37.5 mg nolva Daily for 2 weeks (Tab and a half)
    25 mg Nolva Daily for 2 more weeks

    Workout every other day (Regardless of what day it falls on)
    Heavy Compound lifts (10-20 minutes of warm up doesn't count)
    Supplemented with Isolation exercises (fly's, curls, blah, blah, blah)
    Maybe 20 minutes of HIIT or a Kettlebell routine (1 hour if I'm feeling froggy on a weekend)… plus there's chics at the park

    So here are a few questions, I've been researching this for a few months now and will continue to do so...

    1) Is eight weeks sufficient? Should I up it to 10 or 12?
    2) Local Farm store has spikes at 20g x 1" or 22g x 3/4". Which is preferred?
    3) What kind of gains in muscle and loss in fat should I expect on this regiment?
    4) On days that I pin the gear is it a must to work out? Or will I even have a choice lol
    5) Do company UA's detect these substances?
    6) Any additional suggestions to this regiment?

    Thanks for advice and/or opinions
  2. Eman

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    1. Yes, it's sufficient however, I would personally go to 12.
    2. Neither...
    3. Who knows? It's not universal. If you eat in a surplus, you'll gain muscle. Don't expect to lose a bunch of fat and add a bunch of muscle at the same time.
    4. No... You don't have to work out just because you took gear that day.
    5. No.
    6. You're starting pct too early. You should have bought pharm grade nolva. You should probably hold off another month at least until you do more research... I can tell from the questions you're asking you are probably going to run into issues. You need bloodwork, if possible. How tall are you?
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  3. BigNattyDaddy

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    1. Yes, yes
    2. Neither
    3. Gains acquired vary by user.
    4. No, you don't NEED to pin gear on days you workout.
    5. I have no idea what UAs are.
    6. Consider having an aromatase inhibitor on hand.
  4. Mac11wildcat

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    8 weeks is short for a long ester. Consider 10 or 12. Do NOT pin with 20g. Research here for a medical supply site and order from there. 1” 23g is a nice start. What to expect is all individual. Just eat and train hard and maximize it. In general, training (or just moving) the muscle you pinned will help ease PIP, virgin muscle hurts like a mofo. I assume UA means drug test; and doubtful they’d ever pay for that.

    HAVE hcg ON HND FOR THE CYCLE AT 250IU 2X PER WEEK. don’t make this mistake. Put hcg in the cycle. nolva for pct is fine for this. Keep something like aromasin on hand for estrogen sides as well.
  5. deadliftsngummybears

    deadliftsngummybears Junior Member

    Thanks, yeah I've been researching for a few months (I have a lot of time on my hands at work on graveyard shift). I planned on starting the cycle the end of the first week in January.

    So I should add hcg and aromasin to the regiment or just the HCG? I'll keep that in mind for a topic to research.

    23 g @ 1" is a good start? I can likely get 22g at 1.5" but as of now I'll go with your suggestion.

    Waiting 2 weeks after the last pin isn't enough for pct? General consensus led me to that timeframe. What do you suggest?

    Oh and is 37.5 mg then 25 mg of nolva kosher for the PCT? Tab sizes from is more easily divided to these doses
  6. deadliftsngummybears

    deadliftsngummybears Junior Member

    I'm 6'
    6'1" if there's a bottle of Patron involved

    So add 250IU 2X PER WEEK of hcg and just keep aromasin on hand

    Up the cycle to 10 weeks

    Research an F-ton more to lose the Newbie title
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  7. deadliftsngummybears

    deadliftsngummybears Junior Member

    I had blood tests done at the beginning of October. Compared to the time before that the results were similar. My Physician said I was the poster child for blood work (T included). I'm not sure of the exact numbers as when they called me I was busy. All I was told was "They look GREAT!" I can call and get the results sometime in the near future. As I said before, my cycle won't be started until a week into January.
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    lol well fukme
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    Better? lmfao
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  11. Much. Thank you. :D
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  12. deadliftsngummybears

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    I'm a little confused here. You say have HCG on hand and then you said Put HCG in the cycle... Which is the mistake?
  13. deadliftsngummybears

    deadliftsngummybears Junior Member

    I assume you mean don't just have it on hand but include it in the cycle?
  14. Mac11wildcat

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    It means get some now and work it in to your cycle appropriately.
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  15. Test_Subject

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    1) 8 is fine, but I'd do 12, personally. No reason not to honestly.

    2) of the two, 22g 3/4". 20g is a fucking harpoon. Better yet, get 23 or 25g 1".

    3) Depends entirely on your diet and how hard you train.

    4) Nope.

    5) Not unless they look for steroids, specifically. That's highly unlikely since the testing is quite expensive.

    6) Don't push for weight PRs on cycle. It's a good way to hurt yourself. Also, wait an extra week or two to start pct. Two weeks is a bit soon.
  16. Mac11wildcat

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    To answer the question of why you wait for pct; the body cannot recover normal function while there’s still exogenous hormones floating around. Half life of longer esters is near 2 weeks. So it has to be longer than that.
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    I appreciate y’all. There can only be one deadlifting bear round these parts
  18. Ryan Medi

    Ryan Medi Junior Member

    Hello guys, could you please help me?
    I'am 37 year old male, and for about 6 years now (due to to much problems) my libido is non existent, I can get an erection if I concentrate but, no sensitivity whatsoever and during the ejaculation I feel no orgasm at all + huge depression + low self esteem.... So last week I went to an Endo right, Total Test 350 ng which is low + sperm count low either. So he prescribed Test e 250mg every 21 days!!!!! didn't check oestrogen either..... After my first shot my depression went away, but my libido still the same. I live in a foreign country where they have no idea what TRT is!!!
    I Have more faith in you guys than in any Endo in my country!!!! I want to run a Test e only cycle like 250mg /week, what should I do ? to minimise side effects??
    Thank you so much.

    I forgot to mention that my Endo gave me an Anti depression along the Test (I did some research and found out that it lowers test !!!!)
    Total test 355 ng
    prolactin 4,4ag/ml (1-20)
  19. Bad etiquette to hijack a random thread with a fix me, im broken, request. Start a dedicated thread in the proper forum. You'll get more responses there too.
  20. RealET

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    Here’s what you do. Go to 8 weeks see how you feel or if you’ve developed any sides gyno etc. If all good, go to 10. If all good go to 12 then end your cycle
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