1st cycle: Test E, Deca, Prop

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by missionx96x, Dec 17, 2007.

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    missionx96x Junior Member

    Deca - 10 weeks @ 400mg a week
    Test E - 12 weeks @ 500mg a week

    If you want to you can run test prop for the first 2 weeks at 100mg EOD. With longer estered supplements like Enath, deca, or even cypionate you should have a front loader because you won't be seeing results for that long. Also you want to run it longer because its not going to kick in for a few weeks, which in turn is why you should run something that will kick in right away so you are getting gains and seeing results. You also want to run the test longer than the deca because the deca will shut you down almost completely, and you're going to need a test product still using your testosterone system after the deca is out. it kind of helps you get back online and it kind of doesn't. Your pct should look like this:

    hcg - 500iu EOD from week 8 until the end of week 12
    2 weeks after your last shot of test or last injection of HCG, run nolvadex - the first 2 days run it 40mg, then go down to 20mg ED for 3 weeks, then down to 10mg for 1 week.

    6'0 185 lbs 9% body fat 20 yrs old 5 years lifting experience. Bench 295 Deadlift 325x2 Squat 335x2.

    Any ideas or feedback
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    solo47 Member

    Who's this "you" you are talking to?

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    agpando Junior Member

    He copied and pasted this from a PM between him and I. I set this up because he came to me saying he was going to run a similar cycle that I ran my first time. I made some suggestions and from what I've learned and read told him what he just wrote above. I also told him to originally post what he wanted to run in a thread so that everybody could comment because he needs more opinions than just mine.
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    missionx96x Junior Member

    i decided i dont want to mess with any orals at all. also i think im going to have to wait because i booked a spring break vacation on march 7th. thats 11 weeks away.
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    Bigkarch Member

    not a bad cycle per se...I have done almost exactly that...a good bulker IMO..I didnt see any anti e's in the mix...you WILL need them...the deca and test will bloat you....get some dex and take it .5 mg eod...

    the saying deca will shut you down almost completely so go two weeks more with the test is contradictory....good advice but in the wrong way...shut down is shut down regardless of what you use....once your shut down...your shut down...no such thing of half way shut down..the reason you want to go a few weeks of more with the test vs the deca is the deca is long acting and takes longer to get out of your system...if it was me...and I had the prop as I did in the begining, I would keep two more weeks, if not three of the 100 mg eod prop...that would be ideal vs the test e...that would be so much easier on pct....

    other than that hopefully you are a bit experienced in aas and training, cause thats a moderate to above moderate cycle.
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    ^^^Good advice Bigkarch.
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    dennis Member

    All good advice..just down to personal opinion now...If it were me :
    test enth weeks 1-12 500 mgs
    deca weeks 1-12 400 mgs
    test prop weeks 1-2 100 mgs eod
    test prop week 13 75 mgs eod
    test prop week 14 100 mgs eod
    adex on hand if needed,500-750 ius hcg ew starting week 4 ending week 12.
    500 ius hcg eod starting week 13 and ending when pct starts day after last shot of prop week 14.
    Plan for 6 weeks of nolva averaging 20 mgs per day.:cool:
    Your stats if you eat and lift correctly should look like this after week 14 :
    6'0", 220 lbs, 12 % body fat, bench 340,dead 375,385 squat....now that you have your cycle well planned you must work on the diet and routine in gym.
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    missionx96x Junior Member

    when should i start taking the arimidex? you think i should use test prop week 1-2 and then week 11-13? how does that pct look? i know this may seem a bit modrate for a first cycle but i have a good base to build off and i truly am very experienced inthe gym. i was a personal trainer at golds gym for 2 years and know how to give shots as i have done them for my buddy before. im gonna train hard and eat harder. im really going to try and keep my stomach full as i would like to pack on the most weight possible. i know once i finish this cycle i will cut up very quickly because my metabolism is very high and im naturally cut. im really excited for my first shot im not sure if everyone feels that way but im honestly sick of lifting so hard and hardly seeing results.
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    agpando Junior Member

    I think that what I'm mostly concerned with with you is the fact that you are doing this because you aren't seeing the results you want. Do you fully understand what you're getting into? I just came off my first cycle and part of me never wanted to do one again because of how bad it made me feel, and three weeks into my pct I'm still not fully back to normal yet. I just hope you can deal with losing weight, having low energy, not having much of a sex drive, and being pretty depressed for a couple weeks. It might not sound bad to you because a couple weeks isn't that long but when all of that is mixed together its pretty bad. I also hope that you are strong enough to not let yourself fall into that role of just getting back on too quickly because you want the weight back and you want to feel how you felt while you were on. Just a few concerns of mine.
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    solo47 Member

    Don't forget that most guys in their 20s recover rapidly, naturally just with tamoxifen.

    For the rest of us, there are plenty of products from Androgenerator to Dermacrine Sustain to good old fashioned Tribulus Terrestris & nighttime doses of Argi-Orni that help your post cycle therapy with nolvadex to go more smoothly by increasing your natural test levels. Going 10 days just before PCT on 1000iu/ED of hcg really gets the body's system into gear too. I also swear by Proviron in small doses during recovery to keep my ego erect, so to speak.:rolleyes:

    But in my experience (not as long as some but I been out there awhile) the best assist to an AAS cycle recovery is being on HGH during & after it. I lose some weight but not much in strength and definition and life is what it is, good enough to keep at it.

    Otherwise, good advice Agpando. Good thing I'm just beginning my cycle or you may have depressed me.;)

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    dennis Member

    Me and a friend are both going through pct now..this period sucks..it seems worse this time for me than before..him too.We are tired,really not getting motivated about work outs,low apetite,cannot sleep at night,no sex drive,acne,etc.......just really feeling bumbed out.I am taking nolva,trib,horny goat weed,zma,dhea,yohimbee and b12.....none of it is making me feel better.:confused:Solo is just happy because he has a gram of liquid gold flowing through his veins today ![:eek:)]
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    Bigkarch Member

    I'd take the dex at the begining and yes on the prop usage
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    missionx96x Junior Member

    does $330 seem like a reasonable price for 20cc of enanthate and 10cc of deca?
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    solo47 Member

    Gotta admit, I'd rather be on than off. Who wouldn't?

    After only two full shots of enanthates but daily shots of Test Prop for six days now, I am just shivering with energy, always hot & sweaty. The old bod, which really never lost its shape just some mass, is already springing back into hard, vascular glory. Girlfriend dropped by middle of yesterday afternoon to bring me something but, knowing she would let me, I couldn't resist stripping her down for a little afternoon delight. Going to get her an 8-week run of anavar. So yeeeah, hell yes, being on is great, but without the downs, the ups would be meaningless.

    Boys, the wheel keeps turning. You have another cycle to look forward to while I will pretend the one I've just started will never end.

    Words of wisdom?:D

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    swelty Junior Member

    for that price i would do a test only cycle. honestly thats what i would do anyways for your first cycle no need for a bunch of compounds.
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    missionx96x Junior Member

    ordered up my test enanthate and deca today. planning on 500mg test e for 12 weeks and 400mg deca for 10 weeks. nolvadex, t3, and some arimidex on hand in case i see some gyno during my cycle. i did not get any hcg however. 500mg test e and 400mg deca doesnt seem like too much does it? how do you guys suggest me going about injections? i ordered 100 25 gauge 1.5in needles with 3cc syringes. should the deca and test e be done on the same day same time?
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    Reinheart Member

    You're getting great advice from all the guys but this is way too much gear for a first cycle. You could get away with just 250-500mgs of test and some d-bol instead of test prop.

    There's no need to be afraid of orals as well. I have run an all oral cycle with two compounds and i came out just fine. I ate clean though, drunk plenty of water and supplement with vitamins and milk thristle.
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    chewiechomp Junior Member

    Yep. Jesus. That's a lotta gear. First cycle should be a simple test only one. 250-500mg/wk. Never use deca for a first cycle. See how your body reacts to your toying with hormones. If you sprout a set of titties, how will you know if it's from the test or the deca?

    Also, it's none of my business, but you seem a little young and a little skinny. I would be patient and wait until you reach your natural limit before passing the point of no return.
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    dennis Member

    hopefully the gear will go through the 25's......you better try it once so you will know.You could save the deca for the next cycle and just run 350 mgs test per week for 12 weeks.But if you insist on using the deca then go ahead..you will need 400 mgs deca each week for it to be effective.You could back your test dose down to 400 mgs too.Shoot the same days each week..2 x per week..like monday/thursday.Someone your size if he eats and trains right can easily gain over 20 pounds on this one.
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    TheMindOfROSS Junior Member

    Good post.

    Proviron is essential during a post-cycle environment, as it will NOT interefere with HPTA recovery while simultaneously providing a TREMENDOUS pro-androgenic benefit that will manifest itself in an increased energy level, LIBIDO, MOOD, FREE testosterone level, and a moderated estrogen level


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