1st cycle - Var, clen and phen

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    Finally - my summer cut starts today! Decided to make a different thread for my cycle log :)

    I am doing an 8 week cycle of var, clen and phen. I won't be starting with everything all at once - that might be too much to start off with. So I'm starting with var and phen and then I'll add clen after about two weeks - if my body can handle it. I might have to alternate between phen and clen every two weeks. I'll be doing clen with two weeks on, two weeks off cycles anyways.

    My stats:
    Hight: 5,7 (170cm)
    Weight: 153 lb (69 kg)
    Age: 29

    I'm a flexible dieter so I'll be counting my macros.
    About 1800 kcal - 150g protein, 60g fat, 165g carb

    My training will stay the same as before my cut - I train weights fasted in the morning:
    Mon - legs with focus on glutes and hamstrings
    Tue - back and 40 min hiit cardio after work
    Wed - rest
    Thu - shoulders and arms, plus 40 min hiit cardio after work
    Fri - legs with focus on quads, calves and a touch of glutes
    Sat - recovery and abs (lots of stretching and foam rolling)
    Sun - rest

    For the first week I'll be doing:
    10mg var - 5mg AM/5mg PM
    37mg phen after the gym

    My main goals are lower body fat and to keep as much muscle as possible.

    I'm excited to see what the Var will do to my body. I've never been very strong nor have I done much of strength programs - I've always been a pump chaser :p

    But here are the weights in the gym that would be cool if they increased during the cycle. Although I'm not expecting it since I'll be in a deficit. These are not my 1 rep max, but what I train with, 5-12 reps:

    Squat: 132 lb (60kg)
    Dead: 165 lb (75kg)
    Hip thrust: 132 lb (60kg)
    Shoulder press: 45 lb (20kg)
    Pull up: 2 reps

    I have been doing a light bulk since December so now I'm really excited to loose some body fat and tighten up :)

    Mu current physique - fluffy :p
    IMG_0336.jpg IMG_0330.jpg IMG_0324.jpg IMG_0329.jpg

    I'll be updating at least once a week - and when there is something to update :)
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    Wow you look great, can't wait to see your progress.
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    Incredible physique to begin with! You look fantastic as is.
  4. rpbb

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    you will get stronger on the var, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate.
  5. Iron Vett

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    That sure is a nice looking case of fluffy!!! Lol.

    You have a great physique and should be very happy with your results
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    First update
    10mg Var - 5mg AM/5mg PM
    37,5 mg phen

    I only started yesterday - so I'm only a dose and a half in. But I can say I am pleasantly surprised by the phen. It does work really well to suppress my appetite. I have no trouble eating, but I never think about food or feel hungry - which is really refreshing :) The only downside is that it wears off quite fast. I took it at 9am and already at 5-6pm i could feel it was wearing off. And at 9 pm I was super hungry :( I tried to split the dose today - i took most of the pill at 10am and the last quarter pill at 2pm. We'll see if that helps.

    I drink a LOT of water - pee all the time :p

    I trained legs yesterday and woke up super sore today - like it was my first day in the gym :O Had a really good workout today as well, no crazy-heavy lifts, but a pretty decent pump :)

    - Dry mouth from the phen
    - Tossing and turning during my sleep
    - My cheeks are warm

    I noticed my throat was a bit dry and sore today - like I have inhaled smoke or something. Could this be the Var? And after just a dose and a half?
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    Thank you guys :) Didn't expect to get compliment on the fluff :p
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  8. a) You look really good b) there are a lot of horny guys on here hopped up on test ;)
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    You’re very hot...”fluff” or not! It’ll be interesting to see your results.

    My wife ran Anavar previously. I can correlate her experience to yours. The feeling in your throat is very likely from the Anavar. You’ll want to remain very much aware of that since it is likely the beginnings of viralization.
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    Thanks :) Haha of cousre - guys and testo - why didn't i think of that ;)That explains the foul language some people are using in here :p

    That is so typical me - I have tested all the supplements one can buy in the stores, but never have they done anything for me. I can barely feel any effect from pre-workouts except for them making my ears itch. And as soon as I try the hard stuff i get the sucky sides after just a dose and a half o_O Just my luck!

    I'll for sure keep and eye on it and if it doesn't go away within a day or two I'll try to lower my dose.

    Thanks again :)
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    that "fluff" is very proportionate...you're genetically gifted! you wear 153lbs very well.
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    I'm curious, why no chest work?
  13. Natesfitness

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    I have no better reason other than that I just didn't like the look of a trained chest on me. When I first started lifting and my body fat went down I got that defined line going down my chest and I wasn't a fan - so I stopped. I thought it made me look too masculine - especially while wearing summer dresses and tops :p
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    Update day 4
    10mg Var - 5mg AM/5mg PM
    37,5mg phen

    I have been on var and phen for 4 days now. I'm still taking the same dose as when i started. My body is adjusting well and I feel great.

    The phen is doing a beautiful job of helping med stay on my diet and since i no longer dream or think about carbs or sweets I get to spend all that time focusing on work and family. Even when I'm in the grocery store I don't even think to look at the chocolate section :) Its still early stages of my cut though :p

    The var is giving me really good pumps in the gym, i even get a pump from carrying my handbag to work:p I have plenty of energy throughout the day. During my 40 min hiit cardio today i pushed really hard, more than I've ever done before. But I never crashed or felt as if i would die - like i normally do when i do interval training. I was very surprised by how hard i could push, so i pushed even harder, but i still felt fine - i never got exhausted. I think I will start to wear a heart rate monitor to make sure I don't push it too hard. Because I could feel my heart beating super fast and hard, but I never got really out of breath.

    - Dry mouth from the phen
    - Tossing and turning during the night
    - Warm cheeks in the evening
    - Dry throat

    Update with weigh-in and pictures coming Monday :)
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    Update week 1
    10mg Var - 5mg AM/5mg PM
    37,5mg phen

    It's been a full week on cycle already. My first week has been pretty good - no major effects yet. But my workouts are great, good pump with every session. My macros have been on point throughout the week and I've done all my cardio.

    I'm not noticing much difference when it comes to strength, but my endurance is for sure up. Good energy during my workouts, especially during cardio.

    The phen seems to be working every other day or so. Some days I don't feel any hunger and I completely forget all about food - and other days I'm super hungry. I'll give it another week before I up my dose.

    I started my period for the frist time in 3 years. I have the nexplanon inplant, so I haven't had my period while I've been on it - Only a tiny bit of spotting here and there. But it came with full force this time - bloating and cramping and all :(

    My macros are the same: 150g protein, 60g fat and 165g carbs.

    Current weight: 150,5 lb (68,3 kg). Down 2,5 lb since last week.

    - Dry mouth
    - Headache
    - Period
    - Dry throat

    Here's my physique one week in. Obviosly not a big difference, but I really want to log the whole progress :)
    IMG_0362.jpg IMG_0370.jpg IMG_0363.jpg IMG_0368.jpg
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    good job, keep up the hard work. you'll see changes every week
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    I agree with this especially with women that have a boob job ... i don’t like that chest look ... im definitely stubbed good luck and have fun
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    Update day 12
    10mg Var - 5mg AM/5mg PM
    37,5mg Phen

    So I'm more than half way through week two of my 8 week cycle and things are settling in pretty good. I think my body is adjusting well to the var and phen. It was difficult to tell the difference between what the var did to my body and what the phen did to my body. The first few days I was obviously a little nervous about doing a cycle - I had never done this before and I was proboably over analyzing everything that was going on with my body and thinking that it was some kind of side effect from the pills.

    I started to get some strange sensation in my lady part and I was sure my lady parts were about to swell up. But it turned out it was just the start of my period - which I hadn't had in many years so i had forgotten all about how that felt.
    My throat got really dry and a bit sore and smokey, so I was sure my voice was about to change. But it turned out I was just getting a cold :p
    Sometimes when I was sitting at my desk I could feel my heart rate start to increase and I would feel a little anxious. But now I know this is just when the phen starts to kick in. I have also started to split my dose in two. So I now take 2/3 of my dose in the morning and the last 1/3 of my dose around 2 pm. Now I don't get that increase in heart rate and I don't get hungry during the evening :)

    So there were no reason for me to worry so much. Everything has been really smooth this week. My lifts aren't up yet, but my muscles are with out a doubt a lot harder! And I'm a bit more vascular :) The workouts are great - I'm full of energy and really focused.

    My next weigh in is on Monday. So new photos and stats coming then :)
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    This was a great write up and I lol'd several times as you described your experience. Good luck with your cycle.
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    This log will be found very beneficial to many women who run Anavar for the first time. You are doing a great job of explaining your experiences. Keep up the good work!!
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